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Written By El Gwaro

During this period of the Pandemic, many people have become desperate to find means of making money. Most have lost their jobs, others never had jobs in the first place, while others don’t have anything to do while under quarantine.

It is therefore expected that many will turn to the internet to try and discover money-making opportunities. Meanwhile, on the other spectrum, there are opportunistic groups of people working hard to defraud the already beat down and desperate populace.

One such group is the one behind the SsuVideon Website that for the last few days has gained tremendous traction due to its enticing concept.

The website claims to pay 0.5 dollars for a minute of watching promotional videos. On its FAQ page, users are promised to earn as much as $30 per hour of watching video advertisements and with just 3 hours a day, you can earn $2700 per month.

I stumbled on this website through a friend’s WhatsApp status and was quick to realize it was a scam even before I opened the website. I fear that this website might catch on fire considering the current recession caused by the pandemic, and in the end, people especially youths are gonna lose a lot of money.

This is not the first time such a website has sprung up. One of the best examples was the Public Likes scam that happened in mid-2017 which defrauded Kenyans billions of shillings. The site promised to pay Ksh 10 for every ad click on the website.

I was in the middle of it all, and fortunately, I broke even by the time it went down. But remembering the kind of excitement that the website brought especially among campus students makes me laugh. I realized how youths are very much attracted to easy money; a dangerous trait in today’s world.

Let me not digress anymore. I wanna show you why SsuVideon is 100$ scam and why you need to stay away from it as much as possible. There are more legit ways of making money online you should consider rather than websites like SsuVideon and Public Likes that promise you heaven for almost no work at all.

This SsuVideon review is pretty long but bare with me if you want to save your money.

1. The Domain Name lack of integrity.

The first red flag I spotted with SsuVideon was the domain name extension, .xyz. A domain name is an address a website uses for people to access its content. For instance, this website uses as its domain name. You notice that the extension used is .com.

Recently it has been noted that many spammers are using .xyz extensions for their websites. Thus has been attributed to the ease and cheap cost of acquiring these extensions and using brand names to scam people.

For instance, a scammer can buy the domain name and advertise free Tecno phones to lure people into providing sensitive and personal information.

Having such a domain name indicates a lack of seriousness and integrity. Trustworthy companies use top-level domains such as .com, .net and .org.

2. Lack of security protocol

The second thing I noted was the lack of SSL protocol in the website domain. Now, what is SSL, you might ask.

The internet is a network of computers. For these computers to communicate securely, cryptographic protocols have to be used whenever data is sent. The security protocol thus used by the internet is called Secure Sockets Layer, SSL or TLS.

If a website does not employ this protocol it can be easily hacked and information gets stolen. To know whether a website uses SSL protocol, check the link/website address. If it starts with https://, it’s secure. If it starts with http:// it’s not secure.

SsuVideon does not employ SSL protocol and hence it’s not secure. If these guys are meant to pay its users, they will require them to provide payment information such as PayPal credit cards and Bitcoin Addresses as it claims to pay using bitcoin.

Well, if you upload your data on that site to get paid, don’t be surprised when your accounts get hacked. For more information check out why you need SSL in building websites.

3. The Domain name is barely a month old

I did a domain name analysis using ScamDoc and realized the domain name was only registered on 30th May 2020. As of today, the site is just about 3 weeks old and already garnering mouthwatering traffic; you’ll know why later. That’s beside the fact that ScamDoc gave it a 1% trust rating. Actually, that was quite generous in my view

I went ahead and analyzed its traffic at and that’s where I got the motivation to write this review. A site barely one-month-old already getting 400 visitors a day. I know this traffic is heavily contributed by the referrals system which I’ll mention in a few.

For those who might not know, it takes time, months and even years for websites to grow to such levels. Such an achievement in less than one month is just mind-boggling.

SsuVideon alexa rank
SsuVideon alexa rank

As you can see, the website appeared from nowhere and was already in the top 1 million sites in the world by mid June according to Alexa.

4. The Website is badly designed

Have you checked how the website looks? Oh my! It looks like the front page of a pictures-feed website from the 1990s era. Seriously, why would a website that would pay hundreds of dollars to thousands of users daily look like that?

People might defend it for its simplicity but at this age, it doesn’t make financial sense for a legit company to use an amateur HTML and CSS coder to build a website for them.

Enough with the technical aspects, let’s get to the logic red flags.

5. Seriously $0.5 per minute? Who pays that much?

My neck hurts from the intensity of head shaking I did when I read this statement. The level of audacity these guys have to lure desperate people into their scam is just astonishing.

Consider this, the average hourly wage in the USA is 27 dollars, and this ain’t an hour of sitting down, watching; it’s an hour of production and contributing to the GDP. Then here comes a site from nowhere ready to pay you $30 for doing nothing, just staring at a screen. You don’t even have to watch, you can click play and go on with other things. Isn’t it outrageous?

Let’s not forget that Swagbucks, the biggest and most recognized rewards and loyalty program company in the world pays you at most $0.89 an hour. What magic is SsuVideon using to generate all this money it claims to be rewarding its users?

6. Unrecognizable source of income.

Honestly, if this site pays this much money, it must be coming from somewhere, a gold mine of sorts, isn’t it? Take a look at the FAQ page, the company simply states that

“We offer people to view prepaid promotional videos of various world advertisers and get money for this. Among our advertisers are the largest producers of household appliances, leading retailers, and top video bloggers.”

They claim that advertisers ranging from video bloggers to huge retail companies pay them to showcase their advertisement on the website. Now let’s consider the cut that the most successful advertisement company today, Google takes from its AdSense program: 32%.

If SsuVideon decides to take 32% of the revenue, it means it pays its users 68% which equates to $0.50 per minute. This means SsuVideon charges its advertisers at least $0.74 per minute. Mind you, this is a very low approximation.

Now, when advertisers use videos to reach out to new customers, their main agenda is to sell their products and services to them. Yet what SsuVideon is doing is referred to as generating incentivized traffic. This means people are paid only to watch the video. This type of traffic is considered low quality as it rarely if ever converts.

Now, who is ready to pay $0.75 per minute only to get views on their videos? And even if you wanted to hit the minimum requirements to start earning with YouTube Ads, you’d require (4000*60*0.75) $180,000 to achieve this. Who is ready to pay up such an amount? Can’t you just create quality and viral content and watch your YouTube channel grow?

I have tried to formulate every possible means these guys are making money and every time I come out on the other side, I’m more convinced that there is no possible way. This is just a scam.

And lastly, the biggest indicator of “scamtology”

7. Referral Program

The most basic principle of all scams ever invented in this world is based on the referral system. This is where you are required or encouraged to invite friends and families into the program for you to make more money.

This system works perfectly and is the main reason for the mind-boggling traction I mentioned earlier. The chances of a new website with not quality content or function to start generating good traffic in 3 weeks are very minimal.

So I attribute the growth solely on the referral program, and that’s what scares me the most. Most young people are gullible enough to believe they can start making easy money as soon as now. Today, people are not ready to put in due work and diligence before making money. They want it easy.

SsuVideon has a dictatorial referral system. First, you are not only allowed to invite people, but you are also required to do so; It’s a must. This confirms that the SsuVideon solely depends on its referral program to attract new users. But that’s not even the crazy part.

You must have 30 referrals for you to withdraw your income. Wow! Who does that? By the time you are about to get your so-called earnings, you are required to have infected 30 other people into the scam. I guess Corona has competition now.


The website has changed tact and is implementing some of the things I’ve mentioned in a bid to make it seem legit. It now redirects users to or which are SSL protected. Yet again the extention .pw is a cheap and rare domain extension used by scammers.

Other similar sites include

Beware these are just tactics of scams. Once their host website is unmasked, they register a new domain and transfer all contents to the new address. However, wherever they go, we shall smoke them out.


  1. Pero solo te piden una vez los referidos ya no más, xq dices que es estafa ??? Has tratado de retirar el dinero tú ???
    Se puede poner una cuenta paypal no solo la tarjeta de crédito, no se deberías investigar más.

    • Hola Joy, Desde mi experiencia, hay tantas señales de alerta sobre estos sitios web que me hacen creer que son una estafa. Desde el principio, no puedes confiar en ellos porque sus promesas son demasiado buenas para ser verdad. También tienen teatrales sombríos como crear sitios similares y redirigir a las personas a todos estos sitios web fraudulentos, entre otras cosas. También la parte sobre el requisito de 30 referencias, espere hasta que desee retirar sus ganancias y descubrirá las condiciones a las que lo someterán. Siento que es una pérdida de tiempo incluso intentar unirse a este tipo de sitios. Prefieres hacer otro trabajos en línea que pueden generar buenos ingresos.

  2. Hey onsomu, many of us we lost our jobs in this pandemic that’s why people can lying us easily, some of us we lost control by losing our jobs. So which one can be trusted? Legit one?

    • Hey Patrick, this is a tough time, i understand. My advice for you is to identify a job you can do from this list i wrote of Legit Online Jobs in Kenya. Once you find one that you can do and focus on then you should start researching, join job platforms and start doing online jobs. For more advice, just reach me.

      • Can u guide me how I can get legit online job I was using seb video that you watch and be paid the content is the same as this you have discussed is it legit site

        • Sites which promise to pay you for watching videos are often not legit. Stay away and instead try other meaningful tasks that require you to work to earn money. Eg Online writing, transcription, and other jobs in platforms such as upwork and flexjobs

    • Hé Joselaie, Il y a des escrocs qui veulent voler de l’argent à des citoyens sans méfiance. Ils n’ont pas de modèle de génération d’argent légitime. Ils tireront profit des personnes qui s’inscrivent et paient pour les références et aussi en utilisant des informations sur les cartes de crédit pour voler aux gens. Soyez très prudent avec de telles personnes.

    • Hey Jhun, they will not pay you your earning, when you need to withdraw your money, they will make it hard for you to get your money. Also if you provide your credit card information in the checkout form they could store the data and use it to steal your money. You should not trust these people with your information. They are ghosts, they keep changing their domain name, why? Because they know they are scamming people.

    • Hey Harold, first thing you notice with these sites is that they promise heaven for nearly no work…they seem too good to be true. The second thing you notice, they have a high barrier or make it impossible for you to withdraw your money. I’m glad you stopped by.


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