A heartfelt letter to our dear university freshers of 2019

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Freedom, emancipation, independence are what comes in mind when you think about campus. Do you remember the time you yearned so hard, and maybe even fought sleep, just so you could get the right grades to enable you get to campus? Well, here you are now, freshers.

The friends you make, the connections you get, the talent you utilize, the skills you acquire and the street smartness you learn from campus plays a major role in who you become. College is fun, as long as you don’t die, so they say. Here are tips that might help you make it worth your while and make your stay on campus easier

1. Attend Orientations

How well will you know about your campus if you refuse to get directions? Orientations offer a platform where the new students get to be introduced to campus and where all their questions and concerns get addressed. How programs run in the institution is well explained here.

2. Attend most lectures, if not all

Excessive freedom in campus often leads to mediocre thinking, for instance, skiving classes. When you miss class, better have a nice reason for it. Sickness, oversleeping and other responsibilities may jeopardize our class attendance; after all, are we humans? On top of that, push yourself to the limit, attend as many classes as possible. It’s worth it in the end.

3. Join Clubs and Societies

Campus comes with a wide range of clubs, like Red Cross, Scouting, Environment, Journalism, entrepreneurship and many more. They help build your social experience since club members have many opportunities to interact. Some clubs like Red Cross and Scouting teach First Aid which comes in handy anytime there are accidents. Clubs also give you a well-balanced campus experience, beyond books and grades.

4. Exploit your talent(s)

Everyone has a talent. What’s rare is the courage to pursue it to all the corners it leads to. People’s discouraging opinions and fear of failure are the enemies of success from talent. If you can dance, join a dance crew. If you can model, do research and join a modeling agency. Don’t suppress or hold back your talent.  Maybe, just maybe, it could hold a higher chance of your success, more than the college degree you so anticipate.

5. Have fun with limits

After a long week of books, tests, and non-ending classes, get out of your cocoon and have some fun with friends. Attend events, go to cinemas, road trips, just find a way of clearing your mind and relaxing, without interfering with other people. The aim is to do it responsibly, and with the right friends who will not push you over the edge. Too much of books is not that good for you, and so is too much fun, be careful!

6. Balance academics and social life

The assignments you haven’t done, the group work you haven’t cleared, the girlfriend or boyfriend you haven’t texted, the family member you haven’t called; campus life jumbles up all these. Therefore, it’s upon you to recollect yourself and explore ways of prioritizing what matters. Take the wheel, make the right choices, be organized and seek ways to avoid stress due to pressure from academic stuff and your social life. Make your stay in campus one you will not regret.

Contributor: Terrence Omondi


  1. Thank you so much for the direction, am so greatful for this and I hope my in campus will be well. Am interested, in fact am yearning to join the scouting club but to be sincere I have not heard of it in all the orientation programs I have attended. Could you please link me with the club members or even to just let me know where they operate from. Thank you so much, long live JKUAT.


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