7 reasons why you need to get a part-time job while in university

Get a hustle while still in university because if you don’t, you remain vulnerable to limited employment opportunities and much more.

How to make money in college through online writing

There comes a time while on campus when you send your parents a please-call-me text because you are very broke and they reply with the same text because; either, they are just as broke as you are or they are evading because you’re always asking for money. Then you begin to seriously consider your money options. Online writing is the easiest […]

How not to be broke in college

Being broke is the most common adventure in college, if there was a club for broke students, it will be the most dominant society in all colleges. However, did you know it is very easy to remain financially stable for the most part of college life and still manage to save money for your future? There are a lot of […]

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