How to improve your chances of meeting your perfect match

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Have you ever met someone who gets interested in you as much as you are interested in them, and that person vibes in the same frequency as yours?  Human nature dictates that we seek love, a weapon so powerful it can either help you fight your battles, or even blow you to bits. It falls right at the doorstep of some while others have to traverse all corners of the world like love pirates in pursuit of this magical treasure. Finding that one person whom you fit together like pieces in a puzzle is key to a happy life. These tips will improve your chances of meeting your perfect match!

1. Be true to yourself

Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness. We often let others define who we are and make decisions for us. Do not trade your authenticity for peoples approval or perfection, be yourself. After all, happiness is when love is shown to your bona fide self, than when it is shown to your fake self. Be real!

2. Attend a lot of social events

Most millennials were raised in a cocoon, with strict and overprotective parents. If you had such parents while young, well it is about time you came out of your shell. Social events are a great way of meeting new people. Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, night outs, will definitely boost your chances of getting a partner. Let your guard down for a second and interact with people and soon you’ll be meeting your perfect match. Infact, you can even go to these cool and affordable dating spots and meet other singles.

3. Leave the past behind

A lot, if not all people have experienced massive breakups in the past, which prevent them from moving on with their lives. Healing requires letting go of the past and living in the present. Meet new people, try out new things, make new plans, change your routine, let your tears water the seeds of your future and just move forward. Don’t be afraid to try new relationships because of a mistake that happened in the previous one.

4. Try out speed dating

In speed dating, single people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners to determine whether there is mutual interest. Some companies organize speed-dating events such as Jumia Speed Dating and so long as you meet the requirements, (age bracket) you are allowed to attend. Go and create a good rapport with the potentials, be honest about yourself and create a good first impression, and you might just get yourself a lifetime partner.

5. Set reasonable standards

People always say if you don’t know what you want, you cant ask for it, and your chances of getting it are almost none. Preferences differ from one individual to another, yet we all desire to get a partner who reciprocates love. Set reasonable standards, else you will be disappointed. Keep in mind that we don’t always get all our hearts’ desire. So if you get someone who check most of your boxes, be glad.  

6. Seek love and happiness, not just companionship

Many people make the grave mistake of settling down with a partner, for the sake of companionship, even without contentment of both parties. This habitually leads to cheating in relationships and even domestic violence. The relationship then evolves into a toxic one, taking a toll on your general happiness. Impatience is the root cause, and one usually makes rush decisions, dipping themselves into a pit of dejection unknowingly. Remember, your happiness comes first, and if a relationship offers less than that, speak out and feel free to walk away.

Contributor: Terrence Omondi


  1. There are some points that really got to me and I do wish that people could just focus more on them i.e. 1,3,5 and 6……especially the First Point. Kudos…real article there.

  2. There are some points that really got to me and I do wish that people could just focus more on them i.e. 1,3,5 and 6……especially the First Point. Kudos…real article there.


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