Top Kenyan websites where you get paid to write articles

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Written By El Gwaro

Writing articles has become a popular job. People are now working as full-time writers and paying bills. Competent or inexperienced, anyone can get paid to write articles.

There are many ways article writings can make you money.

You can choose to do your blog, use freelance platforms, writing contests or collaborate with companies looking for writers.

Come on, do not hesitate to earn cash on writing.

Kenyan Websites to get paid to Write Articles

In this article, we shall focus on Kenyan media websites that pay you to write articles, the type of articles they accept, requirements for potential writers, and how much they pay


get paid to write articles for tuko

Tuko is a Kenyan digital news and media website that has grown over the past six years. It is trendy for its controversial, dynamic, informative, and entertaining content.

Tuko has continued to create relevant content that meets the needs of Kenyan readers.

To be hired as an article writer at Tuko, applicants must meet some necessities. The requirements include:

  1. University degree in journalism/media studies or related field.
  2. Considerable experience in online/digital journalism
  3. Creative and can turn problems into opportunities
  4. Have Perfect writing skills, narration, and good grammar.
  5. All-rounder; ability to handle any subject with ease.
  6. Strategic and analytical thinker.
  7. Workaholic and ability to go the extra mile.
  8. Highly passionate individual with the will to constantly learn and adapt.
  9. Work under minimal supervision

The media website posts on their platform when there are article writers vacancy and opt qualified individuals to send resume at

2. Opera News

get paid to write articles for opera news
Opera News

Opera News is an entirely localized and personalized news app. It features breaking news, local news, trending topics, funny videos, and customized content.

To write for opera news, you need to sign up for Opera News Hub Kenya. The app is a platform that compensates writers for content created.

Writers are paid based on the quality and volume of articles created. Also, the number of valid clicks, time spent, and engagement of your paper determines your pay.

You can write a maximum of 5 articles per day and earn up to Ksh 100,000 per month.

Payment is made 30 days after joining the app. However, you must exceed a threshold of Ksh 1000 to get your money.

3. Ghafla

get paid to write articles for Ghafla

Ghafla is an African entertainment website for the new generation with news from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana.

It is one of the leading entertainment websites in the country

Just like Tuko, Ghafla hires article writers that only meet their requirements. Those qualifications include:

  1. A young person recently graduated from college
  2. Excellent writing and grammar skills
  3. Can work without supervision and are comfortable writing several items per day
  4. Three months+ experience in some form of professional writing
  5. Familiarity with blogs
  6. Interest in Kenyan entertainment
  7. Strong researching skills
  8. Ability to handle deadlines
  9. Familiarity with social media platforms

In case of a vacancy, applicants should send their CV to

4. The Standard Media Group

get paid to write articles for Standard Media
Standard Media

The standard media group is a multi-media organization with investments in different media platforms. Some of these popular Media include The Standard newspaper, KTN, KTN News, Radio Maisha, The Nairobian weekly newspaper. Standard digital etc.

This organization uses the standard digital platform to work with article writers. These pieces are published on the blog section on Mondays.

Anyone is allowed to participate and will get paid to write articles for SMG

Interested writers email their content to

5. Bizna Kenya

get paid to write articles for Bizna

Bizna Kenya is a commercial enterprise development website supporting access to improved goods and services by marketing and promoting businesses.

It creates content related to SME, agribusiness, real estate, technology, education, health, savings investment, and local news.

Bizna Kenya accepts articles that teach and add value to its audience. Long papers with a minimum of 500 words are encouraged.

This organization only publishes original and creative content.

To submit your content, you can contact them on messenger at

6. Nation media group

get paid to write articles for nation media
Nation Media

The Nation media group is the largest private media house in East and Central Africa. It has its offices in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

This media house operation specializes in print, broadcast, and digital media.

An article writer at a national media group must have some specific qualifications. These requirements include:

  1. Excellent writing skills, creativity, knowledge, and expertise in writing
  2. Be able to write sustainably, keeping their writing fresh and alive, always grabbing the reader’s attention.
  3. Must not only demonstrate a clear grasp of the subject they are writing on, but they must also recognize and respect contrary views.
  4. Must have a university degree in a related course

In case of vacant positions, applicants must send a resume and cover letter, accompanied by a sample opinion with a maximum of 650 words to


Article writing is one of the most stress-free jobs you can ever do. With hard work, you will make fortunes out of it.

Do not wait till you get that office job; take advantage of this opportunity and earn.

While I have listed only six websites that pay you to write articles, more websites are developing, creating more employment openings.


  1. Hi El Gwaro, You mentioned Opera news at number two and I think the audience deserve knowing that Opera news has changed how they pay there writers.
    They have introduced features like ‘Editor Featured’ paying 5 times per click.
    Also, the ‘Original Content’ pays 2 times per click.
    Lastly, ‘Professional Creators’ earns 1.5 times per click. And many other stuffs.
    You may accept my post where I cover the new Opera payments and algorithm change.
    Here is the link


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