How to easily send money from MPesa to Equity and Back

It’s very easy and fast to move money today across various entities. This is courtesy of the advanced solutions companies have come up with to facilitate easy financial transactions

For instance, we’re going to find out how to send money from M-Pesa to Equity and back. Considering the millions of Kenyans enjoying financial services from both Safaricom and Equity Bank, this query is bound to come up.

Most importantly, we will discover which methods best works for different types of customers especially when moving money from Equity to MPesa.

A typical Safaricom customer has an MPesa account while an Equity Bank customer can either be; a bank account holder, or bank account and Equitel Sim Card subscriber

First, let’s assume the scenario of a customer who wants to send money from M-Pesa to Equity Bank account.

How to send money from MPesa to Equity

  1. Access MPesa menu on your phone
  2. Select Lipa na MPesa
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. For Business Number, enter Equity Pay bill Number 247247
  5. For account Number, enter Equity Bank account number (e.g. 0340xxxxxxxxx)
  6. Input the amount you want to send
  7. Enter MPesa PIN and submit
  8. Confirm all the details are correct and press OK

MPesa will give you a chance to verify the account receiving the money so make sure the details are correct. You will receive a transaction SMS from MPesa and an SMS from Equity Bank confirming the money deposited.

Now, how about a customer who wants to do the exact opposite, assuming they have an Equity Bank account but no Equitel Sim Card.

Well, one has to first register for Eazzy 247 to do so. Eazzy 247 is a service launched by Equity Bank to provide over-the-counter and other services to its customers who thus don’t need to visit banks for the same.

How to Register for Eazzy Banking

  1. Visit your Equity Branch officer in Kenya and ask for an Eazzy form,
  2. Fill the form with the account number, your national ID card, and preferred mobile phone number, through which you will use to perform all transactions.
  3. The Equity Bank will process your information and send you a confirmation message.
  4. You will also receive a five-digit password in which you will use for the activation process of Eazzy 247.
  5. Activate your Eazzy 247 by dialing *247# with the number you registered with.
  6. Enter password sent by Equity
  7. Change Password.

Having registered, there are two ways you can access Ezzay Banking services; SMS or using Ezzay Banking App (Android or iOS)

Now, since we want to send money from Equity to Safaricom here is how to do it with either of these channels

How to send money from Equity to MPesa through SMS

  1. Dial *247# (Ensure you have some airtime, this service costs 1 bob)
  2. Input your Password
  3. Select Send Money
  4. Choose the account to send from
  5. Select Send Money To Others
  6. Select MPesa
  7. Enter Phone Number
  8. Enter Amount
  9. Confirm
  10. Enter Pin and Submit.

How to send money from Equity to MPesa through Eazzy App

  1. Open Eazzy App
  2. Click of Send to MPesa
  3. Enter the Phone number or choose from Contact List
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Enter Pin
  6. Confirm Transaction and Submit

You notice using the App is quite simple and doesn’t cost anything. Shortly after you will receive SMS from Equity confirming the transaction. The phone number used will receive an MPesa deposit message too.

Other services you can enjoy using Eazzy Banking include:

  • Airtime Top-up for any network
  • Funds Transfer to any Equity account and other Banks
  • Cash Withdrawal through the ATM or at Equity Agent outlets.
  • Pay for goods directly from your account at branded outlets.
  • Check your account balance anytime.
  • Pay your electricity, water, HELB, or DStv bills anytime.
  • Request for loans, check loan status and make payments
  • Request for your statement, checkbook, information on forex rates, and stock prices. 
  • Alert the bank to stop your card or cheque
  • Receive transaction alerts every time you use your account.

Meanwhile, for an Equity bank customer who has also subscribed to Equitel, you don’t need Eazzy Banking to send money from Equity to MPesa. The Equitel SIM card brings all these services to your phone, whether it’s a smartphone or a Kabambe.

If you don’t have an Equitel Line, visit any nearest Equity Bank Branch or Equity Agent with your national ID and register for an Equitel SIM card.

This SIM card will be connected to all your Equity Bank Accounts to facilitate access to services through your Phone. Be aware that Equitel Network might not be available in every part of Kenya. In such a case, use Eazzy Banking instead.

Now let’s find out

How to send money from Equity to MPesa using Equitel

  1. Access Equitel SIM toolkit
  2. Select My Money
  3. Select Send Money
  4. Select the Account number to send from
  5. Select Send Money to others
  6. Choose MPesa
  7. Enter Phone Number
  8. Enter Amount
  9. Confirm
  10. Enter Pin and Submit.

While having an Equitel line will not be very beneficial for calls, SMS, and internet services (for instance their ludicrous bundles), it is of high value if you have an Equity Bank Account and do a lot of transactions with it.

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