Most Delicious foods at JKUAT Food Expo 2016 Competition

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Written By El Gwaro

JKUAT held its 2016 Food Expo Competition at the Pavilion grounds in 28th July. The function was planned to span over 3 days; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

We all know that this institution is known for its innovative students who always think out of the box as they find ways of making this country a better place.

Well, this event was a clear testimony of their dedication to innovations. Sponsored by the JKUAT Nissin Foods, the event involved families coming up with tantalizing dishes centered on the Nissin noodles.

There were four groups, all tasked with combining whatever ingredients they had in their imaginations and prepare a noodles dish that will make everybody desire to taste.

Customers would then buy each dish at a subsidized price of 20 shillings and enjoy. A customer is given a card where small stickers of distinct colors from all groups are planted after buying any of the dishes.

When customers buy 3 or more dishes and hence have the same number of stickers, they can go ahead to vote the dish they found most delicious.

JKUAT Nissin Group at the Food Expo
JKUAT Nissin Group at the Food Expo

After voting, one would pick a random piece of paper in a lottery box. The papers are inscribed gifts ranging from noodles, books, pens, t-shirts etc.

Penta Friends

The only team from JKUAT seemed to be gobbling up most customers. The line in front of their cafeteria was like a swarm of bees, as every comrade wanted to have a share before the delicacy was exhausted.

Uniquely, they had lots of ingredients ranging from carrots, pepper, and much more I can’t even recall. Come one, I have just enough kitchen knowledge to ‘cook’ hot water for my coffee and buy mandazi.

All I can say was that with their weird combo, they still managed to pull off a lovely dish. How could I forget the minced meat addition and mouthwatering Kuku for some lucky creatures who cut the line and made me miss out?

Teriyaki chicken

Another crowd pulling group that seemed the most engaging. They seemed to understand the power of social involvement as a way of pulling customers.

They even had a price for the hundredth customer though I missed out on it. Their dish was characteristically soft, you wouldn’t have to chew, but rather swallow whole (my lack of command in food terminologies should not drive you away from the main point).

They had a couple of ingredients with a bit of spice too. I loved the dish for the softness and how organized they served the dish.

Nissin Group

This group decided to think out of the box as they aimed to be the standard of measure. There’s was a customization of a sandwich into something I would like to call a ‘noodwich’.

It was a bun of bread cut across and stuffed with well-prepared noodles in the middle and then sauce pasting on top. I really thought that a wonderful idea and to confirm my thoughts, I bought a piece.

Guess what, it was mwah! The group’s cafeteria was frequented by customers who came and went every five minutes since they had very efficient and fast serving and also because most tasted their dish before going to vote. Comrades must have wanted to have their last taste as the most delicious.

One Family

One Family group was not left behind as they made a dish which balanced ever aspect, from spices to softness. They had almost no ingredients but what stood out was their beef.

You could smell its tantalizing aroma from far and make your way to the source only to be mesmerized by how captivating it looked. You could buy 5 plates just to have more and more of the beef.

Such events are also great venues to mentor young people hence the organization invited Prof Bernard K. Rop; Former Kenya Commissioner of Mines and current Director of REA to mentor comrades. Prof’s message advised the attendees on discovering their inner potential.

For students to do so, they had to know where they came from, why they are where they are, what they are capable of doing and where their destiny lays. That is the path to knowing their true potential.

JKUAT students turned up in good numbers showing their commitment to the institution and also had lots of fun, evident by the pictures and selfies which were taken.


  1. Jkuat always coming up with new ideas.maybe kampusville could inform us what other universities are up to?

  2. Jkuat always coming up with new ideas.maybe kampusville could inform us what other universities are up to?


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