JKUSA Awards 2016 recognizing the best comrades

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Written By El Gwaro

JKUAT held its first-ever university awards; JKUSA Awards 2016, an event that rewarded outstanding JKUAT personalities for their wonderful works in various fields.

The event, graced by the presence of comedian Obina, the talented young JKUAT deejay Bra and very hot models, pimped with glittering and colorful light works and with record-breaking attendance, it surely goes down as one of the best JKUAT function ever.

Every year a party of new student leaders descends into power and rush to implement their noble ideas to make comrades’ lives better. Frequently, student politicians give unrealistic promises in a bid to be elected and when they get in office, all about service for comrades is forgotten.

This year, honestly things have changed. Since the new leadership under the stewardship of President Anyungu, JKUAT has witnessed the implementation of great ideas that are taking the institution to the next level.

Just when we thought there would be no better ideas than the implementation of the online booking of hostels, the JKUSA introduced the JKUSA awards. A unique platform created for the purpose of awarding and encouraging outstanding comrades and university staff. T

his idea coined by the esteemed President Anyungu and seconded by his Secretary-General Sir Onono and backed by the whole JKUSA team materializes an opportunity for excellence among comrades who are not only encouraged by the trophies, gifts and recognition gotten from the awards but are also given a door to impact the society with their wonderful innovative minds.

Besides the strategic and innovative governance of the current student leadership in the institution, I have noticed something very outstanding which I hope you have noticed too but let me not assume. It is common knowledge that a university finances most if not all of its functions.

But the money has to pass through the student leaders who allocate for its spending. With a rampant corruption wind sweeping through Kenya, it isn’t a surprise that most leaders channel money to their pockets through these procedures and the evidence we get from this illegal transaction is the quality of services and products presented.

Previously, JKUAT has not held quality functions and this has raised eyebrows over whether the leaders spent the money well. This year, the functions have been quite electrifying and fun.

If you attended the awards, you can bear witness the quality of the event was at its peak and this tells us money was used for the right purpose. Although we don’t have facts, I believe our student leaders did a good job.

Back to the main issue at hand here. There were various categories awarded in the event, ranging from clubs to sports to schools. Individuals took most awards since the event was geared more towards rewarding personalities.

Models, social media personalities, talented students, and sportspersons were recognized for their tremendous passion and perseverance in making themselves world-class skillful people.

Famous comedian Obina emceed the awarding as he continuously babbled carefully thought lines of super-hilarious jokes which constantly sent comrades to the ground laughing. Some actually took rib-cracking TKOs from the comedian.

Dj Bra was also on top of his game and his mixed were so on point he could give DJ Kaytrixx a run for his money.

So who won the JKUSA awards? Who made JKUAT proud? Who got recognized for their outstanding performances in various disciplines? Follow this Link to find out

List of JKUSA Awards 2016 Winners


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