Bachelor of Business Management review and offering Kenyan universities

Bachelor of Business Management is an undergraduate program that is geared towards teaching learners the skills crucial to being functional leaders in the business and corporate world.

A student undertaking a Bachelor of Business Management course is exposed to several core subjects including marketing, accounting, finance, and economics. Also, most programs expose their students to legal and organizational subjects while others go further to include coursework on global business.

Difference with Business Administration

While Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Business Administration are two related courses, the difference comes where the former focuses more on knowledge and skills that will enable planning and organization while the latter provides a broad background on how businesses function.

In addition, business administration allows students to specialize in fields such as marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, international business, etc.

Career options

A degree in business management prepares you to take up management roles in businesses and organizations since it provides you with a good foundation on how they operate. Such roles would include:

  • Sales management
  • Marketing management
  • Business consultant
  • Financial analyst
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare management
  • Business Law
  • Risk management
  • Public Relations
  • Policy Making
  • Relationship Banking

Institutions offering Bachelor of Business Management in Kenya

  1. Egerton University: More Information
  2. Moi University: More Information
  3. St. Paul’s University: Combines Management and Administration. More Information
  4. Africa Nazarene University; International Business Management. More Information
  5. KCA University; International Business Management. More Information
  6. Turkana University College: More Information
  7. Kisii University: More Information
  8. Karatina University: More Information
  9. Umma University: More Information
  10. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. More Information
  11. University of Kabianga: More Information
  12. Kirinyaga University: More Information
  13. Kabarak University: Management and IT. More Information
  14. Alupe University College. More Information
  15. Kenya Highlands Evangelical University. More Information
  16. Kibabii University. More Information
  17. Marist International University College. More Information
  18. Rongo University. More Information
  19. Maasai Mara University. More Information
  20. The East African University. More Information
  21. University of Eldoret. More Information

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