Smart things to do to prepare for your university course

It is very common for students around the world to join universities and choosing a course without thinking much about it and later regretting the rash decision. You definitely don’t want to be part of this multitude. The consequences of rash decisions are not always appealing. There are four activities I would advise you to partake before settling on the course.
1. Get career Advice
We underestimate professionals and consultants but these people are very important and spending time or even a few coins for their services might save us from a myriad of pitfalls. When it comes to choosing your career path, it is very advisable to get hold of a career professional and get their insights in relation to what you want to pursue. They can tell you about the job market, lifestyle, workload and working environment of your career. You can also talk to professors and lectures during campus visits and learn about your course workload. With this essential information, you will be equipped to make a sound decision
2. Replace a professional for a day
You want to be a doctor, why don’t you try being a doctor for a day. Utilize the connections you have with people and get into contact with successful people in your profession. Ask them to give you a one-day internship as a worker so that you can experience the profession. You could work as a nurse in a hospital or a waiter in a hotel, anything, as long as you get real time experience of your aspiration. Of course, it might not work for some like surgeon aspirants but you can be given a chance to watch a surgery. This experience will open your eyes and you will feel even more connected to your dreams
3. Attend a real lecture
Talk to friends who are currently in college pursuing your dream course, or if not, let them connect you to their friends who do so and tell them to organize for you time to attend one or two of their lectures. For instance, engineering aspirants can attend a calculus lecture (hyped to be tough) and witness its simplicity and complexity. Don’t be scared if they are learning technical stuff, they didn’t learn all that in one day. BTW, I can promise you, if you ask a question over the topic you were in for, most of them will have no clue. College academics are peculiar, remind me to tell you about that later. So, these lectures will give you a clue of what you will be studying in the next 4, 5, or even more years.
4. Read for exposure
Education is a continuous process and the world with all its people can never exhaust it. Learning never hurts, in fact, it makes you more informed. Go to the library and get those big books that cover your dream course. Read a bit, you don’t have to write notes or even finish a chapter, go through the pictures, imbibe some insights, capture historic information like the inventor of computer Charles Babbage. This activity will open your mind and introduce you to new ideas, you will have information that your fellows will not have when you join college and they might never catch up with you. Get comfortable with the technical aspects you will have to encounter in your course. I promise you will be a totally different scholar after partaking in this activity.
There you go folks, four basic but crucial things to do before campus, don’t ignore the opportunity to do them. You will never regret the decision you will make after these activities.
Feel free to leave comments and share this information with your colleagues. Cheers!

12 thoughts on “Smart things to do to prepare for your university course”

  1. Hi Cheek,
    I found your article very interesting and helpful, I really enjoyed the reading!
    My children soon will go to college and these suggestions you have given are absolutely excellent!
    It is extremely important to try some activities in the profession of our interest before embarking on long studies and regret it after.
    I have bookmarked your website so I can show this article to my children:)
    Thank you very much for this useful blog!

    • I am very happy that my message will make an impact on your children. Thank you very much, ill surely research and come up with more advice for college students and aspirants

  2. All very good suggestions when trying to decide what career path to take. My son is soon in that position and he is kind of choosing a career in something he has been involved with his whole life. He loves it and doesn’t know any different. I know when I went, I switched half way through. It’s a big decision, and all your suggestions are great. Thanks you for sharing!

    • You are welcome Matt’s mom, I hope your son will take part in this activities and hence will be at a position to make a sound career choice. I appreciate your views

  3. Since this post was written for college bound students I expected grammar appropriate to collage bound students. The content is good and relevant but not well written (as I would expect from a college student) I would have added that a student should pursue a career in which they were passionate.
    Avoid using “text talk” like BTW and numbers should be written, i.e. instead of 5 it should be five.
    From one who has already been to college.

    • Thank you for your insights. I may have a little of grammar issues , ill improve with time but i want to write in a language which young people like talking. If i get so official and serious, i might not connect with my target group. Anyway i appreciate

  4. Hey Cheek you’ve did a nice post! Really excellent advices for students! Your website design is very well and clean too. It seems professional!
    I think the advices may help students having better visions for their future courses.
    Although high school counsellors can play a huge role in the whole process, it is up to the student to do their research. By the way you can add some more internal links to your other pages that can create sells!

    • Thanks Cyril, i hope my message can have more impact to other people as it has had on you and i really appreciate your advice on internal links, i will work on that

  5. Hi Cheek,
    Thank you very much for your detailed information. Is there any specific advice you would have on how long a young person could take between high-school and college to achieve all of the above?
    Is there a resource I can use to make the most out of this info?

    • Thanks for your question, Jdoo. I think these activities can be done depending on the situation. For high school graduates who have a short time before joining college, you can do them within a few weeks, for instance attending lectures and going to libraries can be done within two weeks. If you take at least 2 days a week to try out different jobs, you can cover at least 8 different professions a month. Meeting with professionals will be easy if you create good relationships with them. With a longer waiting period you can do all the activities at anytime. However, don’t waste a lot of time trying everything. There are survival things you need to do before college and i will be talking about that soon

      As for now i don’t, know of any resources you can use to benefit from this but i will surely research and reply ASAP. Thanks

  6. Hey there Cheek,
    What an awesome post! Really, really excellent advice for students! It’s so important to know what you’re getting yourself into!
    I have seen so many dropouts within the first year and it’s because they just signed up for anything, not taking it too seriously. Then when they found out what it was really all about, they decided it’s not for them and left. So sad…
    I think this is where high school counselors can play a huge role in the whole process, but ultimately it is up to the student to do their research.
    Great job! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

    • Yeah i have friends who regret their career decisions that’s why i had to share this piece on information, young people can learn. Thank you for your insights


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