Best laptop shops in Kenya with affordable and quality products

You cannot just buy a laptop anywhere. Many things could go wrong. You could get conned or mercilessly overpriced. The laptop could be faulty with no warranty.

While your laptop could be your second bestie, of course after your phone, making mistakes when buying one could cost you peace of mind and money

This is why I’ve got this list of the best laptop shops in Nairobi and Kenya at large.

There are thousands of laptop shops in the country yet very few have consistently provided quality products and services. Using reviews from social media platforms and comments from the internet, we’ll find out these shops.

But allow me to start with my favorite shop, from which I bought this beauty I’m using to type this list for you.

Best Sellers

Located in the heart of Nairobi, this shop has gained a formidable reputation as the go-to place for university students, techies, and gamers in search of quality laptops, PCs, and other accessories.

The shop located on the second floor of Yala Towers is a 3 by 6-meter dungeon you would mistake for a watch repair kiosk. Yet this tiny office belonging to a baby faced Mwangi Irungu who wouldn’t hurt a fly pulls crowds like crazy.

Bes Sellers sells laptops, both new and refurbished, PCs, screens, hard drives, memory cards, flash disks, speakers, and webcams among other things. Its reputation is built on the refurbished laptops which have gained popularity in recent years.

Its Facebook page, with over 171k fans, is awash with photos of these accessories and their specs, provides a rough online shopping experience in which you can go through, select a product you like, and call Irungu to avail it for you. This is besides the fact that they have an e-commerce site like Jumia.

Let me be fair and save space for other shops. But seriously, if you want a good refurbished laptop, check them out. They provide a 6-month warranty for all products.

Yellow Apple Technologies

The only reason this shop isn’t my number one shop is that I haven’t bought anything there yet. But seriously, how on earth can a shop have a 4.9/5 rating from over 1000 Facebook reviewers in this era.

This must certainly be one of the very best laptop shops in Kenya because people love it. With over 90k followers, Yellow Apple Technologies has wowed customers with high-quality products and services. Its product range from laptops, PCs, external storage devices, subwoofers, smartphones, etc.

The shop is located at Bardu House, Shop G9, behind KFC, Kimathi Lane. It also has a fully functional online electronics mall through which you can order products, pick them from shops, or have them delivered at your doorstep. Payment channels include M-Pesa and cash on delivery.

Bigman Computers

A vibrant IT hardware shop located at Rahimtulla trust building along Moi avenue Nairobi and which offers competitive prices for laptops, PCs, printers among other accessories. Its splashy black and yellow banner displayed from the second floor of the building is hard to miss when walking along Moi Avenue

Bigman Computers has been in operation for close to 10 years within which it has garnered over 80K followers on its Facebook Platform and a reputation for good computer products and customer services.

Interestingly, the page has disabled reviews on Facebook but its more than 80 reviews on google and an average rating of 4.1/5 reveal an above-average quality of service. A few customers have complained poor and slow services by the agents but most are generally pleased.

Bigman Computers also an online shop where you can order their products from the comfort of your phone.

Saruk Digital Solutions

Saruk is a household name in the laptops and accessories industry. Having garnered a following of close to 300K fans on Facebook this business holds space among the top electronics shops in Nairobi and Kenya at large.

It has two branches located at Old Mutual Building along Kimathi Street in Nairobi and Blue Room Building along Haile Selassie Road in Mombasa.

Saruk products are mostly new with only about 5% being refurbished. The shop focuses on offering the best quality laptops, Apple products, TVs, Home Theatres, Computing Accessories, Cameras, and other products at affordable prices.

You can order electronics through their social media handles or e-commerce website and have them delivered within Nairobi and Mombasa cities. All products have a warranty of 12 months.

Fgee Technology

Fgee computers and accessories shops are located at the Upper Ground floor and Mezzanine Floor, Revlon Plaza-Kimathi Street. This company boast of a large collection of accessories both new and refurbished at affordable prices.

The brand has generated a good following on Facebook with over 45k followers some of whom are regular customers. Most notably, it has been praised for having a very short delivery time for customers within Nairobi County.

Likewise, Google reviewers seem to favor its services and products with most of them appreciating quality services, wide variety, and affordable prices. Others, however, have complained of trivial matters like the lack of parking space.

Fgee Technology operates mostly through its Facebook page but they also have an online mall with most of the products in their catalog. The website, however, has a very stubborn banner indicating prices exclusive of VAT for all products, at the right bottom side.


  1. Bought Machines at both best sellers and yellow Apple technologies. Both are really good in terms of quality and customer services. One is marginally expensive than the other but not much to worry the customers. I would advise any potential customer to visit both for comparative analysis before making a decision

    • Great input Mutisya, at least now we have a review from you since you have bought from the two top computer shops. I’m planning to visit Yellow Apple in my next electronics shopping venture.


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