How to make money in college through online writing

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There comes a time while on campus when you send your parents a please-call-me text because you are very broke and they reply with the same text because; either, they are just as broke as you are or they are evading because you’re always asking for money. Then you begin to seriously consider your money options.

Online writing is the easiest gig a student can do for money. As long as you have a laptop, Internet connection and can construct a sensible paragraph, you are eligible. You will need to find clients.

It’s seasonal employment for the spring break or whatever break period you need to find a different hustle. Ask someone in your class, your roommates and call the advertisers who display their business contacts on the noticeboards.

For a beginner, for whom this article is intended, you will want to stick to 3 pages or less. Ask for papers with a deadline of four hours upwards and slowly build your confidence.

If your employer is nice enough (mine was) you can meet up for pointers and cheats to make this easier for you. I prefer to work for someone who my referee personally knows or has worked for before.

I said this is the easiest legal thing to do, well, maybe not. If you are lucky, you will work for someone with an account meant for high school and undergraduate students.

If you are not, you will be writing 30-page theses and those 17 hours will be the worst of your life (even though you have eaten cassava for breakfast and sugarcane for lunch for an entire week).

But the thing is this is not your job, you don’t have to be doing this for the rest of your life, so you make your money and move on. Though for a while you never look at the word processor application without those 17 hours coming screaming back to you.

You also don’t have to stick to assignments you can handle; you could find a different person with papers up to your level.

Be reasonable, though, it’s coursework, which is not meant to be easy. As an ethical employee and a good person generally, you should never agree to do a job and fail to do.

If you hope to get a job next time you need to provide standard work. Also, as long as you’re delivering above-average work, no matter how long you decide to take a break, your client will be willing to assign you jobs in the future.

If you are good at this and are not emotionally scarred after a period of time, you SHOULD save up and buy your own account. 3 times the pay is never a bad thing.

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