November 2020 Income Report: How I made $221 This Month

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I have been blogging since January 2016 and honestly, up to now, there’s not much I can show for it.

Of course, I have made money in the process, accumulated mentions in the interwebs, nominated for bloggers awards and built a good reputation as a blogger.

But looking at all I have achieved, nothing really stands out.

This probably stems from the fact that I’ve been blogging as a hobby, working only when I feel like and maximizing on opportunities only when they come.

Also, I have previously ignored the strategies of successful bloggers and tried to forge my unique way of making it in the industry. Turns out this is a bad idea.

Lastly, I have been jumping from topic to topic and never really established myself as an authority in anything; the proverbial Jack of all trades.

All these mistakes have cost me a lot of time and energy considering the measly incomes I have made from blogging in the last 3-4 years.

To some, Ksh 10,000 per month might seem good enough. But for someone who has been blogging for years, it is a failure.

I have witnessed the jaw-dropping incomes bloggers are earning around the world and the lives of freedom and unlimited travelling they lead and honestly I deserve to be doing the same.

That’s why I’m taking this leap of faith to shift my attitude towards blogging and make it a full-time business. This not only has to work, but work very well.

This first income report serves several purposes.

First, it is a revelation that blogging actually makes money. However, without good monetization strategies, there is little you can exploit.

Secondly, it is my first step into shifting my attitude towards blogging from hobby to business. I need to account for every coin that comes in and goes out of my pocket courtesy of the blog.

Thirdly, it is a way to keep myself accountable. This report shows you the monetization and growth strategies that have worked for me, what needs to be implemented and how I grow from this point forward.

I would also wish to encourage anybody who wishes to earn a full-time income from blogging to join me so that we can share strategies and encourage each other to grow.

Let’s get started

November 2020 Income

The month of November was quite interesting following a risky opportunity that enabled me to make some money besides my blog. However, it took away my attention from my blog; and I ended up losing time to work on the things that mattered.

Below are my earning for November.

Google AdSense$98.70
Guest Posting$25.00

As you can see most of my income come from Ads. I decided to distribute my blog ads between Adsense 40% and Ezoic 60% to compare which of the two platforms has higher RPM (Average earnings per 1000 page views)

Surprisingly, even with a smaller share of the total ads, Adsense with an RPM of $4.71 beat Ezoic with an RPM of $4.61.

This comes as a surprise since Ezoic has been proven to increase ad earnings by over 200% as compared to AdSense.  I’m yet to see that, that’s why I will continue monitoring the two and see which is best for me.

AdSense vs Ezoic Earnings
AdSense vs Ezoic Earnings

However, one pro that makes Ezoic preferable is the fact that you are paid the exact amount you earn through PayPal while Google AdSense uses wire transfers to your bank accounts which is very expensive.

My bank (Equity Bank) cuts a whole Ksh 700 of every payment I receive from Google once the minimum threshold of 70 Euros is reached.

My Takeaways

One thing to note is the fact that there was a spike in my earnings between 7th and 18th of November. This happened following one of my articles going a little viral and thus increasing the earning.

Hence, this month’s income was given a push by one article which lost traction as soon as it became irrelevant. Which means I need to get back to work to increase my daily earnings consistently.

Also, my blog heavily relies on ads to bring income. This is a very risky strategy. If google wakes up one day and makes an update which negatively impacts my blog, I could lose a lot.

So, my next strategy is to incorporate additional monetization strategies such as info products and affiliate marketing to reduce reliance on one income stream.

Strategies for December

There are various things I will focus on this coming month with the main goal being increasing my daily pageviews from 700 to 1000. This will not only increase my monthly income but also open opportunities for my blog to grow


  • Write 5 Pillar Posts and Outsource 10 Medium-sized and short articles
  • Write and Outsource 5 Guest posts for Backlink building
  • Join at least 5 affiliate programs and include affiliate links in my blogs.
  • Post 10 Videos on YouTube most of which are guides related to blog articles.
  • Build an info-product on blogging.

These are my top five priorities for December. I believe achieving every bit of these goals will catapult me to where I want to be.

Thank you so much for reading – I’m very grateful you found your way here. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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