Top 7 Benefits of Online Writing and Its Downsides

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Written By El Gwaro

So, you want to try online writing.

And I guess you’re wondering what the benefits of online writing are to gauge whether you can do it or if it’s just not for you.

I was in your exact position a few years ago. It was late 2014, and life had become unbearable. I was trying to woo a girl, but I had no money to tickle her emotions.

So I wandered into the internet looking for ways to make money online. I stumbled upon online writing, which incidentally had been mentioned in one of our group discussions.

Immediately I rang up my friend who mentioned and asked him to introduce me to the gig and perhaps set me up with a job supplier.

Later that night, I landed my first gig and was paid by morning.

For me, the money was enough of an incentive to venture into online writing. I never cared about the challenges I was about to go through as an academic writer.

I went on to do hundreds of online writing jobs in the next three years, which made me a reasonable sum of money.

Oh, and by the way, that damsel wasn’t worth it anyway. Heart-breaker!

For the three years that I did online writing, I learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful freelancer. Since my English foundation was right, I had an easy time working on almost all types of assignments.

But it wasn’t always rosy. Some jobs troubled my mind, and others drove me straight into depression phases. During such times I would take a week off and remind myself that life is more important than anything. Then I will get back and push for another couple of weeks.

However, during the end-months, I had something to smile about when my supplier was paying me. It got more exciting when I partnered with a friend to buy a premium account, and the income more than tripled.

And since we are talking about the benefits of online writing, if there is one thing that tramples all others, it’s the money aspect of online writing. 

1. You Make Money 

Through online writing, you get paid for doing other students’ assignments.

It is the purest form of ‘payment for a service rendered.’ It is a job like any other, only that you do it online.

But since you stumbled upon this article, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what other benefits you can get apart from money.

So without further ado, let’s dive in

Benefits of online writing

2. Work when you want

As an online writer, you’ll be a freelancer, someone who works for themselves by taking contract work from several clients and getting paid without committing to any client.

This means selecting the jobs you want to do when you want to do them.

When people say they want to be their own bosses, they desire the freedom to do as they please without anybody bossing them around.

As an academic writer, and especially if you have an account, you get this. You can pick jobs when you want and leave others without any consequences.

3. Work from anyway

Online writing is one of the most popular freelancing jobs, allowing people to work without geographic limitations.

You can type the introduction of a term paper while in Nairobi, write the body using a standard-sized laptop on your flight to Dubai, and finish up the conclusion and references in a hotel room at Burj Khalifa.

Well, that’s if you can afford the $800 per night minimum charge in a one-bedroom residence in the world’s tallest building.

Besides bloggers, online writers perhaps form the largest group of freelancers in Africa, and what drives them to this industry is that it allows them to travel wherever they want.

This freedom cannot be achieved with a full-time job, and the fact that the world workforce is shifting towards freelancing to travel and have more time with family shows how significant this benefit is to most people.

But let’s be a little honest, you cannot travel much if you don’t work hard. To sustain a digital nomad lifestyle, you must increase your income by working hard, which takes me to the next point.

4. Income depends on your hard work

An advantage to hard workers and a disadvantage to lazybones.

In online writing, your sweat is your income. The number of jobs you can complete well within the least time determines how much you earn.

Every minute you spend writing an academic article is worth some money.

In traditional job systems, both hard-working and lazy employees are paid the same salaries, which is quite unfair. But a system like academic writing will favor the hard-working employees.

Depending on your financial needs, the number of jobs you do will either generate income that sustains your lifestyle or not.

The best way to succeed is to focus on one or two niches and bid jobs only in these niches. With time you become a master in your craft and complete your assignments faster, meaning you can bid for more jobs if you want and make more money.

5. A Good Supply of Jobs.

Freelancing platforms have an adequate supply of jobs because of an increase in the number of clients who need small tasks completed at an affordable cost while they spare time for other things.

As for academic writing accounts, students from universities in countries with English as a Second Language will pile these platforms with assignments regularly.

If the website is known to produce high-quality work, it will have an endless supply of jobs almost throughout the year.

And that’s how academic writers get a reliable source of income.

But considering the online writing market’s saturation, sometimes it might be hard to secure a job even if the supply is high because the demand is also high.

That’s why having high-quality accounts such as Uvocorp Unemployed Professors and WriterBay, which are bid or take accounts, should be your ultimate goal.

6. Easy to Learn

As compared to other freelancing jobs such as programming, videography, and graphic design, online writing might be one of the easiest gigs anybody can do besides transcription.

In primary and secondary school, writing of compositions was part of the curriculum; therefore, you’ve likely done enough practice to arrange your thoughts well and make grammatical sense.

And if you managed to join university, you should be good with English literature; good enough to write university term papers and assignments.

So starting online writing should not be hard for you, though the hard part is getting jobs, especially if you don’t have an academic writing account.

I have a complete guide on getting started with online writing, knowing the right places to look for jobs, and ensuring you don’t get conned.

7. Expand your knowledge

Learning new things is inevitable since you’ll be doing the assignments well enough to get paid, perhaps better than you’d do your course assignments.

Some students become online writing geniuses while falling way back in class because they do so many different jobs from every niche they can find.

Focusing on jobs within your area of expertise is the real genius move. For instance, a nursing student who takes nursing assignments learns new concepts besides learning from her course.

University courses share syllabuses worldwide because they teach the most fundamental aspects required for students to get a job.

So if you’re still in university, you can leverage this opportunity to learn more by undertaking jobs related to your course.

How about the challenges of online writing

I will give you this as a bonus because you should know what you’ll be getting yourself into.

1. It takes too much discipline to manage your time since you only work when you want. Nobody watches your back or bosses you around.  

It’s freedom, but it comes with one challenge; you must learn to organize yourself to get the most done and balance your freelance job with others.

2. The high and low seasons will knock you off balance. During high seasons, when most students globally are in school, jobs are in plenty.

But then comes the low seasons when students are on holiday, and the number of jobs drops significantly and affects your income.

Capitalizing on high seasons and serving for low Seasons is essential for survival as an academic writer.

3. Pressure and sleep deprivation will form part of your lifestyle. I remember the many nights my boss woke me up over revision requests sent by clients. 

In most cases, the clients had not provided all the instructions and thus were liable. But since the client must be treated with respect or else you lose your account, I had to humble myself and get the job done to get paid.

If you can’t afford to have sleepless nights, then this might not be your thing. But if you can take the tall task ahead, always consider some wilderness therapy which helps young people develop coping mechanisms.

4. While online writing is an easy job for most people securing an account or academic writing jobs can be challenging, especially for beginners.

When signing up, you’ll need to submit degrees and certificates. University students who make the largest percentage of freelance writers don’t have these documents. 

Also, when looking to buy accounts or for job suppliers, you’ll encounter con men eager to defraud you. That’s why you need to be vigilant, especially when purchasing accounts, which involves a lot of cash.


Overall, online writing is a lifesaver to many unemployed Kenyans, but it can only last for so long. As you start your journey, please focus on the future and prepare for it by working hard and saving for alternative investments.


    • Hi, Viremo, It’s always a possibility that a client might not pay you unless they are legit. So the best strategy is to do little work and request for pay before you can undertake bigger projects. So if someone fails to pay, you won’t be at a big loss

  1. Mr. Gwaro, how can someone know that this is a conman or not, coz some platforms you are told to pay some amount and you do several assignments without payment

    • Hey Mechack, only do one assignment and ask for payment before taking another. And for the first assignment, only do a job that’s less than 2 pages. If they pay, you’ll be fine, if they don’t pay, you’ll not have lost much but you’ll save yourself from a huge disappointment.

      • Hello, El Gwaro. Can one by joining academic writing focus on a certain level which he/she is comfortable with? Like helping in assignments may be for highschool students. If yes link me please.

        • Hey Mercy, you can focus on whichever level you want. If you want to offer tutoring services to high school students, then join platforms such as Studypool which has many high school assignments.


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