How to get MPesa Statement Online, through SMS and App

Once in a while, it’s prudent to have a clear look at your MPesa transactions over the last few days or months. This helps you learn about your spending habits and provide you with a framework for better spending in future.

Also, you might discover some suspicious transactions which you’d want to follow up on.

Back in high school, I used to buy airtime from my dad’s phone without him ever discovering. I’d initiate the transaction, input his pin and once the MPesa message was delivered, I delete it.

Of course, my days were numbered and one day he summoned me and demanded an explanation.

If MPesa statements were easily available then, my dad would have discovered my sinister actions sooner.

Nonetheless, the issue was sorted amicably and I resolved to ask for airtime whenever I needed which he never denied me. I should have known better.

Enough with my adolescence behaviours. Let’s get down to business and let me assume I’m talking to a Wanjiku who needs explanation on the tiniest of details.

What exactly is an MPesa statement and why do you need it?

What is an MPesa Statement?

This is a detailed report of all the transactions done on your MPesa account over a specified period in the past.

If you wanted to check the MPesa transactions you did yesterday, you’d scroll up through your MPesa messages and find them under yesterday’s date.

However, what if you wanted to check a transaction you did a couple of months ago and you recently cleared your MPesa messages log?

That’s where MPesa statements come it. All these transactions are logged by Safaricom into an excel sheet for easy reference.

All you need is to identify the period within which you’d like to refer and your MPesa statement will reveal all transactions done in that period.

Safaricom introduced MPesa statements services back in 2016 after thousands of customers flocked its branches to seek printed MPesa statements as a prerequisite for accessing credit from financial institutions.

Consequently, today anybody can get their MPesa statements at the comfort of their home.

There exist two types of MPesa statements

  • Mini Statement
  • Full Statement

A mini statement shows the 5 most recent transactions that are more than an hour old. This report is usually very useful when you have accidentally deleted or lost your MPesa messages and you urgently require to check your latest transactions.

How to get MPesa Mini Statement

You can get your mini statement in a few very straight forward steps.

  1. Access your dialer and Dial *234#
  2. Select ‘My Mpesa Information’
  3. Choose ‘Mpesa statement’
  4. Select ‘Mini Statement’

Within a few seconds, your MPesa mini statement will be delivered by Safaricom. Here is a real time illustration of the procedure on Youtube. The transactions are detailed with the transaction codes, type of transaction and agent or service name as shown below.

MPesa Mini Statement
MPesa Mini Statement

A full statement, on the other hand, is a more detailed report which contains the receipt number, completion date, transaction status, paid, withdrawn and balances of all transactions made on your MPesa account over months.

This report, therefore, cannot come as an SMS on your phone, but rather as an encrypted PDF sent to your email.

How to get MPesa Full Statement

The procedure is almost the same as the earlier one but you’ve got to provide a little more details here.

  1. Access your Dialer and Dial *234#
  2. Select ‘My Mpesa Information’
  3. Choose ‘Mpesa statement’
  4. Select ‘Full Statement’
  5. Key in your ID or passport number.
  6. Input your email address and confirm that it’s correct
  7. Select the period whose report you’d like to receive and press send

You should receive an SMS showing successful registration and your MPesa statement will be sent to your email in a matter of minutes. The periods provided for your MPesa statement are 3, 6 and 12 months. Now, what next?

How to download your MPesa statement online

  • Log into your Email
  • Check the latest email labelled MPesa Statement and Open it
  • Scroll to the bottom and download the PDF file labelled MPesa Statement.

This PDF file is protected as earlier stated hence if you try to open it, you’ll be required to input a password. Your identification number is your pasword which can be either of the following:

  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Diplomatic ID
  • Alien ID.

The purpose of this encryption is to add a security layer to prevent unauthorized access to your MPesa Statement, however, if someone knows your ID number and gets access to this document, they can easily access the details.

Besides this method, you can get your MPesa statements using several other channels.

  • Safaricom Self Service portal
  • mySafaricom App

How to get MPesa statement online using Self-service portal.

Safaricom built the online self-service portal to enable customers to access customer services with ease. To get your MPesa statement using this portal

  1. Head over to Safaricom Self Service page
  2. If you don’t have an account click on Register
  3. Select registration type
  4. Select ‘Individual’ if it is for personal use
  5. Enter your mobile number and username
  6. Agree to the terms and condition and submit
  7. An activation number will be sent to your phone.
  8. Enter the number to activate your account
  9. After completing the necessary details you should get a verification SMS on your phone.
  10. Now that you have an account Input your number and password then click Log in.
  11. Click on MPesa in the Menu
  12. Select MPesa Statement
  13. Select the period whose report you’d want to receive.
  14. Submit

Bear in mind that sometimes, some times the portal might not be allowing new registrations, reasons best known by Safaricom, hence you should either use the SMS method mentioned earlier or the mySafaricom app as outlined below.

How to get MPesa statement using mySafaricom App

If you don’t have the Safaricom app, go to Google Play and search for it.

Once you have downloaded it, Enter your phone number to generate a One Time Password that will be sent as an SMS and you’ll use to log into the app. Note, however, you must use Safaricom Internet bundles to access the app.

  1. Once you’re in, click on MPesa
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click MPesa Statement
  3. Select Period and click Okay

The MPesa statement will be sent to your email within a couple of minutes. Note also that you can subscribe to receive monthly MPesa statements which will always be delivered in your email by 5th.

MLedger MPesa App

Safaricom also had another app called MLedger Mpesa app which enables you to access information about your MPesa transaction. The app does this by scanning through you MPesa SMSes and creates a database with all the information.

It can also

  1. Display your current balance
  2. Allow you to calculate transaction costs through its calculator feature
  3. Enable you to see transactions made per person or company
  4. Access sorted information about your transaction types such as paybill, airtime, deposit, and so forth.
  5. Organize your data in charts and graphs

The MLedger MPesa app is currently unavailable in Google Play for reasons best known to Safaricom.

At this juncture, we have exhausted all the procedures you can follow to access your MPesa statement.

MPesa full statement
MPesa full statement

MPesa Statements for Court purposes.

Besides wanting to check your transactions, you might require the report for legal purposes, for instance, if you want to provide proof for a transaction that is under dispute.

When you scroll to the bottom of the MPesa statement, you’re gonna see this disclaimer message.

“Disclaimer: This record is produced for your personal use and is not transferable. If this record is sought to be produced in court, please contact the nearest retail shop for further guidance or send an email to Safaricom Customer Care”

This message prohibits you from using the statement for legal purposes and requires you to access a Safaricom Retail shop to get an official MPesa statement.

You will be provided with a form to indicate your details and also provide your national ID. It takes about 5 days for your document to be processed.

You can also send an email to Safaricom Customer Care via requesting for an official document.

Access MPesa statements for another number

Another outstanding case would be when you’d want to access another person’s MPesa statement for instance if a relative is deceased and you need to access their MPesa transactions and funds. To do this

Visit a Safaricom Retail Shop with the following documents:

  1. National ID
  2. A copy of the deceased’s death certificate
  3. An affidavit indicating your relationship with the deceased
  4. A letter from the local county administration/chief in the deceased’s area of residence
  5. A Grant of Probate/ Grant of Letters of Administration intestate/ a letter from the public trustee for cases where the amount to be recovered is more than Ksh 30,000

Once you provide these documents, you will be given a claim form to fill where you’ll indicate the number to receive the funds.

Your claim should be processed within 3 days. If you meet all the terms and conditions, you will receive the funds and the MPesa Statement if you had requested.

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