10 Tips on how to get the best out of lectures

Study after lectures to retain most of the content taught

I’m not a fan of lectures. In fact, I find myself either daydreaming about Jason Statham stunts and Brock Lesnar Suplexes or relentlessly dozing off with saliva oozing from the sides of my mouth during lectures and getting occasionally startled from my sleep, jumping up like I’ve been tasered. However, recently I came to the … Read more

How to stop being too nice to people

Are you exhausted with the habit of being overly nice to others at the expense of yourself and desire to turn a new leaf but have no idea where to start? Are you sick and tired of being a doormat and want to start standing up for yourself? Do you want to express your ideas … Read more

Most Important Steps to Study in USA for Kenyan Students

Kenyan studying in usa

There are many reasons why young Kenyans want to study in the USA. Some see a first world country with beautiful cities and glowing people. Others see a place with immense opportunity for their dreams while others see a land with life on the first lane. All these perspectives are very attractive and that’s why … Read more