Meet Pepeza; Digital Notice Board App by JKUAT Computer Scientists

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Noticeboards have been a fundamental means of communication and advertising since the dawn of civilization. They, however, have one major disadvantage; whenever you walk around, you’ll see all kinds of boards pinned with countless notice. And unless you have the time to view all those notices, (in most cases we don’t) you’ll just go about your usual businesses of the day.

Well, why do we at most cases don’t have the time to view noticeboards? Let’s take a minute and digest these facts first- 95% of notices posted in noticeboards have nothing at all to do with us, 3% are outdated notices that were probably posted a week ago, and only 2% are the notices we are really interested in. This is according to the numerous national surveys that have been undertaken in quite a number of countries by accredited survey bodies.

Nevertheless, today we declare the complete annihilation of this previously stubborn con. Meet Pepeza, an application that has been smoothly designed to change the course of global communication; a disruptive idea that introduces an entirely new and innovative way of propagating relevant information to perfectly targeted audiences. Talk about efficiency, accuracy, and reliability which are the elements on which the core foundation of Pepeza has been built on.

What is Pepeza?

Pepeza is a digitized version of noticeboard communication founded on the principle factors of institutional communication. To demonstrate, in a university, when a certain department wants to inform students of upcoming events, they come up with notices which are then displayed in their respective notice boards, normally found within their offices. Pepeza works like that.

In addition, it offers superior functionalities that make these sorts of communication swift, convenient, and efficient. Pepeza has totally altered the hustle of posting and receiving notices to a much better dimension.

Why Pepeza?

Imagine a world where you can get notifications of the most relevant notices on your phone. All you have to do is follow a certain organization (department, group etc.) then anytime they post a notice, you get a notification. Gone are the days when you had to walk miles in order check out notices were. All that stress, fatigue, and dissatisfaction with the way your institution communicates with you will now be eliminated.

Built on the foundation of professionalism by two former Computer Science students from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Pepeza focuses on delivering true results for organizations and the public. A communication powerhouse founded by two of our very own and here in Africa.

The Establishment of Pepeza

Felix Andego and Sam Ngugi began conceptualizing their idea as a group in a class group project. The two had a deep conviction that the platform could transform the world and encouraged their friends to join them in extending the idea outside class and come up with a tangible product. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the group weathered with time leaving the two who unshakably continued to champion their idea.

In an interview with the two, they vividly described how they failed to get shortlisted in the JKUAT 2016 Tech Expo but went ahead to win the TICAD competition. They also requested the launching of their platform on 15th Oct 2016, with the help of JKUAT fraternity but the painstakingly long process required before the inception of any student innovation wearied them out.

Nevertheless, they didn’t give up. They decided to start small and grow big; a long and sometimes frustrating strategy but one that ensured continual growth of the project. They advanced and opened up the project more, getting real-time feedback from Pepeza users to make it better. This is when they officially launched the Beta version of Pepeza on 27th Jan 2017.

Pepeza Founders won the TICAD Competition
Pepeza Founders won the TICAD Competition

Just how unique is Pepeza?

I hate it when I log into Whatsapp or Facebook and see the endless strings of messages that clog my area feed and suck dry my limited mobile data. In between the endless activities, are notices which I scroll through without reading because there is too much to read. Pepeza, however, gave me a way out Now I can get instant access to notices from the clubs and groups I have followed. I don’t have to scroll through hundreds of messages before I get notices.

As a blog editor, I might want to publicize comprehensive articles to students, so I have opened a board to post notices for my followers. As the board owner, I have access to real-time analysis of the number of people who receive my notices and when most of them read my notices. Such analytics help me strategize on how to reach most people in my targeted groups. If you have an idea about digital marketing, then you should know why such functionality is indispensable.

So what will you do?

Grab your phone, download the application, and brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime. Do not be left behind. Don’t miss out on notices that might have opened doors to a world of opportunities. These young Kenyan developers have definitely found that breakthrough in institutional communication transformation.

Awards:  Young African and Nihonjin Expo top innovation award


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