Marriage today without a Prenup is Ignorance and it might cost you Big

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Mackenzie Tuttle recently become the 3rd richest woman in the world, how? By divorcing the richest man in the world; Jeff Bezos. While the settlement was rather a peaceful one, in most instances it’s never the case. Rather, it’s a dramatic series of cases finally leaves a dejected man with half or more of his hard-earned wealth gone plus an endless number of alimonies and child support checks to write in the following decade or two. Why? They didn’t have a prenup.

On the other hand, cases of men who have lawfully been awarded a portion of their woman’s wealth after a divorce are very rare. For this reason, I believe that it is very ignorant for a man or a woman but mostly a man to marry without a prenup especially in this century where gender equality has been corrupted by undeserved entitlement on both ends.

First things first, a prenup; short of Prenuptial Agreement, is a written document that stipulates how wealth, property and other things will be divided between a man and a woman in case of a breakup or divorce in a marriage union. Think of it as an insurance cover, only that this time instead of the financing, you get what rightly belongs to you and whatever else you agreed to share equitably.

The document may also include spousal support, terms for the forfeiture of property as a result of divorce on grounds of adultery and conditions on guardianship. A prenup is a contract with well-defined terms on how things will be handled in case the marriage ceases to exist; therefore, it treats marriage like a business arrangement

There is this common belief that a prenup is a guarantee for divorce; that once you sign a prenup, your marriage is doomed to fail. I don’t think so. That kind of perspective is what blinds people from the benefits of a prenup.

In fact, a prenup has the potential to strengthen marriage and enable a couple to achieve tremendous fetes together like ensuring the continuity of a family business. Why? Because the marriage agreement reminds you to be realistic, not to be intoxicated by emotions.

Jay-Z and Beyonce signed a prenup that the latter would receive $ 10 million if the marriage ended in 2 years and $ 1 million a year for every year they remained married until 15 years. Timberlake and Jessica Biel signed a prenup that the latter would receive $ 500000 anytime the former cheats. In both cases, the parties have laid down terms for their union.

Normally, a prenup mainly states that in case of a divorce, each party will take what belongs to them alone and leave and the custody of the kids is shared. But a prenup can spell anything as long as it matters to the couple

I think marriage has more to it than love and if you base it on love only, you will quickly realize that love alone can’t sustain a marriage. Finances, irreducible minimums, fundamental beliefs and opinions, interests, etc. ensure its continuity

Secondly, although marriage means oneness in everything, everybody has his own life. We have personal interests, goods, secrets, etc. and the assumption that these personal factors don’t matter in a marriage is utter ignorance.

Thirdly, you can never guarantee that the person you marry today will be the same person you will be married to 5, 10, 20 years to come. Humans are very dynamic and sometimes things happen that change the course of life.

Nowadays the average number of relationships people have before marriage is 5, and the reasons for the breakups are rather obvious. What makes you think that in marriage they will not be an issue? What makes you think you will meet that perfect partner who isn’t like the others? Chances are low and you need to prepare for the worst.

So what benefits do you enjoy from signing a prenup?

  1. You will both know that your partner is not marrying you for your money but for love and companionship. This not only applies to men but also women.
  2. In addition to a marriage agreement, it can define commitment actions for the sake of the marriage
  3. Protection of children’s interests in worst-case scenarios.

But, isn’t marriage all about love and companionship?

Technically and traditionally yes. But right now we are walking on unprecedented grounds; never witnessed before. First, courtesy of social media platforms the world has become a global village where you can interact and meet whoever you like. Secondly, more than ever before we have the freedom to do whatever we want because customs have been eroded. Thirdly, gender equality is becoming a reality and women are doing better what was thought to be a man’s thing; cheating.

We have become less patient with each other. In case of a disagreement, we are more ready to switch off the lights and move to another room, than solve the predicament. Divorces and separations are quite rampant these days and they come costly. The idea of true love is becoming vaguer by the day. Many will deny this but count the number of people you’ve dated before marriage? Was it all true love or were you just messing around?

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