Economics degree in kenya

Choosing your Economics degree in Kenyan Universities

You want to take an undergraduate course in economics but which specific course do you want?

Do you want a bachelor’s degree in Economics or a degree in Economics and Finance? What about BSc. Economics and Statistics?

Do you want a bachelor of arts, a bachelor of science or maybe the private university offered BBA; Bachelor in Business Administration. Well, I went with guesswork and that turned out pretty okay for me, or so I think.

I really don’t know yet where I am headed with this education thing. But as I am still learning so far, you shouldn’t guess with major life decisions and which faculty your course falls under counts as a major life decision.

So far in Kenya, Economics and Statistics and Economics and Finance are only offered under BSc. and they are what they are named. Econ and stats focus on statistics, basically, you need statistical models (or econometric models, they are one and the same thing if you ask me) to apply economic theory to real life events.

With an economic and statistics degree, you can focus on economic research. Economics and finance, on the other hand, applies to the financial world, banking, mutual funds, insurance companies etc.

If you are taking economics because you watched billions (class of 2016 only, and how awesome is that series!) this is the course you want to take.

Bachelor of Economics, huh. This is where the BSc, BBA and B.A options come in. You will want to take a B.A if you are in this for the social issues, the philosophical aspect of economics.

A B.A in economics and a BSc. in economics share many units and the subject matter is similar for the most part. The major difference is a BSc. has more Math units. This could make the B.A option seem more abstract for students who are more at ease with quantitative proof.

A BSc in Economics is more quantitative in nature. It involves units from both statistics and finance but is not particularly dedicated as the two are.

If you are unsure of the specific career choice in economics; whether it would be research or finance, you could take a BSc in economics.

A BBA in economics is a more hands-on approach to economics. You can take a BBA in economics at any point. Many businesses, including schools, require a BBA in economics for the managing staff.

For an undergrad degree, I wouldn’t advise it, unless of course, you have a specific career goal that requires a BBA since it limits your career choices.

For overachievers with specific career plans that include heading economic organizations; check the requirements for the posts (many lists online) and what qualifications previous appointees to the post have held.

2 thoughts on “Choosing your Economics degree in Kenyan Universities”

  1. Which university is better for studying bsc.economics and finance in kenya.. Between kenyatta university, jkuat and kabarak

    1. Hello Ngolo, nice question. However, I don’t have a definitive answer because there is not information currently available that compares the course in the three universities. Nonetheless, there are various things you should consider. First, the size of the class. If a class will have more than 100 students, then you can be sure no attention will be given to students. Smaller classes mean the lecturer cans focus on each student and thus provide personalized assistance in academics. This is a feature common with private universities; in this case Kabarak. Kenyatta University is especially crowded with classes even going beyond 1000 students (education). JKUAT although less crowded has started admitting very many students since it is currently the most preferred university in Kenya. I have JKUAT friend who did that course and honestly, she told me in terms of quality, it is wanting. Lecturers fail to attend their lecturers diligently, most just give notes through WhatsApp and wait for exams. So I’m not sure if that’s what you want. Yet also, JKUAT graduates are among the most preferred in the job market. For me, I’d choose either Kabarak or JKUAT. But you need to do a little more research before you settle on one. All the best.

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