Smart, Outspoken and Successful Women can be Intimidating but are the Real Deal

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It’s a fact that men are generally wary of smart outspoken and successful women. Is it wrong though? I don’t think so. I believe it is a result of the way our ancestors set the responsibilities and roles of both men and women.

Since the beginning, the society has required of the man to be the provider and protector of the family, which made him the head. Yet this status has been greatly challenged today with the wake of feminism and unfortunately, men are finding it hard to adopt.

Recent studies in the US have revealed some interesting facts about the preferences of men in smart successful women. When asked, most claim they would date a smarter and more successful woman.

However, once they interact with intelligent women and are outsmarted, they would rather not date one. In addition, it is quite lucid that most marriages with very successful women rarely last. I guess the problem is partly, the male ego, so frail and fragile, yet so fundamental to his existence.

It is the reason why men solve issues with stare downs and fists, the motivation behind the many masks men wear to hide their ingrained vulnerability; stoic mask, athletic mask, comic mask, aggressive mask, to mention but a few. This ego is in constant need for massaging and an overly successful woman is does the very opposite.

Men are more emotional than women, they only hide it better. A man’s quest to feel relevant and needed is the wheel that drives his hustle. So when a woman appears and shows him how ‘not-needed’ he is, it bruises his ego. It’s called emasculation, one of the most dreaded phenomena in a man’s life. It rips off the very necessity the defines his existence, to be needed.

But what can we do? Squeeze these women to where we think they belong, below our status? No! They don’t belong there. In fact, they never belonged there. Our ancestors were wrong to confine women in acquiescent boxes. The race to equality is unstoppable and in fact, it’s to the benefit of everyone.

So get ready to see many more successful, intelligent and outspoken women; alphas, and in that case, marry them and nurture great families with them. However, to do this, sacrifices have to be made

I understand the desire to be in control is deeply rooted in a man’s system. But things are changing and we better adapt sooner than later. To save the family and ensure the thriving of our bloodline we have to accept that women too can take the lead in certain sectors. It doesn’t make us less of men, it actually levels down the burden on us.

If your wife earns more, she can take care of the major bills while you save some money for personal growth and financial future planning. If she is smarter, she can make better family decisions on integral matters.

What you need is to come into a consensus on your roles and maintain constant beneficial communication. If she is more successful, would it be wonderful to get free coaching from the very best branding mentor in the comfort of your bed while you stroke her hair and kiss her soft lips?

If that’s not enough, how about; you will rarely get bored because she has so much to share with you; more money into the family, a challenge to become better, respect from your social group, adventure, good spending, healthier living, and smart kids.

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