5 important reasons why you should use WordPress for your blog

I have been using WordPress since I started blogging and honestly, I don’t think there is any other platform as good as it. Fortunately, 30 percent of the world’s internet owners agree with me, which is such a monopoly in the multidimensional internet space. So, why really do many people and I choose WordPress for blogs and websites?

1. Free, simple to use yet very powerful.

WordPress to start with, is a CMS (Content Management System). CMSes are platforms that enable people with low coding skills to create and modify content on the internet. WordPress platform provides a very easy to navigate interface which even a computer newbie can understand within a couple of days, all this for free. Check How to create a blog and start blogging for free.

Funny enough, however, you will always learn something new and more technical every day you use it. It is an open-source project and hence very extensive, has more than enough documentation and a network of millions of users. If you encounter any issue, you can always get help online.

Also, it has been designed with focus on a complete coding novice and thus many processes have been automated. Yet if you decide to dig into codding especially in HTML, PHP, and Javascript, you increase your abilities to build whatever you want using WordPress.

2. Full ownership of your content

Unlike other blogging platforms like Medium and Blogger, WordPress gives you full ownership to your content especially if you upgrade into a premium website. Whatever you write and post cannot be erased without your knowledge.

Therefore, you can build your blog brand, make money on your terms, and publish anything without limits from your platform. How well your blog gains traction depends on your hard work.

3. High customization abilities

One factor people and companies consider when starting a website or a blog is the appearance of the site. Some choose to build them from scratch, others hire website developers (especially companies) and others use online platforms such as CMSes to create exactly what they want.

Building from scratch and hiring developers gives you ultimate customization abilities but you must or your developer must have the skills and the time. CMSes may not give your full customization but the extensiveness of platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are enough to cover your wild dreams.

However, the simplest of all is using WordPress. Why? There are almost a million themes and hundreds of thousands of plugins, which can mold your site into anything. Some themes and plugins are paid for but there are enough free ones. A developer can charge you over 10k for a functionality offered free in WordPress.

4. WordPress is SEO friendly and secure

SEO (Site Engine Optimization) involves website-coding-practices that makes a site rank high in internet search results. Simply put, a WordPress built site has a better chance to appear in internet search results as compared to other means. This will reduce the work you needed to gain traffic to your site if you write good content.

Also, WordPress has been designed to be secure from malice on the internet. Developers continuously update the platform to ensure it incorporates new technology and practices to ensure that websites remain secure. Besides, using security plugins such as WordFence will keep your content safe.

5. Support, scalability, and integration

WordPress is supported by almost all hosting companies since they understand what they might miss out without WordPress infrastructure. Each hosting company also provides documentation on the installation and modification of a WordPress site.

As you continue posting more articles and sharing, you will realize the growth of traffic to your site. This means your brand is growing and it opens possibilities such as popularity and earnings. This is when you need to scale your site; keep your site stable despite an increase in traffic. WordPress sites are easily scalable; in fact, you rarely have much to worry if you upgrade your hosting package.

Lastly, as you grow in the blogging and web industry you will realize the importance of having a website that can easily integrate with other internet services such as mobile apps, payment services, communication platforms, etc. With WordPress plugins, you are covered on this.

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