Empowered To Empower: Touching Orphan Lives

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Empowered to Empower is a charity club founded in JKUAT by Jakin Mattah, Nemrod Manduku, and Brian Odhiambo Odhiambo. The idea was previously nurtured by Mattah who got the inspiration from her parents’ touching story.

In the dark times when HIV was taking a toll on Kenyans, (just before ARVs were introduced) many parents in Mfangano Island succumbed and left their beloved children orphaned.

Mattah’s parents could not sit comfortably and watch as these orphans suffered and hence they founded a sustenance and educational institution for them; Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre. Their vision was to nurture orphans by giving them a normal childhood.

One major obstacle was finances but with God by their side, they conquered all odds and made the institution an epitome of excellence. Right now it takes care of more than 500 young people who are going to be our next leaders.

So Mattah was inspired by her parents who dedicated their lives to the service of humanity. In her entire existence, she has known charity. She has always cared for those who lack and she believes without giving, one cannot survive. She has impacted many lives and this is the reason she finds fulfillment in her life and her smile is proof.

ETE members in a past project.

Mattah founded ETE in October 2015 for this reason. She started with bringing together friends who together would visit children’s homes around Nairobi in the weekends. The participation was overwhelming since many were inspired by the activities.

Mattah saw an opportunity to reach more people who would touch the lives of orphans. Hence, she decided to make it official and with the help of half a dozen friends, she came up with an organizational structure and constitution for the club.

These main contributors were:

  1. Nemrod Manduku
  2. Odhiambo Brian Odhiambo
  3. Kihono Duncan
  4. Stacy Oduk
  5. Edwin Mawira
  6. Muhirwa Ishimwe

The vision for the club is to empower and bring up a generation of independent young people who are given to sacrificial service of humanity. ETE requires no subscription fee for entry; anybody can join the club and their contributions are totally inspired by their hearts.

Attending activities like visiting children’s home is also voluntary. Any organization willing to partner with the ETE must abide by the ethics of the constitution. To get a copy of the constitution click HERE.

As for the moment, ETE receives contributions through Mpesa by the treasurer, Edwin Mawira who will record as soon as delivered. Plans to acquire a till number are underway to ensure efficiency and make it cheaper to contribute.

ETE has a transparent system and nothing goes unaccounted for hence you can be sure your contribution reaches the orphans directly. So far, they have had two successful projects.

First, the Blanket Project for Huruma Christ Chapel Orphanage. Members worked tirelessly from February to April to raise enough money to buy 50 blankets for children. They also collected clothes, shoes and any contribution by well-wishers. Being the first project, its success was surely a blessing to all parties involved and more to the children.

The second project; Project Jamal Heart, was geared to raising money for Jamal a young student experiencing heart problems and scheduled for an operation. The project is still on and more contributions are welcomed.

Empowered to Empower is surely an organization with deference. Its future is bright; they plan to become a fully-fledged NGO with reach in all the corners of Kenya and even beyond. Everyone is welcomed to be part and to impact the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Mattah is dedicated to empowering orphans; her life is all about serving humanity, just like her parents. There is no greater joy than seeing people who lack enjoy life courtesy of your contribution. Finally her advice to young people is to embrace humanity that is not based on any ground (no discrimination).

Below is a poster with the information on the next project.

Empowered to Empower is a charity club founded in JKUAT by Jakin Mattah, Nemrod Manduku, and Brian Odhiambo Odhiambo, targeting orphans.

Connect with ETE on Facebook at Empowered to Empower. Make your contribution to 0718005477

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