How to check birth certificate number online in Kenya

You might be desperately looking for your birth certificate right now, wondering where you placed it last. You’ve checked everywhere and even asked your family members if they know where it is but nothing has come out of it.

So you take out your phone and do the next logical thing to do in this informational age; google. You either search how to renew your certificate or where to find your birth certificate number at least for now as you continue searching for the document.

And probably that’s how you stumbled here. Gotcha!

I don’t know if I have good news for you. Currently, there is no way to check your birth certificate number online. The only things you can do online is to apply for a birth certificate for a child or as an adult who has misplaced their original BC. And not everything is done online, somehow you must visit some offices.

The government is yet to actualize the dream it sold Kenyans with the hyped Huduma number that would contain all personal information in one document or reference point. They made it seem like a solution from heaven. Until today, it remains a façade.

In the past, birth certificates would be acquired on through the district registrars of birth and death certificates under the civil registration department. This was very traditional and time-consuming. Then came Huduma Centers which although not that different from the former, proved more efficient and fast.

However, in the wake of the digital era, there was a dire need for an online service for the same. And that how eCitizen came in. A centralized portal for many easily automatable government services. One of these services, of course, is the provision of birth certificate replacement.

Application form for birth certificate
Application form for birth certificate

How to apply for birth certificate online

  1. Visit eCitizen Portal
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on Civil Registration Department
  4. Log into your account once again
  5. Click on Make Application
  6. Go to Birth Certificate and select the type of birth certificate you want.
  7. A new page with guidelines will appear. In this case, I will assume the case of an adult seeking a birth certificate. One is required to fill an online application, upload required documents, pay and wait.
  8. Click on Apply Now
  9. At stage one, select type of Application as Replacement BC (Birth Certificate). The portal might indicate a notification on the areas supported which at this moment is Nairobi only. If your area isn’t supported you must visit the Huduma Centre to get your Birth certificate. Click on Continue
  10. Input personal information which includes your Birth Certificate number. Hence if you cannot remember or have a record of it, you have to visit the closest Huduma Centre for further guidance.
  11. Upload the required documents which include scanned copies of the following depending on the Birth Certificate: Birth notification, National ID for applicants above 18 years, Both parent’s ID where applicable and Original birth certificate (in some cases). If you don’t have a birth notification document, you ought to visit your local sub-chiefs office to start with.
  12. Select the centre from which you’d like to pick your certificate and proceed to the next step.
  13. Review the information provided and click on Submit
  14. In the payment section, choose your preferred method of payment. The easiest and most convenient is through M-Pesa where you use E-citizen paybill number 206206 and an account number provided by the system. The cost is usually between 150 and 200 depending on the type of birth certificate.
  15. Upon successful payment, all you need to do is wait for e-Citizen Staff to contact your through SMS on when and where to get your birth certificate.

Apart from application for Birth Certificate, e-Citizen does not offer any other online services. Checking your Birth Certificate registration number online is therefore not possible at the moment since you have to know the number even before you think of applying for a replacement Birth certificate.

So, keep on searching for your birth certificate and once you recover it, scan and keep a PDF copy of it on your Email in case you need it in future.


  1. Hi my teacher misplaced my birth certificate and I don’t know the number plus everything in it please help me I want to apply for ID card

  2. Hi, how can I retrieve my birth certificate number. I misplaced my BC copy and I am in need of the number now. I am stranded. Kindly assist. Thank you

  3. Hey I need help,I lost my birth certificate and I want to replace it,which documents is needed to complete the process??

  4. I divorced with my wife although we had a child, she went with the original birth notification of the child and left me with some copies of the notification. I used the copy of the notification to get a birth certificate of our child. Later on I called her to take the birth certificate because she had gone with the child, but she told me that she had already gotten another birth certificate for the child, can this be possible?

    • Hey Alex, honestly I never know that was possible but considering she had custody of the child, it’s very likely that she acquired a new certificate claiming unavailability of the father. Please seek advice in the chief’s office or a Huduma Center.

  5. Hi i applied fo my son’s BC and paid for it . I have the number and the form filled out , i traveled and when i got back i can only find the copies of the Birth notification and the filled out form . The person i left the documents with is no more and cannot tell if the BC was collected or not . Can i find this out online if i have the number ?

  6. Iam Alex I applied a bc for my son in 2019 and I have not seen any message from ecitizen

  7. its a month since i applied for my children birth certificate but i havent received the sms notification yet.

    • I think you should visit the nearest huduma centre and seek advice. These delays are frustrating especially when dealing with District offices

  8. On 21 May 2021 I did a bc application, after I log in its says ready to collect but am told to wait for a message in my phone, any help?

    • If you haven’t been told from which location you should collect the Birth certificate, then you need to wait for ECitizen to SMS you. Otherwise you can reach them through their customer care lines and seek guidance.

  9. After applying for BC how long will it take to be ready,i apply mine on 04th june and i have not receive anything

    • I would assume E-citizen has SMS and Email Notifications. If you don’t get notified soon enough you should log into your account once in a while to check

    • Hey Peter, you can apply for a new certificate through the e-citizen platform. Alternatively, visit the nearest Huduma Center and seek advice on how you can get your Birth Certificate renewed.

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