Mr and Miss JKUAT 2016 goes down at the Pavilion

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JKUAT holds its annual modeling event, Mr. and Miss JKUAT on the Pavilion grounds. The spectacular event took place on the 18th of November and added to the list of great functions happening in the institution this academic year.

Comrades started to assemble at the graduation square as early as 6 pm as they eagerly awaited for the greatly advertised event, which promised the presence of renowned figures, to kick off.

The tent set up and seat arrangement were wonderfully done as space at the front was reserved for important people in the fashion industry.

The event commenced at around 8 where students were given opportunities to showcase talents. Young rappers and dancers presented their performances with enthusiasm as the crowd responded with support and appreciation.

Notably, the crowd went berserk anytime a lady with a blessed behind showcased dancehall moves on the stage; talk about JKUAT having the most vibrant team Mafisi in the country.

When the moment for the main section finally came, the models who had been vigorously preparing did not hesitate. One by one they walked gracefully along the runway with wide smiles on their faces.

Each model had his or her opportune time to wow the judges and crowd with their designs and skills. They presented creative fashion designs which were inspired by their specific courses.

For instance, an electrical engineering beauty stepped onto the stage and commanded the lights to go off, then her clothes which were lined with small multicolored LED bulbs that light rhythmically, illuminated the runway and left everybody mesmerized beyond measure.

When male models walked down the runway and stripped their shirts to ostentate their ripped bodies, screams could be heard from every corner of the Pavilion. JKUAT Fisilets would not be left behind.

Despite the good performances made by almost all of the models, a winner had to be picked and through tough decision making and critical thinking, the judges chose the new faces of JKUAT. Louisa Gitau and Moses Ngotho took the crowns.

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