Make Money by Auctioning items on Corido Marketplace

It’s a tough time right now. Millions have lost jobs courtesy of the pandemic and the World Bank has declared a global recession after more than 80 countries asked for loans to sustain their economies. It’s bad! But with you can cushion the financial burden in your home. How? By auctioning household items you don’t need.

Selling of used items might seem uncalled for especially since it involves releasing assets. Nonetheless, in a time of need, some items seem redundant in the house, and you’d rather put food at the table than have a majestic fridge pile commas onto your electricity bill.

Yet at the same time, you don’t want to be selling products to fraudsters who might steal from you, for instance, the many scammers in Jiji formally known as OLX. Neither do you want your items valued at meagre prices as compared to their purchase prices?

That’s where Corido Marketplace comes in; a regulated portal where vendors especially from the corporate world, can sell second hand in bulk.

What sets our Corido is the strict transaction system employed which involves an agent who confirms the state of the goods then engages with the vendor in valuing the goods before taking quality pictures and uploading them onto the market place.

In an interview with Business Daily, Kevin Rakama the CEO attributes the formation of the company to a Ksh 15,000 financial crisis he experienced after quitting employment. The reality of not receiving any money at the end of the month struck so hard he decided to auction a carpet through a shylock.

Kevin was astonished when his carpet which he had bought at Ksh 20,000 was valued at a meagre Ksh 3,000. He went home dejected that day but continued to search for other means of selling the carpet and w more valuable cost. That’s when the idea to start an online auctioning platform struck.

Corido Marketplace Product Caregories
Corido Marketplace Product Caregories

It took 6 months before he actualized the idea and received the first client. Nowadays the platform which offers security, privacy, convenience and fast delivery to the buyers completes more than 15 orders daily

Now, how can you make money with Corido?

All you need is to head over to Corido Marketplace, create an account and post your item. Ensure you take good pictures and value your item appropriately. Remember you are not the only person in financial distress currently.

Soon you’ll receive bids on your item and you have the liberty to sell it to the highest bidder. The company will probably require you to provide adequate information on the state of the item before accepting to post it for potential buyers.

This is done in a controlled manner to ensure only serious vendors and buyers interact and do business, unlike other auctioning platforms where it is up to the involved parties be careful with their money or assets.

Yet that’s not all

You can auction an entire business on the platform. If your business is struggling and you’re seeking liquidation, the company can do that for you with full representation. Corido Marketplace also allows you to give out freebies which are donated those in need.

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