7 Cool Activities to do after High School that can help you Earn

Whoa! High school was such a ride but finally, it shall remain just a memory deeply engraved in our minds. It’s time to set out on a new journey, and this one, my friends, will be more adventurous.

You might be wondering what you should do now that you have all the time and freedom in the world. Choosing an activity that will keep you busy is just hectic because there is just too much to do.

But if you narrow down the list to things that will add value to your life, then you will quickly pick up something especially one you enjoy and get on to business.

Here is a list of some of the activities that will put you ahead of your peers at this time.

1. Take a certificate course at a local college.

Time to start pampering your CV is now. Visit a recognized local institution and enroll yourself in something you enjoy. For instance, computer packages that are offered in almost all institutes of post-secondary learning can be very instrumental in your career.

In this era, everybody needs computer skills. Or do the CPA or ACCA, they equip you with invaluable business skills. There are numerous certificates you can choose to pursue according to your preference and the career path you are about to indulge in.

2. Take up a musical instrument.

Music is medicine to the soul. It soothes your mind and is the best company when you are sad and depressed. You might be a fan of other people’s music but have you ever thought of enjoying your own music?

Music that you create will give you purpose and since you have the time now, take up an instrument and learn to play. If you can’t buy one, enroll in a music school. You will quickly grasp the new skills and as you interact with like-minded fellows you discover a whole new person in you.

It might be a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t hesitate. Within 6 months of practice, you will be more proficient in instrumental music than 99% of the world. Don’t be limited to one instrument, take up two or three and if you can sing, do so. You might discover your true purpose.

3. Start a business.

Getting employment in these times is never a guarantee. The population is growing exponentially and now you require to compete for everything.

Adept young adults will not put all hopes on getting employment from established companies. They will gather their strength and wits to forge a new career path. Tap into your ideas and discover how you can add value to people.

Invest some time to study the disciplines surrounding your business idea. Consult with your guardians, friends, and mentors. Launch your business. Some of the businesses you can venture into can range from online academic writing, blogging and digital marketing, to chicken rearing and farming.

Take your sport to the next level

4. Take your sport to the next level.

Some of you took part in the various sports that you enjoyed while in high school. These sports helped you maintain good mental and physical health besides giving you an avenue to travel around the country and interact with fellow sportspersons.

Now that you have all the time, take your sport to the next level. Join a local team or a university team and practice with them. You not only sharpen your skills but also get an opportunity to build a career out of your sport.

Imagine being picked to join a national team to represent the country or even getting noticed at the international level. Don’t let your talent slip away, there is so much you can do with it.

5. Prepare to join a university abroad.

We all have great ambitions and some of us desire to pursue their tertiary education in world-renowned institutions. This is the time to follow your dreams.

Start the application process as you continue preparing for the exams. Consult with friends, teachers, and parents and seek people who know the way to international education. Go to the countries’ respective embassies and get guidance on the way to go.

For instance, if you desire to study in the USA, visit the American embassy at Gigiri, they have an entire program for you. Don’t let this one in a lifetime chance to study abroad.

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6. Get a job.

I mentioned starting a business as a wonderful venture but if you can manage to secure employment, then you are also sorted. Employment equips you with skills that are instrumental to your career path.

Some of these skills include; co-operation with workmates, respect of authority, customer attendance and good public relations among others. Plus, you add years of experience to your resume especially if you work in a company within your career line.

So, if you like the idea of being employed, jobs are usually available in sectors such as salesmanship, teaching, retail, customer care, etc.

We have a calling to care for the unfortunate

7. Join a charity or public service program.

We are all born with a purpose to serve humanity and the only reason why we still exist is that there are people in this world who have dedicated their lives to serve us.

Ever since you were young you have heard of all these charity programs but never really known how much impact they create to the target groups. Take this time to join a charity program and change the lives of people.

Having seen the dilapidated lives of orphans and swore that if you had money you would have helped them. Guess what? Money is not the only thing that can help them; your time and care can do much more.

The NYS program is also a great way of serving society. It was constructed to mold youths into patriotic citizens who have the country’s best interest in mind. Such an intensive program can alter your perspective of life and open up opportunities you might not have imagined.

These are some of the many activities you can indulge in after high school to put you ahead of your peers. Many more activities are not listed but I’m open to your contribution in the comments section. Nice read, isn’t it?

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