Power Drunkard Museveni honors corruption genius at Makerere

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Written By El Gwaro

There is a little storm in Twitter right now #MakerereUniversityInstitute. And it all started when esteemed Makerere University through its official twitter handle announced the cordial invitation of Kenya’s Vice President William Ruto to the ceremonial launching of, get this: William Ruto “LEADERSHIP” Institute.

Well, first of all, guys, should we warn our kins from Uganda, or should we let them learn from experience? Here is a hint: in 2015, some kids were tear-gassed while fighting for their playground, which Weston Hotel was allegedly attempting to snatch them. Ugandans, go research the man behind Weston and guard your playgrounds.

Now onto the hazelnut in this bite, President Museveni of Uganda has honored VP Ruto of Kenya by naming a leadership institute after him. Through a memo sent on 17th Dec by Makerere University Vice-Chancellor, Barnabas Wanangwe, the latter was invited to lay the foundation stone for the institute on 21st December.

So, Kaguta Museveni, an infamous African dictator, suppressor of opposition, torturer, greedy and radical non-reformist, sat down one day with legs spread and clad in oversize boots and decided,

“You know what, I have led this country for more than 3 decades, my leaderships skills must be a phenomenon. I’ll build a school where I can mentor future African leaders and leave a legacy behind. But my fellow Wakanda are quite angry with me for warming this mahogany throne a little longer (although it’s for their own good), so let me give my brother Ruto the mandate to launch this institution. Ruto is tough, a true nobody-to-somebody story, a hustler who worked his way to the top within 2 decades. Ugandans will be inspired. Eiish! I deserve a Nobel prize for my brains”

He then picks up his phone and rings Wanangz of Makerere, “Bro, I’m building a leadership institute in your compound and Ruto will be taking all the credit, organize something fast.”

Within an hour, Wanangz calls back, “Igwe, everything is set”. His Excellency picks his international phone and dials Mheshimiwa Ruto.

“Bro, it’s been a minute, how are you? I see those guys are hitting you left right and center”

Ruto, “ Yes Igwe, things are getting tough over here, but you know me, I always have a plan”

Kaguta, “Well, you should pay me a visit I’ve got a warm Jacuzzi and masseuse from India waiting for you, come let’s chill out at Entebbe. I’ve been where you are now, I know you need to relax a bit. Afterward, we’ll head to Mak’s, I’ve got a surprise for you”

And that’s how the entire African leadership system was insulted and Makerere University’s name tarnished for centuries to come. Africa is a pitch for audacious insanity; politicians are the players and we are the spectators, cheering avidly as the most morally defiant politicos score goals. They stage such unbelievable moves and all we can do is watch.

It baffles me how a man who has defied the laws of good leadership for decades, can confidently decide to build a leadership institution and name it after someone considered insanely untrustworthy. First, what is going to be taught in this institute? How to stage a coup, how to hold onto power, how to squash opposition and how to suppress the will of the people?

I mean, Kaguta is at the bottom of government leadership academy, he has been there for decades. In fact, where is he? I cannot see him on the sign sheet. Did he drop out? What? Dad (Uganda) has been paying fees all this time for nothing.

Secondly, how do you name an institution after the very same person that all young leadership scholars in the world should be taught to shun, the chancellor of Corruption College? I mean, is it not common knowledge in Kenya that he is among the biggest most revered name, the GOAT in greed soccer?

The biggest scandals are synonymous to him, most cruel deaths have been linked to him and the emptiest lies proclaimed by him. And I’m not saying this in a biased stance, VP Ruto has his own achievements and I wouldn’t claim his opponents are holier than thou.

But when your atrocities and personal gains are proclaimed in the public domain more than the things you have done for the people, you don’t deserve emulation in leadership, let alone an institution being named after you.

Hunt or be hunted ~ Francis Underwood

VP is Francis Underwood in real life. The art of stealth, patience, strategy, distraction, and calm amid turmoil in the journey of power acquisition, he has perfected. He is always ahead of the game. What is happening now, he foresaw it last year and has been planning ever since. Hunt or be hunted is his mantra and he lives by it all day and night.

Yet this seemingly great skill is not what Africa needs, especially when topped by greed. When a leadership institute is built on the foundation of two leaders whose affinity to power is greater than entangled neodymium magnets, then you can be sure true democracy and Africa arising will still remain a dream.

Makerere University comrades should not feel lucky to have William Ruto Leadership Institute; in fact, they should push the administration to change its name to the Ssentamu Leadership Institute in honor of the young Bobi Wine when Uganda is finally liberated from the crocodile jaws of Mzee.


  1. Wooow nice article… Such an eye opener and open truth.. We gonna die with impunity if we don’t take action by choosing real people whose work are seen other than plain manifestsos?.


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