Top 8 Best Legit Money Making Apps in Kenya

One of the coolest ways to make money online in Kenya is through downloading and using apps. Money making apps have become a delight for many although they rarely make a living for anybody.

But still, the easy and quick bucks you can earn from them can come in handy somewhere. Such apps are therefore very popular among ambitious teenagers who want to achieve independence by 18 and youths that are currently unemployed and spend a lot of time on their phones.

Although there exist numerous apps that claim to pay users for using them, only a few are genuine. Most are just cons and a waste of time while others have very many technical issues especially when it comes to withdrawing your earnings.

Hence, I have tried to incorporate a shortlisting mechanism to come up with apps that seem to work well for Kenyans and are thus legitimate.

First, considering that Kenya has a majority of Android smartphone users; close to 90%, all apps that made to this shortlist are available in the Google Play Store. Some, especially from top brands, are also available in iOS and other platforms

Secondly, these apps have a payment gateway that is accessible to the Kenyan market. It would be a waste of time to make money using an app that offers payments through inaccessible methods in Kenya like Amazon Gift cards.

Finally, each of these apps must have a good reputation with its current customers. Hence, only apps with a good rating on Google Play are listed. I wouldn’t want you to waste time joining an app and facing the same stubborn issues other people are complaining about.

With all that in mind, below are some of the best legit money making apps in Kenya. But before we dive in, remember you can barely make a living out of these apps, (apart from no. 1) since they pay very little over a long period.

Instead, you should check out these legitimate means of making good money online which can actually put food on the table and even pay for holidays around the world.

1. Jiji

Jiji Money making app kenya
OLX successor Jiji App

Jiji is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of used products (new items are allowed too). In case you don’t know, Jiji was originally known as OLX. It rebranded due to a lack of effective monetization and a bad reputation following many incidences of con artists stealing from customers.

I lost my camera in 2018 to one of these bastards and had to write this article to help people avoid being conned.

Nonetheless, Jiji is one of the best apps you can use to make money fast online and even earn a living from it. The app was created to enable people to sell items they no longer use and hence can be a cool way to make a quick buck if you have old items you don’t need in good conditions.

Also, you can sell just about anything on the platform. If you have a shop or produce certain products, you can post an ad for free on the platform and millions of customers looking for items there monthly will reach you.

By the way, the best feature about this app is the geo-location feature which enables customers to discover products nearby. This allows sellers and buyers to meet almost immediately and do business.

Download Jiji App: Android and iOS

2. GeoPoll

Geopoll money making app Kenya
GeoPoll App

One of the most reputable survey apps in Kenya is GeoPoll, an international brand in the survey industry with over 200 million subscribers. The app simply gives you tasks and surveys to complete in return for a little money.

What do these surveys entail anyway? GeoPoll runs many survey projects for clients covering a huge number of topics. Politics, customer satisfaction, trust in systems and governments, solutions to problems among other topics are covered.

GeoPoll sends random surveys to its members depending on specific requirements that they meat, for instance, age bracket and economic status. Upon completion of surveys, participants are incentivized by rewards in the form of money or airtime.

Meanwhile, you can also make money by taking pictures of objects, people, billboards and supermarket shelves and uploading them to the platform.

While taking pictures on supermarket shelves, one can earn more through price check errands. This is where you’re asked to quote the price of a specific item in the supermarket.

Another money making opportunity is by downloading, testing and reviewing apps. GeoPoll also has a referral program where you earn for inviting a friend or family member.

Download GeoPoll App: Android and iOS

3. Make Money – Free Cash App

Make Money free cash app
Make Money-Free Cash app

With over 5 million installs, a Google Play rating of 4.5/5 from close to 600k customers, and 4.9/5 rating in Apple store from 400K users, Free Cash App is beyond just an achiever in the online money making industry.

For an app to garners such an enviable reputation from close to a million customers, this baby must be the real deal.

Free Cash App offers a myriad of tasks for its users who earn rewards from completing them. These tasks include: watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements, and free trials.

It has been described as one of the best rewards apps in the world which offers significantly better rewards to its users and doesn’t have the gift cards nonsense or fake discount offers. You earn credit which you can redeem in the form of cash through PayPal.

It rarely experiences any glitches and is reputable for paying its users fast and easy.

10 credits are worth 1 Ksh. In a single week, you have the potential to earn as much as Ksh 1000 for accumulating 10,000 credits. But it all depends on the opportunities available and how much time you’re willing to put into the app.

However, considering the many hours (7-10 per week) needed to put in the app to earn something substantial, it’s best as a part-time job and great for those with without daily jobs. Make sure you have a working PayPal account before joining the app.

Download Make Money App: Currently available in iOS

4. Risiti

Risiti make money apps
Risiti App

This app of Kenyan origin with offices at Panesar Centre, Mombasa Road. This app developed for Kenyans enables shoppers to upload receipts and get instant rewards on various campaigns.

Anytime you go to the supermarket or any shop or brand affiliated with Risiti to buy items, you can take a snap of your receipt using the Risiti app and instantly have access to rewards. Kenyans who shop very often are likely to benefit the most from this opportunity.

The business model behind Risiti is collecting user-generated data on purchasing patterns and provide insights to businesses for product improvement and better marketing strategies.

Risiti users also have access to information on a wide range of Risiti deals on different products, brands and stores mined from the receipts uploaded daily. Meanwhile, you can earn digital vouchers, movie tickets, discount vouchers or trade your Risiti coins into gift cards or cash.

Discount vouchers are perhaps the most common means to redeem your earnings from Risiti and they are provided in select brand shops only.

Download Risiti App: Android and iOS

5. TV-Two

TV-Two make money online kenya
TV-Two App

This one is pretty interesting. TV-Two app represents the next generation of rewards platforms which utilize cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to pay it uses. As the name suggests, the app transforms your phone into a portable TV where you can watch content from millions of producers whenever you are.

Now, videos have become a major source of online traffic these days as more people continue to prefer video content over articles and slideshows. However, when people start watching, they end up spending hours on videos and in most cases, rarely benefit from this activity.

With TV-Two, one can be rewarded for simply watching. Just imagine if you spend at least 4 hours a day watching videos on YouTube and Facebook. In a week, that’s almost 30 hours. Well, these can amount to several hundreds of shillings and you did nothing but watch.

TV-Two app utilizes an Ethereum based token known as TTV which at the moment equates to 9 Kenyan cents. With the minimum payout set at 50,000 credits, a user can withdraw their earnings of at least Ksh 4.50 to a TTV compatible Ethereum wallet which they can then trade for Ethereum tokens or other established cryptocurrencies.

This can be a load to many non-techies but it’s not as hard as it seems. You can set up an account easily, open a TTV wallet and start earning within a matter of days. Take note that payments are usually remitted within 3 days.

Download TV-Two App: Android and iOS

6. Carry1st Trivia

Carry1st Trivia App Make money app
Carry1st Trivia App

Did you know you can make money from answering trivia questions? Well, Carry1st Trivia app brings just that to your mobile phone. All you have to do is to download the app, sign up and then wait as you watch for notifications for game time.

Once you join a trivia game, answer several multiple-choice questions from various topics. Carry1st rewards players with the most correct answers.

Carry1st Trivia has a rating of 4.5/5 on Google Play from over 40k reviewers and has been downloaded over one million times. This paints legitimacy and rightfully so. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I joined this app sometime back to check out how it works. The app is currently available popular in three African countries, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya its latest entrant. During sign up, you select one of these countries and input some additional information to set up your profile.

On the platform, trivia will be posted every day at specific times which you ought to take note. Therefore it’s very necessary to turn on the notifications. Once a trivia kick-off, players from around the country will have the same time to answer the questions at the same time.

I tend to believe that only the best trivia players; those that can answer all questions correctly and fastest will earn from the game. If you’re slow at starting or don’t get the most number of correct responses, you win nothing.

Carry1st is great for those who’d like to put their knowledge into test and is a great way to earn money. The crème of the game can earn tens of thousands of shillings weekly depending on the trivia offered.

Download Carry1st Trivia App: Android

7.  Slidejoy

Slidejoy App making money online apps
The lockscreen Slidejoy App

Slidejoy is an interesting rewards app which pays you just for using the app’s lock screen feature. As a user, all you need to do is enable the intelligent and easy to use lock screen feature and swipe to unlock whenever you need to use your phone.

Meanwhile, Slidejoy will display interesting personalized ads and the latest trending news. You will not earn additional credits from clicking on any of these ads or news. So you’d better save your time for other things. All you need is to have it there and go on with your business.

Slidejoy knows its trade. Since it serves personalized ads and news feeds there is a high likelihood that you will click on an ad or content which interests on the lock screen. But you won’t be paid for your click, Slidejoy takes the spoils.

In my view, that’s a very creative business model.

Nonetheless, you can simply install the app and set it up to run normally. It has a battery saver mode on installation that ensures its presence has a minimum impact on your battery. To raise enough credits for withdrawal, it would take months, but you have nothing to lose since it doesn’t involve any extra work.

However, some people have complained that the app consumes too much power on their phone. After installation and use for a couple of days, check battery consumption to ascertain whether it’s worth the bargain for you.

Fortunately, Slidejoy can pay through PayPal besides its other rewards systems such as Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Walmart and Starbucks gift cards.

Download Slidejoy App: Android

8. Cointiply

Cointiply App make money online apps
Cointiply App

Simply put, Cointiply is a bitcoin faucet; a platform which enables users to earn bitcoins for interacting and completing simple tasks. It’s just like the traditional rewards platforms which rewards users for completing tasks and surveys. Only that in this case, you are rewarded in bitcoins.

Numerous cryptocurrency faucets have sprouted over the past decade courtesy of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin by the mainstream world. Among these faucets, many are scams which make away with people’s hard-earned money as few people understand this technology.

Hence, one ought to be very careful with the kind of faucet they join. Any faucet that promises quick riches with minimum efforts is most likely a scam.

However, some faucets such as Cointiply have built a reputation for years for providing people with earning opportunities and a chance to participate in the future of finance. Now, how do you earn bitcoins from Cointiply?

Cointiply provides numerous earning opportunities including rolling, viewing PTC (paid to click) Ads, playing a multiplier game, playing other games, watching videos, completing surveys, installing apps and special offers among other opportunities. Here is a more comprehensive review of Cointiply.

To earn substantially from Cointiply, you must commit some time daily and consistently and use good tactics. Once you reach 30,000 coins, which equates to about Ksh 300, you can withdraw by sending earned bitcoins to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Cointiply also offers a referral program through which you earn a commission of 25% of every referrals faucet claims for life and 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings. You earn 5% interests on your earnings periodically as soon as you reach the withdrawal limit.

Join Cointiply Now.

Download Cointiply App: Android

Wrap up

There are other equally legit money making apps in Kenya which I haven’t yet mentioned but will add with time. In case you know such an app, especially one that pays through MPesa, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section so that we can help comrades out here.  


  1. Hi am jay and am greatful i met this review of urs it was helpful but i would request for app that pay real cash in kenya through/by performing simple tasks on social media eg facebook etc,,please

  2. Hello? I like to come to google everyday to search Kampusville. But at sometimes the apps and website I get ,doesn’t work in my country. Me I live in Rwanda🇷🇼, can you please help me with a Working App I can use to make money?

  3. There’s toloka… good earning app..but you need either Skrill or PayPal to withdraw your earnings…woe unto you when PayPal decides to frustrate you though,as they do from time to time

    • I think they are scams. In most cases they are multilevel marketing platforms that make you invest and ask you to recruit people under you so that you can earn. I would very weary with such.

  4. Some of your suggested apps are not available in playstore… For example Make Money free cash app. Does this really work… i doubt it

  5. Kindly give review on infinity signal. It works like Live Auction but you buy shares @550
    Registered yesterday by today I have made 3300

    • Hey Tatiana, As you’ve already mentioned, Infinity signal is just like Live Auction so you know its not sustainable and it will collapse in the same way as LA did and the last people joining the platform or those that reinvest all their money will loose money. So I don’t think its a legit money making platform. Good luck anyway, and make sure you save your money regularly

    • Hi I have come across an app in google playstore that’s called part time earnings, one can earn through investing in solar panels and later on get the profits according to the assets bought, so I was wondering if it’s just a scam


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