10 Things to do for Your Lady This Valentine’s Day

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Written By El Gwaro

Valentine’s Day is finally around the corner; so soon in my view, because I was just getting started with a girl I like and suddenly I now have less than a week to convince her to abandon her V-day plans and reject all proposals from many suitors so that I can take her out. I would have tried but unfortunately, some boring store manager claims V-day is not a public holiday so she can’t take a leave on that day. (Oh yeah, my date has a part-time job, she is ambitious and gorgeous.)

So, all I’m left to do is to fantasize about the wonderful things I would have done for her on the day of love. Since I enjoy sharing my ideas, here is how I would have spent my V-day with my valentine. You can pick up a few tips applicable in your situation.

1. Write her a love poem.

First, on the eve of valentine, I prepare a written message of love. Seated on a comfortable chair in a pin-drop silent room with spectacular lighting, I draft an enchanting love letter expressing my deepest and most sincere emotions; how awesome she is and how she has changed my life bringing special joy to it. Then I rewrite it on a pink plain paper and if it proves tough, print it in romantic font and when I’m very sure it’s perfect, I enclose it with an alluring valentine card.

Valentines love letter
Valentines love letter

2. Make transport reservations for her among other bookings

At dawn on V-day, I wake up quite early take a shower and groom myself appropriately. Official yet funky and bright-clad is preferable. Of course a tint of red blends with the day. When am ready, I call my Uber guy and head to pick up my lady. I wouldn’t like to see her walking all over and struggling to board matatus with other sweaty love birds on such a special day and so I would have booked an Uber guy to be available all day whenever we needed to get somewhere.

3. Buy her sweet-smelling, beautiful flowers, and a special gift

On the way to her place, I buy a splendid bouquet of red roses with a sweet scent. Then I get to a nice shop and pick a valentine gift, one that I’ve thought through all week. Perhaps a personalized locket necklace with her picture on one shell and cute message on the other, a big, brown, soft and cute teddy bear with a jumper or the warmest white woolen scarf I can find in town. Then I get back and set out to meet her.

valentines flowers roses
Valentine’s flowers: Roses

4. Take her out on a lunch date in a classic restaurant

I knock at her door and I’m greeted by a glamorously dressed angel with the best smile on earth. I present her the bouquet and hug her. I walk her to the car, open the car door and close it when she is comfortably seated, then join her from the other side. As we drive off, I present her the Valentine card & gifts and I tell her how much I had longed to see her.

I direct the driver to a classic restaurant where I had earlier made reservations. When we arrive and settle down I order Rib Shack red wine and ask the waiter to get her whatever she desires. I indulge my date into some passionate discourse and crack jokes until she starts touching my arms and leaning on my shoulder. The main meal is finally served and we descend on it squarely

5. Take her ice skating or any adventurous but safe sport.

When dinner is done and we are walking out, then she asks me whether the day is over, I’ll look at her face, smile and say; the fun has just begun. I call my uber guy and we set off stress-free to our next destination; an ice skating rink like the one in Panari Hotel. Ice skating is an exciting sport and more so for couples because there is a lot of support you need to give each other. I teach her how to balance and how to hold me tightly and I’m pretty sure she will enjoy every second of it.

Ice Skating Couple

6. Get her a therapeutic massage or some time in the sauna

The next place we shall head to will be the massage spa. Since we’ve just done some exercises and obviously felt a little sore, a massage might be the best treat we can give our bodies. A wonderful full body massage right next to each other will go a long way in making my date feel more stress free in my presence. But if she minds my presence in the massage room because we are just kicking it off, then I’ll get myself busy, perhaps a sauna will do wonders for me.

7. Go for window shopping with her

At this point, the evening is quickly approaching and what can be more fun than taking a girl for window shopping. I might not have a lot of cash to buy her all the stuff but I can manage to buy some and girls love window shopping. So I take her a few blocks around the CDB and we check out goods in nice shops. When I see an insanely expensive piece that she likes, I ask her; who on earth can buy such an expensive thing. Then I watch her wince with disappointment. I laugh and say; of course, me for my angel. When am left with a few notes in my wallet I ask her to accompany me to my place.

8. Try out some intimate dancing or karaoke

Along the way, I grab a second intimate movie from a shop or other I might trust her to like the one I grabbed a day before; Fifty Shades of Gray. We arrive at my place at around 7 pm and I turn on the radio to some passionate Latin music and ask her to join me in dancing salsa. I know the basics so I won’t try to shine over her but would ensure she is having the best moment of her life. Then later I switch to blues and we do some slow dancing. Looking into her eyes I remind her how perfect she is and why she holds the key to my heart. We also try out some karaoke because I’d really like to hear her sing.

Salsa Dancing courtesy of JKUATSalsa

9. Watch an intimate movie with her

Before we cross the intimacy line, I turn on my laptop and ask her to join me for the movie. At this moment she is vulnerable but because I’m very optimistic about where our thing is headed to, I will not rush into anything. I let her sit on my lap and I gently stroke her hair as we enjoy the clip. I occasionally tease her to keep the excitement going and if she signals drowsiness, I prepare to take her home.

I call the uber and before we leave I thank her for the awesome day and ask her whether she would like to get to the next level I drop her at her place and sigh in relief for not messing up anything then I get back home with my fingers crossed hoping she will call me the next day with a positive answer

10. Or, get real and give it to her

Well, sometimes it takes a man to realize that some nice lovemaking might be what will make her yours. And honestly, at this moment I want her so bad, so why not quit the nice guy nonsense and give her a night to remember.


  1. Hahaha, all men should absolutely do that, and expect nothing in return, just drop the pretty chic at home, and wait for an answer… sssshhhhssshh!! If the answer I’d no, you could try next time….I want such person for my valentines but to avoid no.1 print s**t

  2. Hahaha, all men should absolutely do that, and expect nothing in return, just drop the pretty chic at home, and wait for an answer… sssshhhhssshh!! If the answer I’d no, you could try next time….I want such person for my valentines but to avoid no.1 print s**t


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