How to Check KPLC Bill for Free; Fast and Easy

This piece is all about how to check KPLC bill, and it will cover every way you can do this in 2021.

But first,

The fastest way for prepaid customers (if you buy Token) to check KPLC bill; dial KPLC USSD code *977#, while for postpaid customers; send an SMS of the first part of the KPLC account number to 95551.

Let me elaborate

How to check KPLC bill via SMS on Phone (Not Free)

  1. Create a new text message on your phone.
  2. Enter KPLC number 95551 as the recipient of the message
  3. In the message section, input the first part of your KPLC account number. E.g., for account number 123456-02, enter 123456
  4. Click on send

The SMS costs Ksh 5, exclusive of standard SMS rates. Hence have at least Ksh 10 airtime before an attempt.

You will receive an SMS message with your electricity account information from KPLC’s E-bill system. Hopefully, you’ll not have to wait as with token delays.

How to check KPLC bill via USSD on phone (Not Free)

Another simple process to check your KPLC bill is through USSD. It’s effective for both prepaid and postpaid customers. The transaction will cost you Ksh 1

  1. Dial *977#
  2. Select Prepaid Services
  3. Select Token Details
  4. Choose the meter number you want to inquire
  5. Confirm

You’ll be charged Ksh 10 to inquire. An SMS will be sent to your inbox containing your KPLC bill.

This method is costlier than the SMS process, especially for postpaid customers who have a fast alternative.

Using USSD allows you to directly buy tokens through Mpesa.

How to check KPLC bill via Email (Free)

KPLC introduced an Email service for customers to check their account details and keep track of the transactions. Here is how to use it.

  1. Log into your Email Account
  2. Click on New Message
  3. Enter as the receiving email address
  4. Enter the first part of your account number as the subject
  5. Compose a short message like: Yoh! Send my bill
  6. Click on send.

You’ll receive an automated response with all your bill details

Again this method applies to postpaid customers who have KPLC account numbers.

How to check KPLC bill online (Free)

KPLC also provides an online self-service portal that enables customers to access any details they need regarding their KPLC accounts and bills. To use this portal

  1. Visit KPLC Self-service Portal
  2. Log into your account or create one if you don’t have
  3. Use your Email to sign up and phone number as the username to receive your login password.
  4. Make sure you use the correct account number to link your phone number with the account.
  5. Once logged into your account, click on My Bill/ My Token to view your KPLC bill.

Apart from checking your bill, you can access many other services, including prepaid meter inquiries, power quality reports, and interaction with the customer care team.

How to check KPLC bill via Phone App

Yet another way to check your bill is through MyPower App, a KPLC app currently available for Android users. The app is the mobile version of the Self-service portal and allows you to access virtually all services the portal offers.

  1. Visit Google Playstore and install MyPower App (22 MB)
  2. Log into your account or create one if you don’t have one.
  3. Use your phone number to get login password and Email address for account verification
  4. Ensure you use your correct account number when signing up to connect your self-service account with your KPLC meter.
  5. Once you log into your account, you can access your bill from the My Bill/ My Token section.

MyPower is an efficient app that allows KPLC customers to access any services they need besides check electricity bill balance.

Wrapping Up

Checking your electricity bill is straightforward. Using either of the five options we’ve demonstrated above, you can seek any KPLC services at any moment and have your issue solved.

However, if all these processes fail, your last resort is to call KPLC customer care contacts 97771 and seek further guidance.

Good luck

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