The only guide you need to start online writing in Kenya

Online writing is one of the most popular self-employment opportunity in Kenya with hundreds of thousands of young people making a livelihood out of it.

This might be attributed to the fact that it is very easy and cheap to start as long as you have access to a computer.

In addition, many young people have built careers without employment just through online writing.

So, if you’ve been interested in this lucrative opportunity, here is all you need to know to start online writing in Kenya

There are three ways to start online writing in Kenya; register an account, buy an account or become a hired writer.

1. Becoming a hired writer

The simplest and the most recommended means for newbies. It involves working under an account holder who pays a share of earnings depending on your work. To become a hired writer, look for account holders seeking writers. Google, ask friends, inquire in WhatsApp groups, Facebook and check around campuses noticeboards for writing jobs.

When you settle on an account holder, contact them and organize a meeting whether in person or over a call. During the meeting, discuss the following important issues

  • CPP: Cost Per Page payment.
  • Subjects you are good at and subjects you are not.
  • Work schedule: when you are most available to work and when not. This will help you to balance your studies/work with part-time online writing.

Normally, the account owner will want to gauge your writing skills before hiring you. They might ask for samples of any previous writing jobs or give you a test job, which they don’t pay.

As noted earlier, starting as a hired writer requires little investment besides having a laptop. Also, the technical aspects of running an account, adhering to all rules and meeting all the deadlines are left to the account owner.


  • You will be paid peanuts
  • Stressful. Your boss can wake you up in the middle of the night before an exam to do a revision.

2. Buying an account

If you have capital, you can buy an established account and start writing. This route is popular among people who have worked under an account holder for some time and would like to upgrade. While working as a hired writer, you will realize that your boss is paying you peanuts as compared to what he’s making. With your little acquired experience, you can gather some capital or unite with friends to purchase a good account.

Accounts for sale are normally advertised using the normal channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp and campus noticeboards. You can also contact friends or even ask your boss to refer you to a good account broker. However, be very careful, naïve people have been conned a lot by people purporting to be account sellers. To avoid being conned here are quick steps to follow.

  • Meet in person (A MUST)
  • Meet at a venue of your choosing. Ensure it is a public place.
  • Go with a friend or two. The more the better (Never go alone)
  • Thoroughly inspect the account before anything. Check jobs history, fines, payouts, messages, etc to ensure the account is healthy.

If okay, initiate ownership transfer. Ensure you get

  1. Account login details
  2. Account’s email,
  3. Email password,
  4. Email recovery phone number, sim card included
  5. Ensure it’s not a secondary email to another email.
  6. When changing the details of the account, do it in a cyber of your choice and make your friends watch out.

This might seem like a joke but failure to be vigilant and to secure the above details exposes the account to repossession of your account.


  • Requires high initial investment.
  • You can be conned when purchasing the account.
  • Very risky; if the quality of writing differs from the previous account owner, your account can be closed
  • Might be stressful if the number of jobs being done is high; will require constant checking.

3. Register an online writing account.

This route is hardest for amateurs. It not only involves registering an account on a writing platform but also meeting all the requirements set. Bypassing the requirements stage is normally the hardest part. Why?

  • Registration can only be done at periods set by the website’s administration.  
  • Most times, you need a degree to register an account and for sites that don’t require, stiff competition for jobs from degree holders is unavoidable.
  • You will be required to write a sample paper, which undergoes a very strict quality review which, unfortunately, most people don’t manage through.

However, if you manage to pass all the requirements, then you’ve just won yourself a golden ticket. Here is a review of some of the very best online writing accounts.


  • Strict rules bar easy entry
  • Hard to get jobs as a new writer
  • Most jobs you get will have a low CPP

Where to meet Kenyan Writers

Various groups exist on social media platforms where writers and other online jobs professionals interact. In these groups, you’ll meet account sellers, buyers and those in search for writers or writing jobs. Therefore depending on your current status, these groups help you meet the right people.

However, it is always prudent to never trust anybody when money, account and work is to be transacted. Use escrow services when payments are to be made. Now, here are links to the groups.

  1. Uvocorp
  4. ClearVoice
  5. Homework For You
  6. StudyPool
  7. WritersBay
  8. WritersHub

Finally I would like to attach a zipped file containing three sample jobs I have done before. Please download and extract the files on your computer to view them.


  1. iam very interested on online writing,but i dont have a clue on how to start.Can i get a sample?PLEASE help

    • Hey Adonija, download the Sample jobs by clicking the button at the end of the article, before the comments

    • You can download the samples by clicking on the button in the end of the article, before the comments section

    • Hey Enos, please download the attachment at the end of the article. It contains 3 samples of work I have don before

  2. Hi, this is very helpful thanks.
    Could you please send me a sample of your writing work, so I can get an idea of how it’s done.

  3. Hey, thank you for sharing this. I am a newbie and would love to sample some of your work in order to get a glimpse of what it’s all about.

    • Hey Robert, “to become a hired writer, look for account holders seeking writers. Google, ask friends, inquire in WhatsApp groups, Facebook and check around campuses noticeboards for writing jobs”

  4. About blogging? Can I do it as a side hustle. Time are hard am trying to see how to stay afloat through this Covid thing. I will greatly appreciate any assistance accorded bro. Am a part time writer but also trying to get back to the same, since the pandemic has badly hit my main hustle Music Teaching and Gigging. Thanks. Eric.

    • Hello Eric. Yes you can definitely do blogging as a part time job but you need to understand that it takes time and hardwork to make money from blogging. If you need quick money, then you’d rather check these other online jobs that pay immediately. However, if you’re willing to dedicate your time you can decide on blogging, put effort for a few months and things will start to shape up well.

  5. Kindly forwad me samples of the work youve done so that i can brush through and grab an idea of what should be done

  6. Hello,kindly forward me some of the jobs you have done for online writing at least i get some tips

  7. Please link me up with an account holder. I need a point to start from. I used to write for someone before so I have some work experience

    • Hello Kenny, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately i have no contact with an account holder currently so you need to start searching on social media platforms and asking around from your friends. good luck for now

  8. Hi,kindly forward me some of the jobs you have done for online writing at least i get some tips

    • Hi Linet, you need to look for account owners who can give you writing jobs. Go to Facebook and search in online writing groups, talk to some of those people looking for writers so that they can tutor you and give you online writing jobs. Alternatively, try creating an account with these top writing platforms.

  9. Hey…I really need this job…would you please explain what is online writing and how to do it…I’m really interested

    • Hey Abbey, in simple terms, online writing is simply doing college assignments for people. Students especially from non-English speaking countries use online writing sites to delegate their assignments and thus pay a fee for this service. So as a writer, or an account owner, you are required to do these assignments, organize your writing in standard form and deliver to your clients before the deadline. You are paid for your work henceforth.

    • Hey Wincate, Online writing is very simple to learn. I currently don’t have an account but can forward you some of the jobs i did while doing online writing then gauge your work and give you a little tips here and there. I’ve sent you and email for this purpose.

      • I have an interest in this- I have done projects/thesis for masters and diploma students but not for commercial purposes-just got paid on agreement basis. I would like to establish myself and have an account. but just a hint of what goes on on online writing and if possible you can share your experience and hints on what it entails
        My email is shared

    • Have found that things are good here, now how can I get link to this helpful group please my dear friends. After all I would be all that greatful to you brothers and sisters .

  10. It’s so nice reading this but I need a good Samaritan to come my way. Help me.. I need to make money. I don’t have a job and my family are looking up to me

    • Hello Shammy, what options do you have, what skills do you possess, do you have the equipment, for instance, a laptop? If you have one, you need to find out ways of making money online, find one or two that seem doable then dive into educating yourself on how to do it. Meanwhile, look for people who have done it before and get their advice. For me, I can help you start a blog. The only issue with blogging is that it requires time and hard work to start making money. If you are in urgent need of money then online writing might work for you instead.

      • Hello Onsomu, I would like tp start online writing but i dont know where to begin and how to get the job/ referrals. Kindly help .

        • Currently, I have no leads to online writing account owners currently. Please try visiting Facebook groups for online writers, that’s where you can get someone to help you get started.

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