Right to fair share of campus temptations

It’s Friday evening, I’ve just had my supper, half a loaf, and 4 bananas. I am seated in my room watching The Goldbergs, a 2013 sitcom about a geeky boy who uses a video camera to document his family’s crazy life. Suddenly a brilliant idea hits me; it’s Friday, I should go take a walk … Read more

Why Lulu Kamau’s Scandal might be a faux

Lulu kamau jkuat

With the current prevalence of social media platforms in the society, any rumor can spread like wildfire due to a large number of judgmental and hungry news gluttons ready to take in whatever is given to them. The week has kicked off with the news of Lulu Kamau, a student at JKUAT who is accused … Read more

What JKUSA officials Earn (Updated)

jkusa leaders earnings

Have you ever wondered what your student leaders earn or asked yourself why student politicians campaign so viciously to secure positions? They will say; it’s not all about the money, I want to change the face of the university, it’s a calling, the voice of the people has spoken and it says that I should … Read more

Details about the Kenyan university staff strike 2017

University unions have issued a strike notice requesting that the government indulges into negotiations with them over better pay as stipulated by the 2013-17 CBA which the government has failed to honor. They have threatened to boycott until the Kenyan government heeds to their demand even if it takes an entire year. Wait a minute, … Read more

List of JKUSA Awards 2016 Winners

This is the list of JKUSA Awards 2016 winners and the number of votes each winner accrued from the voting system.Politics and Leadership Most influential male student: Ian Kinanga (1151 votes) Most influential female student: Mellanie Kagehi (1076 votes) Male student leader: Odima Vincent (1034 votes) Female student leader: Sarah Mueni (1020 votes) Male class … Read more

Mr and Miss JKUAT 2016 goes down at the Pavilion

mr and miss jkuat 2016

JKUAT holds its annual modeling event, Mr. and Miss JKUAT on the Pavilion grounds. The spectacular event took place on the 18th of November and added to the list of great functions happening in the institution this academic year. Comrades started to assemble at the graduation square as early as 6 pm as they eagerly … Read more