Essential Gadgets you need while in University

In this generation, we are practically limited if we don’t have electronics close to us. They have changed our world and the way we do things through automation. In college life won’t be any different.

There are certain gadgets you will need to thrive or even survive on campus. Some of them you will have to carry everywhere you go for the price of ignoring them will be unbearable.

Some of the most important gadgets you will require while on campus include:

1. Laptop

It goes without saying that after high school, on thing every graduate requires is a laptop.

Well if you want to know why, they store your stuff (music, movies, pictures, documents), give you access to the internet for social networking (Facebook, Instagram), enables you to play games, help you in betting, access to notes and assignment, much, much more. Not having a laptop is subjecting yourself to inconveniences.

2. Smartphone

A phone is essential for the purpose of communication, timekeeping, scheduling your activities and even making transactions. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to carry a mere phone all the time with no fun things to do with it.

This is where a smartphone comes in. It is basically a computer but small. You can do what you could with the laptop on that smartphone. I even don’t know why I’m explaining this. A smartphone is a basic need.

3. Flash disk

Your laptop can not have all the movies and music in this world and you couldn’t carry it anywhere you go to copy what you don’t have. This is where the flash disk comes in. it is portable and more effective especially if it has lots of space. You can just plug in this ‘baby’ in any computer out there and secure your files

4. LAN Cable

You are probably wondering why I include this cable here. This cable comes in handy when WiFi around campus is slow. You can connect your computer to network sockets and enjoy very high speeds if internet compared to WiFi which is the favorite for everybody.

In addition, LAN cable enables very fast transfer of data between computers. You can even play games like need for speed with your friends without sharing a laptop.

5. Memory Card

Have you noticed that I’m still insisting on storage space? A memory card adds more storage space to your phone. Technically you need not less than 6 GB of storage space in your phone to strive well.

Up- stepping your memory with a USB card can give you the space to download stuff like YouTube videos you have free WiFi, more storage for your favorite music and a lot more.

6. A System

This is not a basic need but it can surely help a lot at times. You need something to entertain you when you are at your room resting, doing your stuff or thinking about anything.

A system keeps you connected to the world through radio and gives you awesome sound effects when you are watching your favorite movies.

In case you want to hold a party, a system will give the music to keep your jam hyped. A system gives you the college experience and personally, I can’t imagine a life without it.

7. Calculator

A calculator should top the list. Most of the courses in university involve Math. So, it is hard to survive without a calculator

You will need it especially during exams since most institutions discourage sharing of calculators. Get hold of one, at least an acceptable one like Casio fx-82ms.

Basically, these are the 7 very essential gadgets you need. In addition, you should also consider:

  • Extension
  • USB cable
  • Earphones/headphones
  • External Hard drive
  • Power-bank
  • Modem
  • Gaming pad

Thanks for your time and feel free to leave a comment or ask any question. You can also add what you think is essential too.

8 thoughts on “Essential Gadgets you need while in University”

  1. What a great way to have a breakdown of what kids need in college. I have one going myself. Everything she has asked for is on this list.
    You sound like you speak from experience. All the resources on your page are great. I will look into this a bit more now that I have read it here.

    • In college a the moment and i know how important these gadgets are. In a way i have saved money and invested in some part time jobs in order to raise cash to acquire these gadgets. They are integral to campus life. Thanks for your view

  2. Cheeky article, indeed! Back in my college days, we loaded up on books, books and more books. Now, it’s so diversified that we could include electronic devices and accessories. I would also add to have a good quality backpack for all these things. And don’t forget sunglasses to blend in with the cool crowd. I don’t really know about calculator. Students now still use them? I guess they can’t really use their smartphone calculators so it makes sense.

    • Ha-ha yeah Eddy, we still use calculators, if we could use smartphones as calculators, guys will get As in everything, you know what I’m saying. I like your point about the backpack for most of these gadgets. Yeah guys if you are reading this, a backpack is crucial too. Where will you carry your gizmos safely while moving from place to place? Thanks for your insights Eddy

  3. Hey, Cheek! I think these are great tips not only for college students but for everybody involved with computers at all. I work in an office for a large multinational company and I find that I need these items all the time. And I still keep my HP49G+ calculation back from my Engineering days, so many of these items are actually investments that will serve you well for a long time!

    • Yeaaah, these electronics are also needed in adult life. We just cant survive without them. Thanks for your insights Dan.


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