10 Outstanding Reasons why you should start Blogging on Medium

Wanna know why I think you should start blogging on Medium? First, Medium is a centralized online publishing platform for anybody who would like to contribute or engage with social journalism.

Professionals and armatures alike express their ideas on this website, which has monthly traffic of over 80 million unique visitors.

Medium is a great place for bloggers to have their content read widely. Its simplicity of use and an established audience gives it an edge over other blogging platforms.

Are you ready to kick-start your blogging journey instantly?

Are you ready to start getting readers as soon as you launch?

Well, Medium is just what you need.

Allow me to take you through the benefits Medium.

1. Nothing can be any simpler.

Medium is very simple to use. You require no technical knowledge to handle it. If you’ve used Twitter and Facebook, then I’m not sure if it can’t get any simpler. Although there are a few unique features, everything is straight to the point.

Just log in, create a publication and post your article in less than 3 minutes. You can also include pictures, links, etc.

2. Established and hungry readers waiting.

As noted early, Medium has tens of millions of monthly visitors. And they ain’t your normal mediocre readers who spend less than 10 seconds on a post.

The average time spent by a visitor on a Medium article is 7 minutes which is a lot considering that it’s a reader-oriented platform. You can be sure people are getting your message.

Once you publish an article, Medium algorithm gauges the quality and distributes it among its wide readership.

There is also a premium wall feature where the platform publishes it among its membership audience, which assures a good number of readers, and you can make some coins.

3. Get ranked in google search results

One factor that will determine your success in blogging is the ability to rank in google search results.

In fact, there is a whole industry referred to as Site Engine Optimization (SEO) where professionals are studying the google search engine and finding ways to outsmart it for better rankings. The higher you are in Google SERP (Search Engine Research Pages), the more visitors you get.

Domain authority, an important factor in google ranking, refers to how reputable a site is and if you are using a platform with high domain authority, your articles perform well in search engine results.

Medium has a domain authority of 93/100. If you knew how hard it is and how long it takes to get domain authority of 20 using a new blog domain, you’d see why this matters.

Also, blogging on Medium gives you the audacity to write on highly competitive keywords and gain a piece of the cake while still new to the field.

4. Notifications for your readers

As you continue blogging, just us using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll notice the need for a loyal fan base; readers who are always alert for new articles.

Fans are acquired through subscriptions, which enable notification of readers when a publication is updated with new articles.

Medium automates this process for you. The more subscribers you have the more consistent your publication readership will be.

Also, notifications work better than Email Marketing which of late has seen a plummet in leads generation. Nowadays very few people open (let alone read) emails, unless it’s a job opportunity, a freebie, or a discount offer.

5. High engagement on Medium

How do you feel, when your photo is liked or commented on a thousand times? Great I believe.

Medium is one platform with very high and productive engagement. As noted earlier, readers here are of high quality and more willing to spend their time engaging with the writers.

The platform also provides unique engagement features including:

  • Response: Equivalent to comments in other social media platforms
  • Claps: Clap as much as 50 times in one article
  • Highlight: If a reader scrolls over a non-link highlight, your name pops up
  • Note: For visitors who want to leave private feedback for you.

6. Clean and pleasing interface

Everybody loves seeing beautiful and well-designed things. If your blog is ugly, visitors will leave as soon as they come.

Medium has been designed to provide a very good user experience for internet users and it doesn’t matter what device you are using.

With superior responsiveness and browser compatibility coding, the site’s beauty is impressive. And all this you never have to worry about because they do it for you.

7. Big Publishers might discover you

Media firms are no longer interested in banal email job applications where an applicant sends a series of articles they have written before to be considered for recruitment.

Nowadays, they want to see your work out there and it is much easier for them to spot it if it were blogging on Medium. If you consistently write high-quality content, you will be noticed.

One way this happens is if you write a comprehensive article with unique content on a specific topic. A news outlet can ask for your insights on the topic and refer you through their platform in the process.

8. Several Niches do well with Medium

Although Medium publishes content on all kinds of content, there are particular niches that do well with it. Arguably, Google gives more authority to content from Medium on these niches.

They include technology, entrepreneurship, politics, life learning, startups, business, and culture. In case you are planning to write on any of these niches, blogging on Medium might give you an upper hand.

You are likely to gain a good number of followers and your content is well spread through the multifaceted audience around the world.

9. Know your stats

You don’t wanna blog aimlessly for years without knowing how well your work is doing. Just as you would love to see a thousand likes on your Instagram status, so would you love to see comments and claps on your blog.

Medium has an inbuilt analytics functionality that gives you’re the statistical information on the impact of your work on people

Check claps, comments, notes, traffic, clicks and much more to see where you are headed. This also allows you to strategize how you will improve or grow.

10. Authenticity

Most of these celebs who boast of millions of followers on their social media platforms have at least 50% of fake followers.

Fake followers are accounts created by bots rather than human beings. Influencers purchase fake followers to create an illusion of great influence. Nonetheless, this strategy fails in the end.

Also, there exist bots that automatically subscribe or follow content on the internet, giving a false impression on the actual fan base.

Blogging on Medium allows you to never have to worry about bots and fake accounts following your work courtesy of no API. What you see on your stats are actual people engaging with your content. Thus, you have a clear picture of your influence.


Medium is simple and best for people who don’t care about ownership, customization, and monetization, people who love to write as a passion, people who want to be heard. But if you care, even for a little bit, check out why WordPress might be your best option.

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