How to Find Creative Blog Post Ideas that Engage your Audience

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Every blog writer or every writer often gets a writer’s block. Every time you sit down trying to gather your mind and start brainstorming, it seems like almost every idea has been covered.

It can take up a lot of research and brainstorming before you get an idea for a single fresh blog post.  Let me help you come up with creative blog post ideas that will take this pressure off your mind.

Whether you are writing about relationships, a tech product or fashion, almost everything has been covered up already.

It is a writer’s responsibility to continue producing fresh content that will engage their audience and keep bringing them back to your blog and increase your traffic. It’s a significant challenge most people face when building a blog business.

Here are some sources you can use to extract creative blog post ideas. No more wondering for hours or banging your head on the table trying to figure out just a topic.

Audience Surveys

Every blog has an audience that follows their blogs. So you can try asking your audience what they actually want to read.

If you are running a fashion blog, target the audience that you want to write for. Make up a google form including questions and instead of just letting them pick out the options, let them input their feedback as well.

Leave an option for them, in the end, to let them write and don’t get too caught up with the MCQs making it look like a quiz.


Google is your best friend on the internet and you have to realize that. Rephrasing a whole article is easy but you first have to know what the article is going to be.

If your audience wants more tips, more how-to articles or just some general information on things, you need to google it properly.

For example, in the image shown above, as soon as you start typing the beginning of a topic, more and more ideas will start appearing.

Google suggestions for Creative Blog Post Ideas
Google suggestions

You can combine two or three ideas if you want to create a fresh blog post like, “fashion tips for short girls’ body types”.

Answer the Public

This is another great way to come up with ideas for blog posts. It is a visual keyword search tool.

By using Answer-the-public, you can simply type in the area of your focus and it will show up a lot of questions regarding that topic.

They are generated based on what people are currently searching and helps you in deciding a blog post idea.

You can also search for keywords on this platform easily. It is free and easy to use.


Competitors are your best inspiration when you are having trouble finding an idea or just need something for rephrasing. You can simply search on their websites looking for some inspiration.

You might come across a lot of topics that trigger you and you will be forced to start rephrasing.

There is no shame in admitting that sometimes, your competitor’s do come up with a lot of great ideas.

Implementing them would help you gain the popularity that you wanted and some natural traffic which every blogger wants.

Keywords explorer and reworders

Keywords are underrated a lot of times. They are not just some words that you can use in your blogs or articles but you can revolve a whole blog post around them.

Once you have researched some keywords that are most searched in your field, you need to start picking out the ones you think are the best ones.

Based on them, you can start creating your content. For example, if the top 3 searched keywords are “Getting fit”, “losing fat soon” and “lose belly fat”, then you already have 3 subsections of the blog post you need to write.

You can go from there and start researching on the topic. You can just be rephrasing the lines or reword a sentence using a keyword in it and you would still be good to go.

The reword tool makes it simpler for you to avoid any grammatical mistakes and create better content.

It replaces all of your sloppy words with the proper synonyms who will make more sense in that case.


Pinterest is an online platform for people to share their ideas through pictures. It is a lot like Instagram but more focused on ideas.

You can start exploring the Pinterest to find some inspiration and you are guaranteed to find something that will be of help.

Not everything is going to be according to the theme your article will be based upon but you have to get creative with those ideas.

For instance, look up some exercises and write a blog about them. Or look at the makeup pictures and make a blog on how you can easily do that makeup.


Guest posts are one of the ways to get content on your blog without having to write. They also help you keep earning through the people or companies promoting or posting on your website.

You can charge them as much as you want.

Invite people to post guest posts on your website and while they get increased traffic on their website, you will get the content that you have not been able to write for some time.

The more the guest posts, the more you will be able to earn and longer you will not have to search for any new blogs or write them.

While this is a good way to keep your blog updated, do not just rely on it completely and upload your own blogs occasionally as well. You can follow the suggestions above to come up with interesting ideas.

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