How to make money from a free blog without spending anything

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Written By El Gwaro

A while back, you build your first free blog. You have been blogging for a while now and you’ve realized that people are liking your content. You have used all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Telegram, etc. to get readers and your traffic has improved. Then something hits your mind, how can I make money from a free blog.

There are ways you can make money from a free blog, but how much you can make can be very limited especially in Kenya. Ever heard of the phrases “nothing goes for free” and “lose money to make money”? Even in blogging, you need to invest some money besides hard work, to make good money. However, we shall get there.

For now, lets go straight on how to make money from a free blog

1. Use Blogger to create your free site

I previously reviewed the top platforms for making a free blog and one of them was Blogger. Despite its many cons, Blogger has one huge advantage over the others; you can start making money after you create a free blog. Since Blogger is owned by Google, it uses one of its advertisement platforms; AdSense, to display ads on your free blog.

You are paid according to the number of impressions and ad click made through your site, which means you, need good traffic to earn well from this site. Normally the average cost per 1000 impression is 1 dollar and cost per click varies largely depending on your target audience


That’s pretty much the easiest way to make money from a free blog. It’s straight forward and you can start making some good coins as soon as possible. Yet you generate good traffic for you to earn well.

Below are other methods you can implement to make money but they are hard due as explained

1. Sell Digital Content:

You can write a book, guide or any digital content on a topic that you are a master in, upload them on a free file hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive, build a good advertisement page on your blog, provide a payment method like M-Pesa and offer the download link to people who purchase your work

However, for people to buy anything from you must have a very good reputation online and you cant get such with a free blog. And most importantly, Kenyans rarely buy digital e-books and such, they’d love free stuff.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is a system where bloggers are paid commissions on sales referred through their blogs. Only high and quality traffic can guarantee you will make money through this means. Also, a platform like WordPress limits the types and number of volume of affiliate links for free blogs

3. Donations and Tips

This involves providing a payment method for visitors who find your work very inspiring to donate or tip you. Again, this method requires you to be so good and inspirational in your work that someone feels compelled to tip you. It solely depends on the mercy of your readers for you to earn anything and you know how tough it is in Kenya.

There are more methods you can try using to make money from a free blog. However, most require authority, traffic, and experience which you will not have during your first few months of blogging.

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