List of JKUSA Awards 2016 Winners

This is the list of JKUSA Awards 2016 winners and the number of votes each winner accrued from the voting system.
Politics and Leadership

  1. Most influential male student: Ian Kinanga (1151 votes)
  2. Most influential female student: Mellanie Kagehi (1076 votes)
  3. Male student leader: Odima Vincent (1034 votes)
  4. Female student leader: Sarah Mueni (1020 votes)
  5. Male class representative: Oliver Wesonga (989 votes)
  6. Female Class representative: Faith Nyasuguta (1094 votes)
  7. Exemplary deed of the year: Hall 6 Firefighting (1781 votes)
  8. Male outstanding Student with disability: Philip Musyoka (1089 votes)
  9. Female outstanding student with disability: Joy Mchungaji (1463 votes)

Fashion and Modelling

  1. Male model of the year: Kelvin Nyamongo (951 votes)
  2. Female model of the year: Ladona Okello (1109 votes)
  3. Male designer of the year: JB Jura (1371 votes)
  4. Female designer of the year: Brenda Okuba (1161 votes)


  1. Male outstanding sports personality: Collins Oyugi (1092 votes)
  2. Female outstanding sports personality: Yvette Abanga (869 votes)
  3. Male sports team: Rugby team (1153 votes)
  4. Female sports team: Basketball Team (1508 votes)


  1. Male artist of the year: Denver Walter (Denver Cockey) (985 votes)
  2. Female artist of the year: Daphne Akinyi (959 votes)
  3. Emcee of the year: Mbau Gitau (1192 votes)
  4. Photographer of the year: Odari Gerrald Angule (960 votes)
  5. Poet-Spoken word artist of the year: Sheryl Mercy (1122 votes)
  6. Deejay of the year: Dj Bra (1198 votes)
  7. Dance Crew of the year: JKUAT Salsa (1602 votes)
  8. Theatre group of the year: Igiza Arts (1610 votes)
  9. Music group of the year: JKUAT School Choir (982 votes)

Social Media

  1. Blogger of the year: Enock Mokaya (1066 votes)
  2. Male Social Media of the year: Chief Thiga Rodgers (999 votes)
  3. Female Social Media of the year: Yvonne Waithera (1063 votes)

Clubs and Societies

  1. Community Service Award: JKUAT CU – Kasiluni Primary (1273 votes)
  2. Outstanding club of the year: JKUAT CU (1452 votes)
  3. Promising club of the year: Debate Club (991 votes)
  4. Male club leader of the year: Stephen Orono (793 votes)
  5. Female Club Leader of the Year: Stacy Wambui (999 votes)


  1. Course of the year: Civil Engineering (1229 votes)
  2. School of the year: SCIT (860 votes)
  3. College of the year: COETEC (984 votes)

Satellite Campus

  1. Satellite campus governor of the year: Dennis Gwaro (1019 votes)
  2. Satellite campus personality: Benjamin Maina (1099 votes)
  3. Satellite campus club: ICT Nakuru Campus (1033 votes)
  4. Satellite campus of the year: JKUAT Karen Campus (1988 votes)


  1. Event of year: Mr and Miss JKUAT Karen (1749 votes)
  2. Contribution to Innovation and Technology: JKUAT Tech Expo (1591 votes)
  3. Lecturer of the year: Dr. Okello (Calculus) (1576 votes)
  4. Non-teaching Staff: Rodgers Ashioya (1614 votes)
  5. President’s Award Male: Enosh Olwalo
  6. President’s Award Female: Janice Marotse
  7. Individual’s contribution to welfare: Maimuna Mohammed
  8. Most Supportive male staff: Prof Romanus Odhiambo
  9. Most supportive female staff: Emma Omulokoli

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