Steps to find out what to study in college

Seriously, I Dont Know What to Study in College

Congratulation on reaching this far, you have strived since nursery school to perform academically and now you get to pick a course that will lay a foundation for your future. You are a gem of this world.

So, what next? How will you choose a course that will guide you to a fulfilling career path? I want you to take a deep breath, this is neither a time to panic nor to make unwise decisions.

Below are crucial tips to consider if you currently don’t know what to study in college. Read on


This is the starting point when choosing a course. We all want happiness and doing what we are passionate about brings happiness.

Think about you normal day activities and try to filter out the things you enjoy most.

Ask yourself; how can I transform my passion into a revenue-generating venture?

Then, think of the skills and knowledge required to be a profession in the field and voila, you have a list of courses that circumscribe your passion.

Remember, if you don’t pursue what you are passionate about, you hurt your chances to a fulfilling and successful life.

Earning potential

The reality is sad; that you can’t survive without money. So, when thinking about your career, ask yourself whether you will be comfortable with the financial situation you are about to dictate.

In fact, in today’s society, this factor overrides passion. I am not suggesting that you put money ahead of passion.

You need to discuss with your parents, understand the repercussions of financial instability before your make a choice.

If you want to do music, are you ready to toil and moil for a few years before you finally stabilize your finances?

When considering this factor, my best advice is choosing a course that will set you on a career path with good earning potential.


College life adventure is mind blowing, you are not likely to have such an experience ever, anywhere else. However, you don’t go to college to have fun, you go to study and define how you will make money later.

Can you handle the workload of being a medicine student, engineering scholar or architecture student?

Consider the life of an engineering student; ten lectures two hours each on average in a week, 6 hours of lab experiments in a week, two unit specific random assessment tests in a fortnight, two continuous assessment tests in three months, two projects a semester and a lot more.

Architecture is even more involving and by the time you get your degree you will be suffering from insomnia if you know what I’m saying.

This is not my way of discouraging anyone from pursuing a challenging course; I just want you to be informed. You need to be prepared to put your mind on the course.

There are other factors which I will be revealing to you sooner, but I want to conclude with five steps you should follow when you want to know your interest and passion

  1. Examine your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, do a SWOT analysis.
  2. Find what you value most in work. Is it, helping society, working under pressure, impact on others, status & prestige, stability or security?
  3. Explore the line of careers that you are interested in working within
  4. Reality check, get the facts, consider what you can and cannot do, the pressures of the career, commitments and even the kind of life you will lead in that career.
  5. Narrow your choices and choose a major, what fits as most comfortable.

There you go. Good luck choosing your major.

10 thoughts on “Seriously, I Dont Know What to Study in College”

  1. Onsomu, this is pretty amazing it gives those of us just about to join higher learning institutions a lot of oomph for university. It poses a challenge for us to think carefully on the careers we would like to undertake. Big up and Thankyou

  2. Yep, exactly what my son needs to do. I’ve been kind of “telling” him what he should do. But I realize it is really up to him, what he wants to take in college and do in life. Great post!

    1. Yeah, its up to your son, but remember you can advice him too. Your insights are always appreciated especially when we (sons) are making such life changing decisions. Our mums give us the best advice.

  3. Hey Cheek,
    Great post! I like and agree with most of your points. I was just wondering what a SWOT analysis is, I don’t think that I have ever done one of those.

    1. A swot analysis is a planning strategy where you consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ans threats in a situation before making a decision. In this case, before choosing a course to pursue, one should consider what he is good and bad at before choosing what will best work for him and then consider the opportunities and threats of the course. That is an essential critical thinking strategy. thanks

  4. This is a great article! It is tough to find the perfect balance between following your passion and following the money. If you choose a job solely for it’s compensation, you may feel unhappy with it. And if you choose a career path that doesn’t pay well, you may be living paycheck to paycheck or stuck living with your parents. I think it is always a good idea to look for ways to supplement your income. There is much opportunity on the internet to make money if you put in the work and that way you can follow your passion without worrying so much about the money or use it as a way to transition out of your high paying but fulfilling job.

    1. Wow, thanks for the insights, i cannot put across what you have brought into light in any better words. Striking balance is key for survival, i call it moderation and today you have just proved to us how it applies in career prospects. Thank you.

  5. Hey there it’s Alexey. I love sports. To be more specific, it’s more into bodybuilding, or coaching. I am really interested in exercising with people, and motivating them to succeed and reach their fitness goals. I want to do something with that in the future…

    1. Sports careers are not only fun but also important in holding tight the fabric of the society. They bring people together. If you have a passion in that field, i think you should pursue it and remember that having skills and knowledge from a sports course in university might take you far much ahead and open doors. Who knows, you might be the coach for Man U in the future (hoping you are a Manchester UTD fan) Thanks for your insights

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