Is Buying Essays Online Legal? Is it Safe?

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Written By El Gwaro

Are you confused on whether to work smart; delegate your essay assignment to an online writer or work hard; write the essay.

Of course, it’s advisable and more satisfying to write the essay. But occasionally, you’ll lack the time or the energy to get it done, and thanks to the internet, you can get that solved instantly.

But you wonder, is buying essays online legal? Is it safe?

Buying essays online is not distinctly illegal, and there exists no law that prohibits essay purchase. However, what the buyer does with the essay can either be illegal or legal. Illegal if they present it as their work. Legal if they use it as a draft upon which they base their work.

The legality of writing services is a hot topic. On one side, people see it as a useful service for students with a lifestyle full of commitments that constrain study time. On the other side, it’s seen as a tool for lazy and incompetent students to cheat their way to graduation.

Varied Perspectives

Students who study hard in university and earn their grades would take the latter side of this debate. It’s unfair, especially when the writing services are of high quality, guaranteeing competitive results for students who’d barely defend the ideas well-articulated in these essays. But when they fall short in quality, it wouldn’t bother them.

Other students don’t care much. They don’t appreciate or conform to the competitive environment that university education sets them in. All they worry about is acquiring education and practical skills for the job market. They would consider buying essays as a smart move, delegating tasks to focus on other things.

Imagine students who attend lectures while working two jobs to pay bills and fees. They don’t have time to do every assignment.

They can choose to be morally upright, write all the essays, and risk not working long enough to raise enough dough for bills and fees. Or delegate some of the work to a professional writing platform and have enough time to work. The second option always looks favorable.

Critics such as scholars and educators, however, think otherwise. They believe online academic writing service is a menace to both the economy and the society.

First, it helps students cheat and allowing universities to inadvertently churn out unqualified graduates who pour into the market with poor skills and knowledge. This impacts the quality and productivity of the labor force in general.

But what this perspective fails to account for is the competitive job market field where the most skillful and knowledgeable thrive in most cases.

So even if these graduates don’t seem to have the capacity to get things done, the rugged terrain of job hunting will pound them until they educate themselves through experience.

Secondly, critics believe that essay mills encourage contract cheating, an act of dishonesty where students pay others to do their coursework, which trickles down into society in the form of corruption.

Think about it. Suppose you waltzed through university having your assignments tackled by professionals because you could pay. Do you think you’ll ever encounter a challenge in life and not instantly think of the easy way out? Bribing!

I second that perspective. It’s hardly possible to do things the right way if you’ve cultivated a habit of finding shortcuts. But there is a balance, which is why I believe buying essays is not wrong.

Finding a Balance

It’s every student’s responsibility to prioritize their education. Hence, you should organize your time and energy to get all assignments done and essays written in time. You’ll be more proud knowing you did all the work.

However, sometimes things might get a little out of control, and you’ll require a quick fix. As I’ve stated, buying an essay online is legal. So get one from any of the numerous online writing accounts and use it as a draft or reference point in working on your piece.

While most students who buy essays from academic writing platforms are not caught submitting non-original work, some can be identified by vigilant educators.

The essays you write during sit-in exams can be compared and contrasted with those submitted online. If a big quality difference is noted, you’ll be asked to defend your work.

But again, this is not possible in big institutions with hundreds of students attending similar lectures. A professor would rather spend time with his family than sit through 500 essays trying to identify cheats.

So it’s generally safe to buy essays online. Reading and customizing essays is necessary just in case it’s a critical assignment or if you’re likely to be asked to defend your work, e.g., dissertations and internship reports. Plus, you learn while delegating.

Successful people advise entrepreneurs to start by seeking information from similar but more established businesses on what worked to replicate good strategies and avoid mistakes when growing.

Using a purchased essay as a template for your essay is similar. You learn, especially if writing essays isn’t your cup of tea.

The biggest challenge with buying essays online is incentivizing laziness in university; it’s an opportunity not to exercise your brain, which diminishes your creative thinking and problem-solving capacity.

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