get free airtime safaricom and airtel through ajua

Get Free Safaricom and Airtel Airtime by Answering Simple Questions

Did you know that you can get free airtime now and regularly just by answering a few simple and direct questions?

I came across this opportunity after a friend showed me a text sent indicating he had received Ksh 20 free Safaricom airtime having answered several survey questions.

Considering how often we usually run out of airtime especially while using Safaricom whose call charges and bundle costs are high, this opportunity seemed worth a try.

It’s provided by Ajua, a young tech company that offers integrated customer experience solutions for businesses in Africa.

The company, originally known as mSurvey helps businesses connect with their customers, measure and optimize their experiences. It rebranded in 2nd August 2019

Mobile phone users subscribe to the service through phone dialer and for the first survey, they will be asked several questions to enable grouping of subscribers into common factions.

Later, depending on the type of data they want to collect, subscribers will be sent survey questions by SMS which they can answer by replying at zero cost.

At the start of each survey, subscribers will be informed if they will be rewarded once they answer all questions.

Questions come in numerous forms but are direct, so you don’t need to worry if it’s like a calculus paper.

Once you are done, the reward will be sent within some hours.

Free airtime from Ajua, Proof of reward.

If you’d like to join, use this invitation.

  1. Dial *466*100#
  2. Input CKOV17 as the referral code. This allows me to enter a prize contest; you too can join, once you subscribe, by inviting your friends and family.
  3. Answer the survey questions that follow (about 35). No hurry you can answer them in one sitting or throughout the day.

The questions range from something like

  • What is the highest level of Education you reached? Or
  • Which county do you live in?

To something like

  • Did you buy adult clothing in the past six months?

I found that question rather invasive to my privacy but interesting at the same time. Fortunately, the company promises not to disclose your information and only to use it as statistics.

Most people would prefer to get paid to do online surveys rather than getting change money for airtime but this is better than none. Ajua is one of the few genuine websites that give free airtime; Safaricom or Airtel.

I’d recommend that you try it out and win airtime now.

13 thoughts on “Get Free Safaricom and Airtel Airtime by Answering Simple Questions”

    1. Hey Lucia, Ajua is currently nonoperational due to the Pandemic but it will be back when things get normal

    1. Hey Silas, Ajua is currently on a break due to the corona pandemic, but the service will be back once its under control. I contacted them and thats the response they gave me.

    1. Hi Sharon, so here is what’s up. Ajua is currently below the radar due to the Corona virus pandemic. I actually contacted them to find out why they are not gifting their customers with free airtime. They informed me they will be back when the pandemic is under control.

    1. Hey, Riqo….if you want to win some free airtime.. you need to join Ajua or other programs that offer free airtime in return for doing some little tasks. Currently, Ajua is not running its program until Corona is under control. So you might have to look for alternatives.

    1. Hey Solomon. it depends on the kind of Survey you are doing. Normally you get Ksh 50 worth of airtime. However, AJua is currently on recession due to Corona Virus and they have indicated they will be back to business once things get under control.

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