How to buy Airtel Airtime from MPesa, Equity and KCB

Safaricom and Airtel are the two leading telecommunications companies in Kenya. But let’s face it, Safaricom is way bigger and has way more subscribers than Airtel.

This is courtesy of the revolutionary solutions the former introduced especially MPesa, a mobile banking system that changed the way Kenyans exchange money.

MPesa has enabled seamless transactions across people and businesses. It allows customers of Safaricom’s sworn enemies Airtel to buy airtime and send money across platforms. That’s what we’re focusing on today, how to buy Airtel airtime from MPesa.

Many Kenyans use both Safaricom and Airtel lines at the same time courtesy of dual sim smartphones to enjoy the advantages both companies offer. While Safaricom provides the largest coverage in the country, Airtel offers some of Kenya’s most affordable internet bundles.

Also we shall find out any alternative method of loading Airtel airtime for the sake of those moments you might not have money in your MPesa account.

Now, Let dive in

How to buy Airtel airtime from MPesa

The most direct and popular means to buying Airtel airtime via MPesa involves PesaPal top-up system which utilizes PesaPal business number.

  1. Access Mpesa Menu
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter PesaPal Business No. 220220
  4. Enter Account No. AIRT07XXXXXXXX (07XXXXXXXX is Airtel Mobile number), click OK
  5. Enter the amount of airtime you wish to buy, click OK.
  6. Input your MPesa PIN
  7. Click Send
  8. Confirm details and click OK.

The cost of the transaction is Ksh 1 for airtime between 5 and 49, Ksh 2 for airtime between 50 and 100. Above 100, the cost of each transaction varies as the amount of airtime increases.

It normally takes less than a minute for your Airtel number to receive the airtime especially during the morning hours. Sometimes especially in the evening, it can even take 5 minutes and above, so be a little patient.

But what if it takes longer than 10 minutes?

Airtel airtime not received from MPesa

This has happened to me severally and I usually have a quick fix to it.

  • Log into Twitter
  • Go to PesaPal Twitter Page
  • Send them a Message indicating the Airtel number that was supposed to receive the airtime.

In those few occasions I used this method and airtime was loaded in my Airtel number within a few minutes.

You should receive a message from CHAPCHAP confirming the airtime send and your new airtime balance. However, you might want to confirm that the airtime is loaded, here is the process

How to check your Airtel airtime balance

  1. Access your Dailer App
  2. Input *131#
  3. Click Call.

Simple as a b c.

Now that we have covered the most popular means of purchasing Airtel airtime without leaving your couch, let’s find other alternatives. These apply if for instance you have money in MPesa or would rather use a cheaper alternative to the MPesa Airtel airtime loading system.

Buy Airtel Airtime from Equity

One of the best alternatives to MPesa when buying Airtel bundles is Equity. In fact, it is the best way of loading any line with airtime. Why?

Because it is instant and it costs nothing

You can buy Airtel Kenya airtime by using either the Eazzy App or Equitel SIM toolkit.

Buy Airtel Kenya airtime using Equity Eazzy App

This process requires that you have the Eazzy app installed on your phone and connected to your Equity Bank Account. Check how to register for Eazzy Mobile banking. Also, you must have money in your Equity Account, obviously

  1. Open Eazzy App
  2. Enter PIN
  3. Click on Buy Airtime
  4. Choose Airtel
  5. Enter Airtel Number
  6. Enter the amount of airtime you want
  7. Enter the PIN and Send

Your Airtel number should receive the airtime within 30 seconds.

If you have an Equitel line here is the other process

Buy Airtel Kenya Airtime from Equitel.

  1. Go Equitel SIM Toolkit
  2. Click My Money
  3. Select Buy Airtime
  4. Select Account to Buy from
  5. Click Buy Airtime
  6. Select Other Number
  7. Choose Airtel
  8. Enter Phone Number
  9. Enter Amount and confirm
  10. Input PIN and click OK

This process also loads your Airtel number with airtime instantly and costs 0 Ksh.

Besides Equity Bank, another bank that commands a huge user base in Kenya is KCB Bank. Therefore, someone might be wondering

How to buy Airtel airtime from KCB

First ensure you have downloaded the KCB bank App and logged into your account.

  1. Open KCB App
  2. Enter the PIN and confirm
  3. Click on Buy Airtime
  4. Choose Airtel
  5. Enter Airtel Number
  6. Enter the amount of airtime you want
  7. Enter the PIN and confirm.

This method also loads your Airtel number within a minute and is cost-free.

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