How to Pay JKUAT fees the right way and avoid issues, Main Campus

Paying fees can be a frustrating process for many people especially if the right procedures are not followed. JKUAT has a number of channels for students to use when remitting their fees and this is very effective as it accommodates many people’s tastes. The main process includes payment through a bank account and then presenting the receipt to the student finance office for clearing. Below is a list of all the banks and bank accounts you can use to pay JKUAT fees for the main campus as stipulated in the institution’s website

  • Standard Chartered Bank 0108023434900
  • Barclays Bank 0775001216
  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya 01129098952900
  • National Bank 0100359580600
  • Equity Bank 0090291251426

In addition, there was an M-Pesa payment service where you use 787879 as your Business Number and your Registration number as the Account Number to pay JKUAT fees

However, on very many occasions, this method has been marred with issues and you must go to the student finance office to prove your payment in order for the system to be updated. It’s very advisable that you don’t use M-Pesa to pay your fees.

Advice when paying for JKUAT Main Campus fees

1. Requirements

It is a requirement that you pay at least 50% of the tuition fee and 100% of the rest of the fees for you to sign the nominal roll and register units within the required time of 4 weeks after the opening date. If you fail to meet these requirements, it will be assumed that you are not in session for that semester. Nonetheless, you can appeal by writing a letter to the academic registrar through your department in case you fail to register by the 8th week.

2. System Reflection time

Paying fees in JKUAT has two crucial steps; Pay and take your receipt to the student finance office for system update. System update involves the process by which the records from the bank are synchronized with JKUAT fees system so that it’s clear you have paid.

This process can be frustrating considering the long queues always present at the student finance office. In addition, those officers are usually disappointing, they get to the office when they want and are usually slow. So what can you do?

The two steps are unavoidable when you are paying fees in order to sign the nominal roll and register units. However, when exams are approaching, take note of the following time periods

  • KCB: 1 week
  • Barclays Bank: 24 hours
  • Equity Bank: 48 hours
  • Co-operative Bank: 48 Hours

These are the period it takes for your bank payment to reflect in JKUAT fees statement. The list with students who have completed their fees usually comes out on the morning of the first exam and if you are not in the list you cannot sit for the exam. This stringent rule has been there for a while, though it’s apparent some departments have relaxed.

If you pay through KCB and the exam is in 2 days, you will have to be in the finance line to have your fees reflected. However, if you pay through Barclays, with one day left, you can be sure by morning your fees will have reflected. Interestingly enough, Barclays Bank lines are usually short throughout.

3. Location-wise.

Lastly, it is highly advisable that if possible you pay JKUAT fees at Banks that are nearest to the institution, banks in Juja, and Ruiru. Apparently, it’s easier, faster to reflect and if issues arise, you can sort them faster.

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