How to get placed in KUCCPS Second Revision – 2019 KCSE Candidates

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On Thursday, April 2nd the portal was opened for KUCCPS second revision of diploma, degree and certificate choices. This came after 36,522 students who scored a C+ and above were unable to secure placement in degree programs while 6,654 candidates didn’t make any applications.

Students who failed to secure placement have been urged to revise their choices before the KUCCPS second revision deadline which is on 15th April. The online service published a PDF List of the index numbers of unsuccessful 2019 KCSE Candidates from the first revision.

I believe this is a very crucial moment for these students and hence would like to give you some tips on securing successful placement in this 2020 second revision. First, how do you know whether you got placed or not?

How to check your status

There two ways of knowing your KUCCPS placement status

  • Download the List published by KUCCPS and search for your index number. PDF List
  • Log into your KUCCPS student portal. Check under the Available Programmes and Institutions Section.

For successful placement:

“Dear applicant, you have provisionally secured one of the courses you applied for, subject to approval by the Placement Board”

For unsuccessful placement:

“Kindly revise your choices!”

Successful vs Unsuccessful KUCCPS placement
Successful vs Unsuccessful KUCCPS placement

If you have secured a placement, you’re not required to reapply but you’ll have to wait for the conclusion of the entire placement process to know where you have been placed.

How to get placed in KUCCPS second revision.

If you didn’t secure a placement then it’s time to make better choices. I’m going to give you some quick tips to help you out.

But before I start, you need to understand that the KUCCPS procedure of placing student does not follow any publicly outlined guidelines. This information is guarded by the service for reasons best known to them.

So these tips don’t guarantee placement but give you a better chance of successful placement.

Let’s dive in.

1. Ensure your Cluster weights surpass 2018 cut-offs

This is a no brainer. When browsing through programs, you must check your cluster points under the column with a red title and compare it with 2018 cluster cutoffs as shown below. This saves you a lot of time since, in the end, you cannot secure placement in a course you don’t qualify for.

KUCCPS Cluster Weights Comparison
KUCCPS Cluster Weights Comparison

2. Use the Basket Substantially

One of the features some students ignore is the basket. The basket is like the supermarket shopping cart where you place the things you want to buy.

While filtering programs and checking those that you meet the minimum, you ought to add them into the basket by clicking the black ADD button at the right end of the screen.

Browse through the courses using the filters available and add as many courses as possible to your basket as long as you meet the cutoff points.

When done, access the basket dashboard through the Basket Icon at the top right corner.

Since you are doing the second revision, you are likely to see three messages at the Minimum Requirements section at the bottom of every course you have added in your basket.

Three messages as shown below are self-explanatory.

  1. “You meet all minimum subject requirements”
  2. “You don’t meet the cluster/minimum grade for this programme”
  3. “This programme doesn’t exist or is not of offer”

You should have noticed the third message which wasn’t there during the first revision of courses. This message means that for that particular course, the available slots are full and hence you cannot have it in your choices.

You are likely to discover most courses falling under this category while doing your second revision and thus forced to remove them.

The KUCCPS basket will hence help you collect as many courses as possible and even if you’re forced to remove some of the courses, you could have a good number remaining to select from.

3. Select Courses whose cutoffs you have surpassed by a good margin

This is the hard truth for the second revision. First, you should have noticed that most courses that you had access to during the first revision are no longer available.

This means you have fewer choices and more competition to deal with especially for degree courses.

So how can you beat this?

Unfortunately, you might just have to lower your standards a little bit. One strategy KUCCPS uses when placing students is giving more preference to the better students in competitive courses.

For instance, consider BSc in Nursing (Kenyatta University) with a cutoff of 38. If Mary and John with 40 and 38.1 cluster points respectively were to be placed, Mary would get placed first and latter if the slots were full, John may have to be pushed to the next course among his choices.

So if you really want to secure placement is an available course, the more the margin between your cluster and the 2018 cutoff point for that course, the better chance you have to be placed.

4. Select courses in less Competitive Universities

This is the second hard truth that might disappoint you but if applied well will secure you a successful placement in this second revision.

With limited courses remaining, you need also to consider the universities that are offering those courses.

Highly ranked universities such as the University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Moi University, Kenyatta University among others attract very many students.

Hence, any course that’s still available in these institutions will be very competitive. You ought to avoid this competition if you wish to beat this game. It sucks that you have to attend a low rated institution, but if you have no alternative, you’ve gotta play safe.

By the way, if you see a course from a highly ranked university, without cutoff points in years before 2018, it means the course was introduced recently and might be less competitive with a good number of slots

Nonetheless, universities offer services in the switching of courses and university transfer that could work out for you later. So don’t despair.

Make sure however that the course is also accredited or measures are currently in place to have it accredited.

5. Diploma and Certificate Courses aren’t bad either.

If you really want to achieve something, there will always be ways of doing it no matter the time it takes. This is the attitude you need to have at this moment.

Diploma Students in a workshop
Diploma students are becoming more favored by employers than degree counterparts

You weren’t lucky enough to secure a degree or diploma during the first placement. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dream career.

I’m pretty sure there is that one path you have been dreaming of and even at this moment with the limited courses available, you still want to figure out how you can get there.

That where moving from a degree to a diploma or from a diploma to a certificate comes in.

Well, the fact is that for a diploma, it usually means more time studying and working before you can earn a bachelor’s degree. For a certificate, it’s even more.

But what matters is that you want to get there. Taking the long route isn’t bad.

“The end justifies the means”

Niccolò Machiavelli

So, you need to also consider the diploma and certificate courses available for you. Browse through all programs and add those whose requirements you meet into your basket.

Then head to the baskets section and select the ones that match your career dreams. If you have passed the minimum requirements, you are highly likely to be placed.

In case you aren’t aware, nowadays employers prefer diploma graduates over degree holders due to their practical skills.

All the best in your revision.


    • I’m not sure about that but KUCCPS wants to ensure every applicant that is qualified will be placed in a program.

    • Hey Bolen, if you successfully completed your second revision, then you need to relax and let KUCCPS do their job of placing you. Once they are done you will be informed. All the best

  1. I feel like giving up ,1st revision was rejected & revised my choices again though still i think kuccps will not place Despite getting c plain of 44 points …Yet i saw someone with c- of 32 points being placed purposely he applied for social work & i applied Engineering courses …Otherwise if kuccps fails me again .i will follow my dream being a provide students in any public institution ..???

    • Hey Ken, I can relate what you are going through, I know the anxiety that you are experiencing right now but you need to understand that no matter how things turn out to be, there is always a bright side of it. This positive side is what you need to put your focus on. How-ever the results will come after KUCCPS completes the placement process, you need to take it positively and seek ways to get what you want. For now, just relax and wait for the outcome. Stop comparing yourself with others, stop focusing on what others are getting. Focus on what you have and turn it into a success. Nothing is impossible. All the best.

  2. How do I know that I’m placed to a particular University after 2nd revision hence having not receiving mail even after the first revision . I really request to be updated after the second revision. “KINDLY”

    • Hey Erick, you need to relax and be patient, KUCCPS is working around the clock to place second revision candidates into their respective courses. Once they ar done you will be informed.

  3. hello, am stanley and my question is,When i want to make a transfer to another school that offers my course through kuccps, do i need to visit both schools to take a transfer or i can just do it through kuccps?

    • Hello Stanley, inter-university transfer is not an easy process. First, you will need to download the university transfer form from kuccps portal. Then visit both the institutions you intend to switch to have your form signed by the respective heads of the colleges. A good detailed explanation of the procedure is this ARTICLE from Tuko

  4. I’m really proud for the help inform of information offered to by kuccps and it made a successful end securing one my degree courses I applied for………..but when and how will I know the the couse and University I have been invited for……

    • Hello Joram. KUCCPS informed all students that it will release the placement information to them once they have concluded the placement process; which is after the second revision participants have been placed. Just wait a little more it’s coming soon.

  5. Helloo I did my first revision and the courses I qualified I want to change them though they are successful ….so am I able to do so

    • Hello Mary, that’s a good question. I’m not sure whether it’s possible or even a good idea. Why? First, when you do a revision of your course selection yet you secured a placement, it’s like you are relinquishing the chance you get and hence the KUCCPS will have to go back and check students who didn’t get placed to secure your slot. Next, since you now don’t have a course, you will have to fight for the few courses remaining after the placement of second revision candidates who had not secured a course during the first placement. Do you see how inconveniencing it is? In fact, it might be risky unless KUCCPS forces first-time placement candidates to retain their courses.

  6. Hello
    I’ve had a problem on my second selection. Is it a must that I enter all spaces i.e three choices in option 1 or can i neglect some?

    • Hey Kevin,
      Well, I think its best if you fill all the three choices to increase your chances of getting placed. Also, I’m not sure if the system allows you to submit your choices if you’ve left an empty space.

  7. Very easy and thank you for the assistance which you provided me with when I was facing challenges with this application process. I never thought it was so easy because I was all alone struggling but when a friend offered to assist things became easier as abc. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  8. I have been revising thoroughly all diploma programs in each cluster but I have only found five courses instead of six, what should I do please?

    • Have you considered including a certificate course in your choices? I know a certificate is not really the best option but it gives will give you a soft landing in case you miss out on the top choices (which I hope won’t happen). Either add a diploma course that you are so sure you cant miss or a certificate course in your preferred field.

  9. You told me that I select three courses from the same cluster but from different institutions, what about the other three? Should I choose other institutions for those other three choices?

    • Hello, I’m MERCY MERCY MARYL OSGOOD I applied for the second revision but I have not received any letter yet.

  10. I really don’t understand what this point means,`Ensure your cluster weights surpass 2018 cut-offs’.should cluster weights column be greater than 2018 cut off column or not?

    • Hello Ted, thanks for the question. That statement simply means, when you check your cluster points make sure they are more than the cut off points for the year 2018. As you can see from the image KUCCPS cluster weight comparison, the first column, the candidate has a cluster point (25.842) which is lower than 2018 cut off point (27.752). This means the candidate does not qualify for the course and hence should not add it among his/her choices. If the cluster points were higher, for instance, 28.0 then the candidate would be allowed to select that course.

    • Hey Ted, you are allowed to select only 6 courses, whether they are degrees, diplomas or certificates. It doesn’t matter. The first 3 choices, however, must be found within the same cluster but from different institutions. So for instance, if you want a Bachelor of Education Arts, the first three choices (1a, 1b, and 1c) all must be Bachelor of Education Arts but can be from different institutions, for instance, Kenyatta university, Baraton, and Catholic university. for choices number 2, 3 and 4, you can select any other courses you want with no restrictions.

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