5 Simple Healthy Habits to Practice Daily for a better Adult Life

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Written By El Gwaro

Most people think having a healthy body throughout adulthood and high life expectancy requires serious determination and sacrifice to be achieved. Well, that’s a fallacy and to prove my case, here are very simple, affordable and doable healthy habits which if practiced daily will secure you an energized adult life

1. Drink 2 liters of water daily

If you want to stay energetic, maintain brain productivity, have radiant skin, have a charged body, improve your body immunity and generally be happier all at once, you need to drink plenty of water. This is probably the most common healthy habits advice we get yet the most ignored. How about you drink 2 liters of water daily for the next two weeks and see how your body and motivation for life improve.

2. Have a lemon to lose weight

For ages, lemon has been considered one of the most effective fruit for healthy living due to its endless benefits to the human body. It has been associated with weight loss and is included in almost all weight cutting programs. Why really?

Lemon works by eliminating toxins in the body and keeping the liver and the digestive system healthy. This increases metabolism and enables the body to acquire nutrients, which enable it to burn fat leading to weight loss.

3. A glass of milk makes you stronger

Milk is the first thing that a newborn takes and it is responsible for the early health conditions of babies. This is courtesy of the impressive nutritional profile it has; fats, proteins, vitamins, calcium, potassium, etc. which are essential in a human’s body.

It promotes, muscle and bone development, which explains why most healthy people are likely to have been breastfed well. Yet these benefits can also be enjoyed by adults. Unless you are lactose intolerant, one glass a day can really boost your sturdiness.

4. One banana for better blood flow

It’s the cheapest fruit in the market, costing only Ksh 5 apiece, yet its benefits are beyond reproach. Packed with numerous nutrients such as potassium and magnesium, which ensure heart health, pectin, and resistant starch. which moderate blood sugar levels, iron which fights anemia and powerful antioxidants which reduce the risk of heat and degenerative diseases. We should regard it a rich man’s fruit due to its ability to remedy a condition that mostly affects the privileged; heart disease.

5. Heavy breakfast, light dinner

I’m certain most young people wish to have a flat tummy when they become adults probably because it’s appealing and gives them more flexibility. The secret to this is light dinner and heavy breakfast. A heavy breakfast with a balanced diet ensures there is food to be burned during the most productive time of your day.

Meanwhile, it keeps you feeling full and indirectly promotes healthy eating. During the night, you won’t be doing much activity thus a heavy dinner leaves you stomach bloating since digestion slags due to low metabolism.


If you can’t practice these simple daily healthy habits, then you might not be committed to a healthy life and illnesses might start knocking on your door sooner than you expected.


  1. Thanks writer. These are useful health tips. Been practising them for a long while and the results are evident. However, the 2 litres of water daily gives me lots of trouble in that I have to go to the washrooms more, more frequently than when I drink less. Advice?

    • Of course, drinking a lot of water comes with frequent washroom visits. You can distribute the 8 glasses of water into 4 sections, 2 when you wake up and 1 cap 30 minutes before each meal and 1 cup one hour after each mean. This strategy can make you visit the washroom 4 times a day which i think is not that bad. Also, you don’t have to drink the 2 liters each day, you can reduce to 1 liter a day, around 4 cups. That should be enough to keep you going


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