Live Auction Cash Review – How it works and if worth risking

Have you heard about Live Auction? Did you know you can buy shares that guarantee at least 30% interest within half a week from Live Auction? Well, if you haven’t then this is for you. But before anything, let’s get some issues into perspective.

The internet is quite fascinating. Every day something interesting and completely new pops up and opens a world of ideas and opportunities. Lately, the most common opportunities that have been sprouting on the internet are those that offer people money-making opportunities.

Making money online has become a reality to many who do due diligence before investing and a nightmare to many others who rush in without understanding the concept behind online jobs.

So before you decide to invest any money on an online gig, ensure you understand it well enough, or else you’ll become a victim of the infinite number of online scams that defraud gullible netizens such as Crowd1.

I recently came across one such new opportunity which took me some great deal of time to understand. At first, it didn’t make any sense, however, I decided to put in some money and see how things go while studying it more.

What is Live Auction?

Live Auction is a peer to peer auction service where investors buy shares and earn interest. The interest rates are 30% in 4 days or 60% in 8 days or 90% in 12 days. Meanwhile, you get a 5% continuous referral bonus for every person you refer to the platform.

The first typical question a knowledgeable person would ask is which companies these shares belong to. Well, Live Auction is not a stock exchange platform. These shares do not belong to any company, they simply come from the system.

In other words, the system uses a mathematical economic formula based on demand and supply to generate them. The name ‘Shares’ has just been used to represent the amount of invested money. This explains why one share equals one Kenyan shilling.

How does Live Auction work?

In my understanding, Live Auction juggles with the economics of demand and supply bolstered through network marketing. Let’s say at the beginning the founder used the entire cost of setting up the website as the initial amount of shares in the system. Let’s say this number is Ksh 100,000.

He then markets the platform to close friends and likely investors, informing them of the interest rate they can earn from the platform in a short time. Some 10 people join the platform and buy all the shares, with each spending Ksh 10,000.

These downlines also spread the gospel and recruit more people into the platform. Meanwhile, the investor makes Ksh 130,000 after the initial 4 days. The next people in line now have to wait for another 4 days to make Ksh 13,000 each.

Also, the initial investor can invest all the Ksh 130,000 back into the system and expect a return of Ksh 169,000 and the direct downlines can also invest their money back into the platform. Cumulatively and with time it means the number of shares grows at a steady rate.

Meanwhile, the number of people joining the platform and willing to buy the shares grows even more tremendously each coming with their amounts ready to invest and the demand for shares surpasses the available shares. This creates a favorable market condition where the unbelievable interests are sustainable and people earn well depending on their investment.

Somebody who can invest Ksh 100,000 weekly can earn as much as Ksh 120,000 per month. That’s the basic salary of a new professional engineer. I don’t think there’s any other investment with such interest rates anywhere.

How to make money with Live Auction?

Live Auction Dashboard
Live Auction Dashboard

The process is quite simple and unlike many of these online money making platforms out here, you do not pay the company any money. I’ll explain that in a bit

First, you have to Join Live Auction. Create your account and use a phone number that is active and has your MPesa account.

Log into your account and check out the next bidding time. In a day there are three auction times, two standard auctions at 9 am and 7:30 pm and one flash sale between 1 pm and 2 pm; Kenyan time.

The time for flash sales is announced in Live Auction WhatsApp groups which are mostly full. You can join this Live Auction WhatsApp group I’ve created to get these updates.

When the countdown has 3 minutes left, log into your account and watch it until it reaches 0:00:00. As soon as it hits zero, click the reload button and scroll down to the MPesa section where you can enter the amount of money you are willing to invest.

You can invest from at least Ksh 1200 to Ksh 50,000. Select the duration; whether 4, 8 or 12 days and click buy. Take note that once the biding process starts you have less than 5 seconds to complete the transaction. When I joined Live Auction, I wasn’t able to bid for 3 days.

The shares which at that moment were amounting past 300k would be wiped out in a matter of seconds. They still get wiped out instantly today which tells you that the demand is significantly higher than the supply.

So the best thing you can do is have the fastest internet connection, preferably 4G and use a fast browser (I use UC Browser) to bid. Otherwise, you might never get a chance to acquire the shares.

Once you bid, if the system logs out automatically, your bid is successful. However, if it reloads, your bid hasn’t gone through and you need to wait for the next bidding session.

Upon successful biding your dashboard will be updated with expenses reading the amount you have invested, Earnings representing the amount you will receive after the selected period and net representing your profit.

Having purchased shares, click on the Bought Shares tab and then the details button. A list of recipients will be displayed. These are the people from who you have acquired your shares. You are therefore required to pay them through MPesa for shares to be transferred to your account.

First, you can call and inform them you have been paired and you are sending your payments after which they must confirm. Then go to MPesa and send them your payment.

The recipient should confirm the payment within an hour and if not, you can always contact the Administrator whose number I have provided in my LA WhatsApp Group.

Send him your payment screenshot and request him to confirm since the recipient is unresponsive. This measure ensures that nobody will lose their money once they purchase shares.

Having successfully secured your shares, your shares will be updated under the Sold Shares section where a timer runs for the period your shares are to mature.

Once this period comes to an end, your shares will be automatically sold to other investors who will be required to send the money to your MPesa after which you can confirm them and the cycle continues.

You are required to confirm payments made to you. If you don’t, the administrator can ban you from the platform especially after multiple complaints. This ensures conmen don’t have a chance here even though the procedures already ensures that no one can defraud another.

Join Live Auction now

My experience with Live Auction

Before writing a review of any online money-making opportunities, I usually put it under test. With Live Auction, it wasn’t any different. I joined about 2 weeks ago through a friend who had recommended it on her WhatsApp status.

At first, I was very skeptical. I asked so many questions until my referrer got frustrated but was really focused on understanding how it works and whether it’s sustainable.

I took the Ksh 3000 idle in my MPesa and decided to try this thing out. 2 weeks down the line I can say it has been amazing. Once my first investment came back with interest, I increased my capital to maximize the profit.

I’ve made over 10k in just two weeks, I need more money to make more money coz seriously this is the best investment platform I can talk about. You not only get to save money for a short period, but also earn from your savings. And since the money never directly moves into the platform but rather among peers, you never have to worry about the site shutting down.

Here is why I like Live Auction

  • There is a reliable customer care agent who ensures transactions between peers are done amicable and any joker is flagged and banned. You’re sure to get your shares
  • The rate at which the shares are cleared during auctions (typically less than 5 seconds) affirms that the demand for these shares is always super high. This means when the time comes to sell my shares, there will be a ready and eager market and thus my money will for sure come back.
  • There is a very active Live Auction community distribute among more than 10 official WhatsApp groups where regular news updates are published and members interact with admins. If anybody fails to send of confirming payments, you can sermon them in the groups and they will be updated.
  • It has enabled me to save money while making more money over a short period. The interest rates of this platform are way beyond even the government bonds and other lucrative low-risk investment opportunities.


Join Live Auction and get a chance to earn crazy interests with your savings. This platform is revolutionary yet very simple to understand and use.

21 thoughts on “Live Auction Cash Review – How it works and if worth risking”

    • That depends on whether they upgrade the server or not. There was a recent upgrading that was done when members reached 30,000. Right now the system functions well despite some errors occurring to several members during main bidding times.

    • Hello Raphael, apparently the company originates from South Africa and no other information about its origin is available. It has been around since July.

  1. Hi,,you didn’t explain in details how the 100000 kshs turns to 130000 kshs for the investor,n yet this 10k revolves around peers..some maths pls

    • Hey Jame, So to understand how this system actually works you need to first understand the multilevel marketing concept where the sustainability of a business depends on new members joining the platform. Live Auction works in the same way. For the interests to be realized, there must be a continuous supply of people joining the platform. So the 30% interest you earn for bidding 4 days, is sustainable because new people are joining and bidding to buy the shares you bought 4 days earlier. As long as new people continue joining and old members continuously bid day after day, the interest can be sustained. However, such a system cannot last forever.

    • Hello Maurice, the owners of the website benefit through bidding just like everybody else and donations through bitcoins which is enabled on the platform.

    • Hello Fidel. As far as I know, Live Auction has not provided any evidence that it’s a registered company in Kenya. It’s a platform whose existence is only virtual. So I’m not sure whether it complies with the all relevant authorities.

    • Hey Paul, that’s something no one can predict because its sustainability depends on ever changing factors. The rate of people joining the platform, the bidding frequency of its members and the rate of growth of number of share as compared to demand of shares will determine its life. So if you can know this factors or have an idea of whats going on behind the scenes, then you can know when things get murky.

  2. Thanks for the motivation but is live auction legit…or it’s just a ponzi scheme like Rich tech and so many platforms to mention???

    • Hey, Live Auction solely depends on demand and supply economics. Right now the demand for its shares is so high as compared to the supply which means healthy business. Considering the growth of the platform over the last few weeks, this healthy condition makes it a great place to earn extra cash quickly. About the future, I’m not certain on where its headed.

          • Hello Edwin, it means one day there will be no new people wanting to join the platform which means the demand for shares will stagnate or reduce and thus be surpassed by the supply of shares. Basic economics dictates that when supply is more than demand the prices drop. But since the value of LA shares cannot drop, most people will not be paired with buyers which will result to chaos and that’s when it becomes unsustainable. But before that time reaches, the early birds will have made a living out of it.

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