List of JKUSA Awards 2016 Winners

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This is the list of JKUSA Awards 2016 winners and the number of votes each winner accrued from the voting system.
Politics and Leadership

  1. Most influential male student: Ian Kinanga (1151 votes)
  2. Most influential female student: Mellanie Kagehi (1076 votes)
  3. Male student leader: Odima Vincent (1034 votes)
  4. Female student leader: Sarah Mueni (1020 votes)
  5. Male class representative: Oliver Wesonga (989 votes)
  6. Female Class representative: Faith Nyasuguta (1094 votes)
  7. Exemplary deed of the year: Hall 6 Firefighting (1781 votes)
  8. Male outstanding Student with disability: Philip Musyoka (1089 votes)
  9. Female outstanding student with disability: Joy Mchungaji (1463 votes)

Fashion and Modelling

  1. Male model of the year: Kelvin Nyamongo (951 votes)
  2. Female model of the year: Ladona Okello (1109 votes)
  3. Male designer of the year: JB Jura (1371 votes)
  4. Female designer of the year: Brenda Okuba (1161 votes)


  1. Male outstanding sports personality: Collins Oyugi (1092 votes)
  2. Female outstanding sports personality: Yvette Abanga (869 votes)
  3. Male sports team: Rugby team (1153 votes)
  4. Female sports team: Basketball Team (1508 votes)


  1. Male artist of the year: Denver Walter (Denver Cockey) (985 votes)
  2. Female artist of the year: Daphne Akinyi (959 votes)
  3. Emcee of the year: Mbau Gitau (1192 votes)
  4. Photographer of the year: Odari Gerrald Angule (960 votes)
  5. Poet-Spoken word artist of the year: Sheryl Mercy (1122 votes)
  6. Deejay of the year: Dj Bra (1198 votes)
  7. Dance Crew of the year: JKUAT Salsa (1602 votes)
  8. Theatre group of the year: Igiza Arts (1610 votes)
  9. Music group of the year: JKUAT School Choir (982 votes)

Social Media

  1. Blogger of the year: Enock Mokaya (1066 votes)
  2. Male Social Media of the year: Chief Thiga Rodgers (999 votes)
  3. Female Social Media of the year: Yvonne Waithera (1063 votes)

Clubs and Societies

  1. Community Service Award: JKUAT CU – Kasiluni Primary (1273 votes)
  2. Outstanding club of the year: JKUAT CU (1452 votes)
  3. Promising club of the year: Debate Club (991 votes)
  4. Male club leader of the year: Stephen Orono (793 votes)
  5. Female Club Leader of the Year: Stacy Wambui (999 votes)


  1. Course of the year: Civil Engineering (1229 votes)
  2. School of the year: SCIT (860 votes)
  3. College of the year: COETEC (984 votes)

Satellite Campus

  1. Satellite campus governor of the year: Dennis Gwaro (1019 votes)
  2. Satellite campus personality: Benjamin Maina (1099 votes)
  3. Satellite campus club: ICT Nakuru Campus (1033 votes)
  4. Satellite campus of the year: JKUAT Karen Campus (1988 votes)


  1. Event of year: Mr and Miss JKUAT Karen (1749 votes)
  2. Contribution to Innovation and Technology: JKUAT Tech Expo (1591 votes)
  3. Lecturer of the year: Dr. Okello (Calculus) (1576 votes)
  4. Non-teaching Staff: Rodgers Ashioya (1614 votes)
  5. President’s Award Male: Enosh Olwalo
  6. President’s Award Female: Janice Marotse
  7. Individual’s contribution to welfare: Maimuna Mohammed
  8. Most Supportive male staff: Prof Romanus Odhiambo
  9. Most supportive female staff: Emma Omulokoli

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