JKUAT students strike following student daylight stabbing at 4 pm

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JKUAT main campus has been closed indefinitely as of Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM following an official statement released through the institution Administration. This comes after JKUAT student strike due to insecurity around Juja.

Earlier on the institution’s student body, JKUSA communicated through social media platforms, a scheduled peaceful demonstration to air grievances on the laxity of police in ensuring the security of students. What agitated this move was the recent stabbing of a student as early as 4 pm within the university town.

The demonstration however turned violent as students engaged in running battles with GSU officers. Property of unknown value in the institution and around has been vandalized. Apparently, some locals have turned against students following the destruction of property and stabbings have been reported. Police officers, however, brought the situation under control by 3 pm.

JKUAT Closure Memo

Following this unrest, the administration through an internal memo has communicated the indefinite closure of the institution and consequent clearing of all students from the institution vicinity by 11:30 AM.

JKUAT adds to the list of more than 5 institutions that have experienced student strikes over the last couple of months, which begs the question, are university administrations and the government even considering solving students’ issues or is it beyond their scope?

Meanwhile, final year students and prospective graduates from the institution are weary of the impact the strike will cause on their completion and graduation schedules respectively. Most consider the strike unnecessary and a barrier to their progress.

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