Top 10 Craziest Kenyan Parties and Events you never want to miss

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The kind of zeal and energy during campus years is quite unmatched. During these years, we tend to do the craziest of things under a similar driving force, “You only live once,” which is technically very true. Here, attending parties and events is a do or die situation, your choice. Have you ever attended an event or party which boggled and made you swear to never miss it? Well, here is a list of top Kenyan parties and events with brief descriptions. Go make memories with your groups of crazy friends.

1. Koroga Festival

Rich African cultural heritage including music, art, food, and fashion is showcased through concerts. Not only does it help recognize our local talents, but also attracts international artists, giving them a platform to perform for their fans. Attend it, and get sophisticated.

2. Hype Festival

Hype fest offers a platform for new and upcoming Kenyan artists in addition to inviting some international artists to perform. If you want to witness your favorite artists kill the show, you have to attend this. Be on the lookout though, you never know when your phone might ‘disappear.’

3. Colour Festival

Color Festival Nairobi

Are you a fan of body paintings and color powders? If so, then this is the right event for you. Get splashes of the famous ‘Holi’ color powder all over your body while enjoying great music showcased by local, international artists and DJs. Just make sure you dust and clean your clothes immediately when you get back home, because the longer the powder stays unwashed, the harder it will be to get them removed off your clothes!

4. Glow in the Dark Party

Some say beauty lies in the nighttime and with glow-in-the-dark items such as glowing clothes, glow sticks, glow necklaces, face paint, nail polish and LED merchandise, this party offers an avalanche of allure and fun. You can attend the party with your own glow in the dark items or purchase them at the entrance of the party.

5. Blankets and Wine

A lavish event where those attending are supposed to bring a bottle of wine, a picnic basket, and a blanket. This event is particularly popular among expatriates, the middle class and those in the entertainment industry.  It attracts top performers in the music scene, art, literature and fashion across Africa. This one sets the bar for the best Kenyan parties and events and has even expanded to other countries.

6. Ngoma Festival

A concert offering a platform for local and upcoming artists. Attend this and witness your best-loved artists blow the roof off with their performances, but under one condition, be energetic enough to dance and shake your body off all night long.

7. Thrift Social

Art, music, fashion, creativity, and innovation on 1 platform. This is like the Jack of all trades of all events. It offers diverse opportunities for individuals who have great things to offer. You will certainly get entertained, no doubt.

8. Sunset GT

Sunset GT Nairobi (Two Rivers Mall)

For car enthusiasts, this event will not disappoint. Unique and extraordinary cars are showcased here and you can take pictures. Entry is FREE and all you need is immense curiosity, which will be quenched by the mind-blowing displays of racing cars, monsters, classic cars, vintage cars, and many more.

9. Barrels Whiskey Expo

Celebrate whiskey, African music, food, fashion and art as the best whiskeys from the finest distillers are exhibited and promoted. It also provides an avenue for other brands in the beverage and food industries to display their products.

10. Safaricom International Jazz Festival

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Jazz festival brings together talented musicians from all over the world, with the sole purpose of celebrating and expanding the jazz music scene. Get a chance to listen to awesome jazz performances and relax your mind to some cool and calm jazz music.

Contributor: Terrence Omondi


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