My 5 Major Blogging Challenges and How You can overcome

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Written By El Gwaro

I have been blogging since 2017 and to say the least, it’s not a walk in the park. Blogging challenges have done a number on me.

Some days I wake up glad that I do this full time, other days I wake up wishing I could just get a normal job and join the rat race.

When you don’t have much to show for your work, the energy to push forward is greatly diminished.

It gets even worse for me because I suffer from shiny-object-syndrome. In short anything that looks lucrative, you’re dead-right I’ll try it out.

And I have so many ideas. So many great business ideas I think would change the world, haphazardly mashed up in my mind like pudding.

I can spend days or weeks fantasizing about them. I act on some, most fail, and I’m forced to go back to my first baby; Kampusville.

It sucks to be me. But it’s normal to be a great thinker at this young age. Yet time is not on our side. More than ever, I’ve realize the need to define a clear path and stick by it.

Because that’s the only way anybody truly gets somewhere. Bezos stuck on e-commerce till it made him enough money to run Kenya for 3 years.

Beethoven stuck on the piano, that’s why we still know him today; 2 centuries after his death.

And guess why we are the luckiest generation ever, because we exist when Messi and Ronald, the gods of Soccer (their one thing,) walk the earth.

I know it’s the only way to live a life of significance, yet I can’t help it. My desires overwhelm my struggle for a purpose.

This habit has extended to my blogging career and is the reason why I’m not making good progress. And I believe, it’s one of the most common blogging challenges most people will go through also.

It’s the root of most failures in blogging. If you cannot focus on one route at a time, you’ll never come across the opportunities waiting ahead on the road side.

Every blogger faces this challenge yet it comes in several shapes.

Let’s find out which, and what needs to be done

Major Blogging Challenges

1. Content creation.

I rarely write more than one article a day. Neither will I do 10 articles in a month.

Content creation is what most people struggle with. Yet it’s the axe swing that drops the tree.

I find it very challenging to write high-quality content because of self-doubt and pressure.

At one point I thought that since I learned English as a second language, I couldn’t write as good as native writers.

This pressure also comes from the fact that my mentors have very high quality content which I find hard to emulate.

Luckily enough, I still have hope and I know that practice and time will get me there.

As long as we get past the stage of self-doubt and understand that it takes time and effort to produce high quality content, we will grow.

Its time you and I stop being afraid to write because we only want perfect content. Rather, we should write and publish more often without fear of criticism.

Soon our content will be envied by many

2. Lack of a well-defined strategy and focus.

Normally I write anything that comes into mind.

Once in a while I do keyword research and generate few keywords I would like to write about. However, that’s just about it.

I seldom create a content writing strategy or schedule more than 10 articles in advance.

Which is why I have frequent writer-blocks (typically twice a month). No psyche to write continuously.

Meanwhile it’s hard to come across good writers that can produce high-quality content with SEO optimization and no plagiarism. The ones available on freelancing boards are expensive. Others, have to be trained and I have no time for that.

I therefore must create a strategy to have a continuous flow of articles focusing on a single niche

This content strategy must come up with closely related article topics to ensure creativity flow.

I know I can get past the constant desire to digress and build a tunnel vision and mentality.

And so should you. You must learn to forget every enticing extras you think you can write about and focus on the things that matter.

The fewer they are, the more likely you’ll succeed.

3. Lack of consistency.

This is pegged to the first two challenges.

You lack consistency because you don’t have a strategy and in the end cannot create content

But distractions can get you to a whole other level of failure especially from family, friends and again, moneymaking ideas.

For instance, during the Christmas season, I went home and for 2 weeks I couldn’t write a single article. House chores, family meetings, trips to the shop, house compound cleaning and sibling’s playtime, just to mention but a few kept me away from my blog.

Meanwhile, I usually seek other moneymaking opportunities such as web design and digital marketing gigs which distract me from my blog and consequently affected my consistency.

I have so many blog ideas and if an idea looks too good to be ignored, I build a blog around it, deviating my attention from my main blog.

My lack of a clear vision is the culprit because I don’t know where I’m headed.

If you don’t know your way, nothing will get you there.

One of the biggest reason why most people don’t progress in life is because they don’t have a plan and consequently the steer from on way to another.

Write down you goals and put them in mind. Then create a strategy which will enable you to have a nice flow of topics to write about.

Then focus on your job and avoid distractions by creating a conducive environment to work from

4. Unreliable Income

I had a mission to achieve financial independence at an early age and I believed blogging could get me there. It has no growth limits. It only depends on how hard you can work.

But without a good monetization strategy, you cannot earn well in blogging. And my story is a good example.

Due to the many income opportunities on the internet, I have failed to focus on any income strategy.

At the moment ads are my main source of income but they don’t earn enough to sustain my lifestyle. So I have to work on other income streams.

I also believe that the lack of focus in any of these strategies has prevented me from fully discovering opportunities any of them offers.

You should avoid this habit to escape from the hand to mouth trap.

First, identify all the money making opportunities based on your niche. For instance, in a lifestyle niche, potential income streams can be affiliate marketing, sponsorships, services, info products among others.

List them down and zero in to one major income opportunity where you will put all your focus in. Also, have two other secondary income streams to diversify your portfolio.

I’m currently working on this because I’ve had enough of uncertain and meagre income every month.

Learn from my mistakes.

Additional: Loneliness

I usually feel like I’m all alone just like every other freelancer.

I wish to surround myself with other bloggers from who I can get help and encouragement.

But the nature of my job needs me working in my room until the day I’ll have enough income to travel the world while working and occasionally stop by co-working offices.

But since I’m currently doing this alone I have to encourage myself and motivate myself.

I bet you’ll feel the same. Unless you have a network of freelancers to encourage you and help you solve issues while working, it can get depressing.

At some point, you might need social therapy. It’s actually a thing. I read about it on BetterHelp.

It’s designed to help you function well in your everyday life. With likeminded people around, you can have regular sessions where you share ideas and talk about your challenges.

Having people who share in your experiences does so much in reducing loneliness and steering you towards your goals.

Final words.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from blogging, it’s that there is no way around it. You have to put in the work. No shortcuts. You must write every day, because that’s the only way you’ll get better and come closer to producing world class content.

And above all, don’t expect to be a jack of all trades and earn bigtime. Greatness comes from working on one thing and becoming the best at it.

In this second chapter of my blogging journey, these are the lessons I will put into practise to reach my goals. You sure ought to do the same if you want to avoid wasting your first couple of years like I did.


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