10 Men’s Tips to always smell good while in College

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Social interaction is like a routine in university. In fact, you cannot avoid it because of the numerous avenues where you meet people. Hence it is very crucial to always be the best representation of yourself.

However, when creating this best self-representation, we occasionally forget to take care of one very important aspect; how we smell.

Did you know that ladies are consistently attracted to men who smell great? In recent research by Kampusville, 332 university ladies were asked how high they place scent in their male attractiveness charts.

An astounding 83 percent placed it in the top 5. You’d be surprised that looking as sharp as John Allan Namu or Ian Mugoya won’t guarantee you’ll get the girl but smelling like a star will.

Ian Mugoya

So what exactly can you do to ensure you are always smelling nice? Here are quick tips you should apply to smell like a star.

1. Take two compulsory baths daily.

One in the morning immediately after waking up to get rid of sleep sweat and freshen you up. Another in the evening just before you get to bed to get rid of the day’s sweat and dirt.

2. Change your clothes daily.

Most people put clothes away for cleaning only when the dirt is visible. On the contrary, we should worry less about the appearance of dirt and focus on how they smell when reused.

People usually get used to their body scent to a level they can’t identify a bad smell and such bad smell come when you reuse clothes.

3. Invest in a luxury spray or cologne.

You wouldn’t want to smell like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry, would you? Save some money and get yourself an exclusive luxury with a unique scent. Though it takes time to choose the right one, it is totally worth it. Also, spray well; from 30 cm away and 30 minutes prior.

4. Change your bedding weekly.

Just as you shouldn’t dress the same clothes more than once without washing, so should you not sleep in the same bedding more than seven times.

We shade skin and sweat while we are asleep and this dirt clogs in our beddings. To maintain your good smell don’t let this dirt ferment in your bedding

Change your bedding weekly

5. Mind the state of your mouth.

We talk to people through it and the most irritating work you can give your listeners is making them avoid your mouth stench without you noticing.

Brush your teeth two times a minimum in a day. Floss daily and avoid alcoholic mouthwashes. Use sugarless gum to keep your mouth hydrated and give you fresh breath.

6. Wash your clothing with scented detergents.

There are numerous detergents out there with great scents that can really boost how fresh you smell especially if they complement your spray or cologne.

Some of these scents persist for days keeping your closet smelling great. Wash your towel every week too.

7. Be careful of what you eat.

What you eat affects your scent. Foods such as spices, onions, and garlic are notorious for reacting with body fluids to emit odors through pores which can last for almost two days.

Avoid such and instead, take more of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. Green tea is also much healthier than other beverages.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables

8. Dry your delicate areas.

This is a little deep but must be mentioned. After taking a bath you need to ensure your groin area is dried well. After towel drying, you can use baby powder which will ensure freshness and keep sweat away.

9. Dress in light clothes.

Give your skin space to breath, it is a living organ. Avoid tight clothes and for those who like fitting, dress well-fitted clothes.

Give your ‘delicates’ space to breathe by dressing light pants. This is healthy and when complemented with other tips, will keep away body odor.

10. Take care of your hair.

Wash your head hair daily and apply neutral conditioning hair and nice fragrance. This keeps Hair Odor away beside making your hair look fresh and healthy.

Tame your body hair around your torso, in the armpits, and in your groin. Trim them down to aerate the skin in these areas. This curbs Body odor.

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