Where to find online academic writing jobs in Kenya

If you have been desperately hunting for online academic writing jobs in Kenya and haven’t found anything, then this guide is for you.

The internet is full of opportunities but where and how to find them is the problem. First, there are very many scams out there which you need to be careful to avoid. They promise unreal returns over a short period with what seems like very little effort. Once you pay the original capital, things go south.

Secondly, there is no guide provided to help you with your search. You’ve gotta try everything and see what works. Well, until now! Using the tips below, you can reduce your searching time and effort by 90%.

But before I dive into the guide, I believe there’s one question that has been lingering in your mind.

Does online writing pay in Kenya?

Yes, it does. However, just like any other industry, it takes time hard work and resilience to earn well. You start with no pay jobs and low paying jobs and advance into better-paying jobs and owning writing accounts.

I have several friends who have built their livelihood on academic writing. Some even dropped school after realizing big opportunities in the field. While you don’t have to drop out of school, you can still make money online in Kenya.

Now onto the big question, where can I get online writing jobs in Kenya?

1. Google Jobs Search Feature

Google is the most integrated company in people’s lives courtesy of its never-ending pursuit of solutions that make our lives easier.

For instance, google noticed the desperate search for job opportunities online and decided to build a job search feature in their search results page.

This feature has proved to be the most effective job search platform besides being the best place to discover online writing jobs in Kenya.

The feature appears at the top of Google results page whenever you search for anything to do with jobs. For instance, google ‘writing jobs’. You will see the feature below at the top of your results page.

Search online academic jobs on Google

The jobs displayed in that feature are acquired directly from employers and career sites around the web as soon as they are published.

These jobs which are pinned to the location of the recruiter are then displayed according to your location. So is you are searching from Kitale, jobs posted by recruiters in Kitale or Trans-Nzioa County will be displayed first.

Click the Jobs Title section with a Blur background

You will be redirected to a Google Job Search Portal which is easy to use.

The top section contains a search bar where you can change your search keywords

Below the search bar, there are three sections,

  • Jobs section which is the main, allows you to search for jobs depending on your preferences.
  • Saved section is like a shopping basket where you save jobs you’d like to apply for
  • Alert section allows you to set up notification through you google account for job postings depending on your search terms and filters

Below the sections, several filters and keywords exist which allows you to narrow down your search depending on what you want; location, date of posting, type, etc.

On the Jobs section page, you can scroll down through the job postings, click any to check out more details. If a job posting seems interesting, you can save it using the Save Icon at the right top corner of the dashboard.

I consider Google Job Search feature the best tool you can use to find online jobs in Kenya because

  1. It is very easy to use
  2. It contains the latest and most number of jobs postings you can find
  3. It contains enough filters for you to zero into you most preferable job
  4. It’s a central job board even for other jobs or career sites like; Brighter Monday, Kazipesa, Fuzu, MyJobMag, angle.co, etc.

Honestly, this feature makes your work very easy and the job postings you will find are credible. However, you need to be careful especially when the job recruiters don’t have a professional website or are not using a career board like Fuzu, and Brighter Monday for recruitment.

If any of the recruiters you contact ask you to pay any amount to be considered, just drop them, they are scammers. Also, job postings that seem to be so good to be true are usually just that. If anybody could make Ksh 5000 a day using their phone comfortably, we would all be rich.

2. KaziPesa

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of the online writing job postings in Kenya in the Google job search portal originate from KaziPesa. KaziPesa is a job posting website that connects writers to clients with online writing jobs.

It doesn’t only do writing. Other freelance jobs include web design, content creation, and marketing, app development, research, and data analysis among others.

  • First, register an account as a freelance since you are searching for a job.
  • Fill your profile accordingly
  • Use the search bar at the top next to the logo to search for projects.
  • A search results page will be displayed and you can manipulate the filters to narrow down your search depending on skill, category, location, and budget.
  • Once you find a good online writing job, you bid for the job.
  • The recruiter or the client will contact you if they find your bid most attractive

Many writing freelancers have discovered the website and considering the number of projects being posted by the Kenyan website, it seems a good place to conduct your search too.

3. Register an academic writing account

If you want to do online writing regularly, then you should consider registering an account with writing platforms. This is one mountain of a task especially if you are new to the online writing business.

Due to the influx of freelance writers happening today, many writing companies are using highly selective means to get only the most qualified writers to work for them.

In fact, if you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree, you are eliminated from the registration process of these companies. Which is why you may need to be crafty or even buy accounts. Check out the best online writing accounts that could set you for life.

However, there are sites that don’t have many terms and conditions for entry-level writers.

Kenyan online writing sites include

Meanwhile, there are so many international online writing websites that I can list here. Yet some are high recognizable by Kenyan writers who have worked with them to make a living. As mentioned before, most of these sites require you to be so good and qualified to own an account.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. People per Hour
  4. Freelancer
  5. Uvo Corp
  6. DotWriter.com
  7. Homework For You
  8. Study Pool
  9. Writers Bay
  10. Writers Hub
  11. TheContentAuthority.com

Do not venture into online writing without checking out The only guide you need to start online writing in Kenya. This article will explain to you much more about online writing opportunities and help you make informed decisions from the very beginning.


  1. Hello!
    I have always wanted to ask, how does one secure a Direct Client? Now that account opening has become a daunting task for most of the beginners in this industry.

    • Hey Abraham, securing a direct client requires that you have an account. When you have an account and you do great work that impresses your clients, some of them will be interested in connecting with you offline so they can send you jobs directly. But again, if the account staff notices that you’re trying to finesse a client, they can ban you. So you must do it very carefully; that is communicating with clients.

  2. You can become a great writer by training oneself. Learn learn learn. Read as many articles as possible and see the general flow of the articles. The grammar especially and how you can avoid some common mistakes.

    • Hey Natecho, currently I don’t have leads to online writing account holders, all my previous contacts have moved to other businesses.

  3. Need to be a copywriter and I don’t have any degree.I can say my education level is form four how can I get assistance and train to be writer.

    • Hey Gibson…you don’t have to have a degree to be a copywriter. You can start by doing online writing jobs under the supervision of a writer with an account. Alternatively, you can register with one of the top Writing accounts especially those that don’t require a degree to register. Once you start getting online writing jobs, you will slowly learn the ins and outs of the game.


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